days seven and eight {sometimes + close-up}



{I made THESE peach coconut muffins and they are awesome}


PRO TIP: Thanks to some google searching- I’ve found the best way to store fresh muffins. Once they’re completely cool, line a tupperware container with a couple of paper towels, put the muffins on top of the paper towel, then put another one on top, and then put the lid on the container. Keep it at room temperature on your counter and your muffins should stay fresh all week! I made these on Friday and today they were just as moist and fresh as they were the first day I made them. The paper towels help absorb that wet moisture that tends to formulate on the outside of muffins.

and SOMETIMES I’m an idiot and put things in the microwave that shouldn’t be there (please note the scared/judgmental look on my face in the microwave reflection).


SOMETIMES I am stunned by the simple beauty of food.P1020684

SOMETIMES I get over zealous about fall and buy things out of season.P1020696P1020679

SOMETIMES I spend six dollars on a box of crackers because they just sound too good.P1020680

SOMETIMES I break out my miley cyrus tongue because I’m wicked excited about football.patriots

SOMETIMES I judge myself and my clear nut & nut butter obsession.P1020681P1020682P1020683

SOMETIMES I ditch the gym and go back to my roots of DIY workouts.

  • (It looks complicated- but it’s really not at all)
  • 1 min stair run / 1 min run
  • 1 min pushups
  • 2 min stair run / 2 min run
  • 1 min tricep dips
  • 3 min stair run / 3 min run
  • 1 min squats
  • 4 min stair run / 4 min run
  • 1 min situps
  • 5 min run
  • 1 min plank hold
  • (That’s a grand total of 30 minutes- after reaching the end, work your way backwards through the routine for a full hour, full body workout)

SOMETIMES my name is a synonym for Red Sox.2013-09-06 21.20.54

and SOMETIMES I go out for delicious desserts with Will (see receipt above documenting the bananas foster boozy milkshake and homemade blueberry cheesecake poptart that we split).

SOMETIMES I go for a run on my lunch break during the week.2013-09-04 12.29.12

and SOMETIMES I just take a CLOSE-UP picture of my sweaty face.2013-09-04 12.28.58

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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