days 26 and 27 {upside down + powerful}

This is the upside down face of a happy young lady who couldn’t be more excited to jet off to Chicago for the weekend tonight. If you didn’t know, Will is from Chicago and we are meeting there (he’s flying outta Boston and I’m flying out of DC) to visit his parents for the weekend. P1020779

I told Will that it’s a mark of TRUE LOVE that I’m giving up the premiere of the NBC Comedy Block and Parks and Recreation to fly to Chicago tonight 😉

Anyway. To say this week has been long would be an understatement. There has just been so much going on in my work life- it’s absurd.  But actually. GAH. And on top of that, I’ve of course been keeping up with my fitness game and foodie adventures.

Food highlights of the week are definitelyTHIS recipe for Mediterranean Haddock (which I made with Cod), THIS autumn chicken salad recipe (which I made using dried cranberries instead of grapes + avocado + walnuts), and THESE sweet potato pancakes. Yum all around.

But after Goruck Nasty on Saturday, strength sets + yoga Monday, bootcamp Tuesday (which featured running + 200 squats, pushups, and situps), this “hawk” bootcamp workout yesterday (click through for the workout- it’s a good one), and a five mile run today… my body isn’t the happiest with me.

My legs are definitely saying- hey Allison, take a break plz. I kind of hurt my knee on an obstacle at Goruck and it’s been bothering me all week too. Ugh. I need to let it get better. I’m finally listening to my body. You got it, legs- body- mind- let’s rest now. You more than deserve it.

Actually, I’m turning my normal weekend schedule upside down and not exercising at all for the next three days. I’m not even bringing my sneakers or workout clothes to Chicago. I’m all packed to go and they are not included. This way I won’t even be tempted. It’s an anxiety provoking thought but I need a slowww weekend away from DC and my life here. Walking and leisurely activeness? Totally fine- I’m game. But putting a hold on the intense exercise will be good for me for a few days.

My schedule once I come back goes right into being busy busy busy and crazy go go go yet again THUS I really want to take advantage of these next few days away to relax.

The next four days are the last days in September, and subsequently the last days of my September Break. Can you believe it? I can’t.

When I come back, I’ll have photos for the remaining days, I promise. I want to take lots of pictures this weekend so hopefully there will be some good ones for all you readers. One of the themes for the days ahead is “full” and I can already tell you that one is going to feature some deep dish pizza. All day I’ve been thinking of pizza and I’m pretty sure its because I’m going to Chicago. It’s meant to be,

Before I sign off for the weekend, I wanted to do a post in advance- day twenty-seven (which is technically tomorrow). I already have the perfect photo and I won’t have access to the internet tomorrow AND I’m not technologically savvy enough to auto-post or whatever.

So without further ado, here is day twenty-seven’s photo for the theme powerful.

Goruck Memorial Board

Part of the Goruck Nasty was a memorial walk. At the beginning, we listened to an inspirational speaker talk about the fallen and how this walk was to pay tribute to them and their service. We were instructed to take an American Flag from the board and carry it up the mountain in front of us. Once we reached the top, we were to put the Flag into a similar board.

This picture was from when I reached the top.

I think the walk was a mile long. But it was the hardest, steepest walk I’ve ever done. Like- I can’t even explain to you how much of a stuggle it was. And not to mention, it was raining and extremely foggy at this point so you couldn’t see the top of the mountain we were climbing- so you really had no idea how far up you had left to go. It really got to my head.

BUT it was so worth it and the thought behind it was wicked powerful. Knowing who that walk was for and who it was honoring- that’s what made me want to get to the top. Pain? Eh, that’s nothing. Climbing that mountain was the least I could do.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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