day four {bright}

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here in D.C. weather wise. There is hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining, and there is barely any humidity. Being able to breathe deeply outdoors in the nation’s capital is a beautiful thing.

Thanks to my weekend full of cooking, I’ve been able to enjoy a brightly colored lunch to go with the splendid weather. It tastes just as good as the weather feels.


Say hello to Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice.

P1020635The bright colors of the pineapple, green onions, red peppers, and egg have in turn found a way to brighten my day.



Another bright surprise? The flowers that graced the tables at my local Sweetgreen last night. I really should invest in some for my apartment.

2013-09-03 20.16.42It’s too bad I spent the last of my September flex money on a cast iron skillet today… (yes I am aware that we’re four days into the month. whoops) Lauren over at DC Girl in Pearls gave me the final push I needed to order one online. I had been tweeting about my desire for one all morning yesterday so it was like fate that she posted about it today.

Even though its bright and sunny outside- I would be lying if I said my brain wasn’t already kind of in fall- autumn- football season- crockpot season- cast iron skillet season.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


3 thoughts on “day four {bright}

  1. Today was such a bright and beautiful day here today too! And we finally shook off that overcast, humid plague that had overtaken our community since last week.

  2. SO, I wasn’t done; these bright colors have already been planning in my head, Autumn ones that is, secretly, sshhh! We’re all still enjoying summer, right? Can we have a private talk about that pintarest thing; I need tutorial and recipes that will follow cuz my recipe box is full. Love you!

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