day sixteen {looking down}

We’re in an interesting time of year- it’s not quite fall but it’s definitely not still summer. I can feel and see the seasons fighting each other. I’m torn over which one to exist in- autumn is my favorite season of all time but I don’t want to jump the gun and get into it too early. Believe it or not, there are some things I love about summer too.

2013-09-16 12.28.54

With autumn technically not starting till September 22nd, it looks like we’re going to have another week of the ongoing struggle: summer vs. fall.

Here’s the view of the fight looking down.

Going for a run outside because the weather was cool and not too hot- but moving indoors after a run for a strength workout because of the heightened humidity.

2013-09-16 13.46.31

Enjoying regular season baseball- my favorite summer thing- only to make way for October baseball (!!!). My Red Sox magazine, that I have been staring at all summer, has been accompanied by a new magazine today because despite my attempts at saving money- I got suckered in by the promise of Halloween and the cute cat on the cover. Okay. I bought it because of the cat.

2013-09-16 13.45.28

Buying peaches and corn and tomatoes at the grocery store- but also stocking up on pumpkin (I can’t wait anymore! I want to make this ricotta/pumpkin french toast NOW)

2013-09-16 13.45.50

Walking around in the ultimate summer shoe- sperrys- but also wearing long pants and a sweatshirt because it’s just a little too cold to go with shorts and tees.2013-09-16 11.36.21

Trying to ignore the upcoming holiday season until it feels appropriate to embrace it but getting ambushed by candy and pumpkins and cards at every store in the region.2013-09-16 13.05.182013-09-16 13.25.37

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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