day eleven {home}

There are far too many levels of home in my life for me to even keep track of anymore. Yes Massachusetts is home. Yes New England is home. Yes wherever my family is- that’s home. Yes wherever will and I are together is home. Yes DC is home. Yes the house I grew up in is home. Yes my current apartment is home. Yes, weirdly enough, Russia even felt sort of like home to some degree when I was there.

I find myself wishing that all my different homes were closer together or in the same place. I’m reminded, however, of the interconnectedness of all my various homes when I walk past this replica of the Make Way for Ducklings statue found on the tiny lawn of a house nearby my work.P1020661

I don’t why they have it. But I like it a lot. For all of you that are unawareMake Way for the Ducklings is a famed statue in the Public Garden in Boston (and based off a popular children’s book). Barbara Bush also gave a replica of this statue to Gorbachev’s wife in 1991 and so there is a version in Moscow too.P1020663

I can’t escape the ducks whether I’m back at home, here at home, or there at home.


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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