day five {passion}

I would argue that passion is found on the inside of a person and the love someone has for whatever they’re most interested in comes from the heart and soul. I carry my love of Massachusetts, Boston, New England Sports, and most importantly- the Red Sox- with me all of the time. I may not be always wearing a jersey or a hat to signify it but that love is with me no matter what.

That being said, passion also has a way of organically manifesting itself in your everyday life. Others can see what you’re passionate about by how you talk about your interests, how you make it obvious what you’re all about, and the time- care- and attention you put into your actions. You can’t fake genuine passion and when you’re really passionate about something- it shows.

AND even though memorabilia and objects don’t necessarily measure someone’s passion- they certainly can signify something deeper about a person.

Last night when I was freaking out over the Red Sox game {guys, the score ended up being 20-4 us}, I looked around my apartment and had to laugh. It’s borderline ridiculous how many material objects I have accumulated relating to where I’m from and what I love.


The smoothie in that cup by the way was delicious and you should make it immediately: coconut water + coconut chobani + frozen banana + ice + sunbutter


Kitchen decor near the calendar.


Patriots oven mitt- perfect for the season ahead.


State of Massachusetts dish towel.


Over the TV decor (I had to fight Will in order to hang this up in the living room by the way…)


Red Sox nesting dolls.


Jason Varitek shrine.

They all seem so commonplace to me because why wouldn’t I have all this stuff- but um- I can only think of two other more decked out places that have mine beat:

  1. Jimmy Fallon’s apartment in the movie Fever Pitch

    Fever Pitch

    As you may recall, he has a mock green monster wall painted in his living room.

  2. The piano room in my grandmother’s old house (which was covered floor to ceiling with Sox memorabilia)

When you love something- you want to be surrounded by it. I think I make my passions quite clear.



I’m going to end this post with three bonus photos that I stole from the Red Sox website to indicate just how epic this season has been. I know football season has begun but um- let us not forget October baseball is a’coming and the Sox are going to be front and center.


Lester’s pitching on Tuesday was so on point. Love. Clearly Gomes appreciates him as much as I do.


Ortiz has his 2,000th hit last night! PAPI!


And my baby Will Middlebrooks hit a grandslam last night! WOO! just one of eight homeruns. No biggie.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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