day twenty three {smell}

Some say that smell is the human sense that triggers memory most. For me, this is definitely the case. My nostalgia is often sparked by random scents and the gates to all of the feelings/emotions are opened. Don’t even get me started on how this time of year (fall + winter + holidays) is like prime time for smells conjuring up memories. When I was in Massachusetts last last weekend, I was almost brought to tears by familiar scents that reminded me of home and my childhood. Okay, maybe there was an actual tear or two. I’m embarrassed for me.

I’ve read that a lot smell-memory connections are formed particularly in your youth because that’s when you experience smells for the first time. Huh.

While although these associations formed long ago will remain the strongest I’m sure, I can’t help but think that I’m forming new smell-memory connections as I adventure forward with food and create more of a life out on my own.

I have a feeling that future recipes involving my cast-iron skillet and the smells that emanate from my culinary works of art will later on in life remind me of my early twenty-something life in my little apartment.

Warm, cozy days and meals made at home in the cold of the fall and winter.

I made this mediterranean frittata for Will and I on Sunday. I wanted to use my cast iron skillet for the first time on something easy. I also wanted to welcome in cast iron skillet season (I’m calling it a thing), but also not go too crazy on an over the top fall dish. I decided this frittata would be the perfect transition dish from summer to fall and from grill season to cast iron skillet season.


I cooked onion, zucchini, red peppers, and spinach on the stove in the skillet for like 10 minutes (with evoo + garlic + s&p + basil + oregano + paprika) and then took it off the hear poured 6 whisked eggs + 1/4 cup feta cheese + a handful of sundried tomatoes into the skillet- covered it with foil- put it in the 350 degrees oven for 30 minutes. Simple.


One thing is for certain: in the future, the smell from the oven/stove of gas will remind me of this time in my life because occasionally I (like a HUGE idiot) forget to turn the oven off when I’m done using it. Yesterday, after making the beautiful frittata you see above, I forgot to shut the oven off- ate- cleaned up- left to run errands- and returned to a hot apartment like three hours later smelling dangerously of gas. YIKES. File under things, NAHT to do. I’m the worst sometimes. Double and triple check you’ve turned off the heat, Allison! 

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


2 thoughts on “day twenty three {smell}

  1. I’m not usually a huge fan of egg dishes but this really looks tasty!
    Hahah oh gosh, I have SO done that exact same thing with the gas though. I’m not at all used to using gas appliances so my new (gas powered) kitchen is REALLY throwing me for a loop so far! Fingers crossed I don’t cause any major explosions!

    j. parker

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