Words of Wisdom from my Planner

I started my last day at work today before the long Labor Day weekend like I usually do. I checked my emails, listened to voice mail messages, and opened my planner to orient myself. I was sort of caught off guard by the fact that I could see September 1st in the upcoming days ahead. My planner lays out each week of the month with lots of space for what to do and when, but every time a new month rolls around, it provides you with the month overview. And I was faced with September.

On every month overview calendar page, there is a different quote:

2013-08-28 09.39.04

and yes, on the month overview pages I write in the red sox schedule. because yes, it plays a role in my decision making when I’m signing up for events and whatnot. when I check my schedule- it includes checking their schedule because it matters.

This is your world. Shape it… or someone else will.

-Gary Lew

Usually I just breeze by these because they tend to be cheesy and overly optimistic, but for some reason, this morning, this one resonated with me. I don’t know who this Gary Lew character is (Google failed me on this one) but his quote reminded me of a couple things:

  1. Yes. This is my world. My decisions are my own and how I choose to live is my own business. I can’t let things like food and exercise run my life. I know what’s best and right for me. I can’t let comparisons to others and fears hold me back and affect my decisions. My world and my life is my own. I need to make decisions for me and me only.
  2. Even though I’ve felt out of control from working a lot and being sick, I am in control and have been this whole time. No, I had no say in working a ton and being ill. But I did the responsible thing and took care of myself when I needed it. I made good decisions to help me get better and did my best.
  3. I’ve been whiny and pathetic lately. Rightfully so. But still. I forever need to be working on a having positive attitude and positive expectations. It’ll only make things better.
  4. As soon as I’m over being sick, it’s time to kick some ass. In the world of fitness, in my professional life, in my personal life, and in all other aspects that I can’t find the words to describe at the moment.

And I do feel a lot better today, by the way. Not 100%, but I don’t feel like death so that’s a start I suppose. But, not going to lie, I was expecting to feel healthy and all better today this time last week. I had full intent on going to a Goruck Bootcamp class later and tearing it up. Knowing that the goruck nasty challenge is twoish weeks away has been adding extra stress on my brain because I’ve been so inactive these past week and have missed a handful of practice bootcamps. Don’t even get me started on how lame I feel. BUT today, instead of beating myself up for something I can’t control, I know I need to cave to my body’s needs. Thus, another rest day is on tap for today.

I had a quick conversation with myself this morning that went a little something like this: hm, either work out tonight half-assedly because I’m still kind of sick and risk making myself sicker for the long weekend OR go home after work, suck it up and rest one more night and be able to have a happier, less stressful weekend that includes productive workouts that I enjoy. No brainer after that self pep talk.

I again point to Ron Swanson:

Give everything your all when you can. Don’t half-ass working out and resting. Whole-ass resting so that you can whole-ass working out. 100% effort is required in whatever it is you need to be doing.

And now that work madness is officially over (!!!) and we just have to get through this regular work day, I can give resting 110%. I’ll give resting all the love and attention I possibly can now without the worry of working. Thank God I have great coworkers who carried me through this weekend/week. I swear they’ll never know how much I appreciate them.

Me and Robert

my coworker Robert and I make up one dynamic duo. he was more of the dynamic one this weekend though and was a rock star.

I have never been happier in my life for a long long weekend and a new month to begin. I need a literal fresh start, fresh page in my planner, and renewed outlook on life. I’m looking forward to getting better, getting back in the game, cooking lots of fun things in my kitchen this weekend, crossing off some more summer bucket list items, and relaxing.

Being sick never ceases to remind me to rest when I need to and not push myself to the end of my limits all the time. I’m a human being, I need to be kind to myself, and I need to enjoy life. The trick is not mindlessly forgetting these things as soon as I recover fully.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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