day seventeen {smile}

Don’t worry, life, the irony was not lost on me today when my blogging theme was smile yet I spent most of the day freaking out and in tears. Work stress, work drama, work intensity (vagueness but really the details are unnecessary). I was all… alright WORLD- I don’t ask for much- all I want is to at least finish a cup of coffee before getting hit with heavy, emotional laden news. that’s all. Breakdowns before 7:15 in the morning are just unnecessary. I’m not telling you this to grab your sympathy, but merely to relay the unfortunate life circumstances that you can unexpectedly find yourself in.

Lucky for me- the universe can be on my side sometimes and after a whammy of a morning, it decided to turn things around for me after lunch. In a big way. I was overtired and exhausted in every way BUT- the glorious weather, a lunch break run (which was necessary to clear my mind and made possible by the fact that I always carry around gym clothes with me… always be prepared),  a yummy/healthy lunch {brown rice + red peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onion, snap peas, garlic + chicken + cashews + soy sauce …  if you were curious}, and laughs & dunkin donuts coffee provided to me by my coworker (who I’d die without by the way- if I haven’t said that before) ALL those things reminded me that my life is not perfect- but my life is good. and a smile was cracked.

Bootcamp tonight was awesome and packed with my favorite people and the weather for commuting via bike ride was wonderful.

2013-09-17 19.19.132013-09-17 19.16.532013-09-17 19.19.07SMILE- you’re on a bicycle 🙂 I love the random things you see in the bike lanes on 15th street. They do in fact, always make me smile.

Dinner included some of my favorite things: roasted sweet potato wedges and super duper crispy brussels.



And THIS GUY came in the mail today.

2013-09-17 17.24.00

Reminding me that while I’m stressed about money- I spent a good amount of it on this clutch purchase that will make me really really happy and that will make me really really good food. I’m penniless for wicked good reasons. I swear.2013-09-17 17.25.35

Hello, cast iron skillet season.


Moral of the story: never give up on a day completely and consider it to be ruined. You never know when it might turn around and what might make you smile.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


3 thoughts on “day seventeen {smile}

  1. Jealous of the skillet! If you have time give me a call tonight(or text or e-mail); let me know if I can help with anything. Also side note; the cheeseburger pasta dish came out delicious and was a hit! Thanks for the idea. Love you!

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