Food Instead of Thought

Was anyone else awake last night at 2am? Oh just me? I felt a cold coming on as I tried to go to sleep last night and it kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. Perfect timing seeing as I have to work all weekend for a big conference we’re having. Dear life, I’m not amused, love me. I’m hoping to scoot out of work a little early and rest/sleep for the afternoon/evening. I think what I need the most is just some quality zzzs and time away from the computer.

Because I’m overtired and feeling under the weather- I’ve decided to forgo my usual Thursday Treasures post and just share a handful of quick pictures of my favorite thing: food. Because when words fail you- food is there to save the day [spoken like a true emotional eater].

When I was bored yesterday, I stumbled upon this old post on the blog Kath Eats Real Food and knew I needed to make my own version of her simple PB&J French Toast

Especially because Will brought me home a jar of blueberry spread from his vacation in Michigan and I’ve been looking for ways to eat it. Besides out of the jar with a spoon. Can I also just say how much I LOVE when I find fruit spreads that have no sugar added? Because I love that this jar is just filled with mashed blueberries. Will knows what I like.


The idea of french toast always seems like it would take a ton of time. It doesn’t. It takes the same amount of time as making a bowl of oatmeal takes. I just whisked 1 egg + cinnamon + 2 tbl. almond milk and then dunked two pieces of cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread into the mixture.

P1020558Then I pan seared the bread in some coconut oil along with a half a banana.

P1020560And then topped the finished product with almond butter + blueberry spread + coconut + chia seeds. Voila, AB&J french toast. Comforting and soul soothing.


Ron Swanson is probably angry that I’m drinking tea out of his mug and not whiskey. He’s also silently judging my sweet breakfast and its lack of eggs/bacon. Leave me alone, Ron. This breakfast was delicious.

Also delicious? Restaurant Week adventures at Agora and Lincoln.

2013-08-19 12.23.44

My lunch at Agora started with a sampler of htipiti (the one in the middle- and the best one in my opinion- roasted red peppers + feta + thyme + olive oil), cacik, and hummus. Served with nom-a-licious pita bread. The next round of food included a baby eggplant stuffed with onions, tomatoes, pine nuts and garlic (unpictured but tasty!).

2013-08-19 12.47.15

Then there was the swordfish kebab (swoon). It was served with grilled peppers and a grapefruit relish.

2013-08-19 13.02.28

And Agora ended with this guy- kadayif. It looks like a bird’s nest, no? It was shredded phyllo dough layered with milk pudding and topped with orange blossom honey & pistachios. The milk pudding was so good.

2013-08-21 19.26.48

The ambiance and feel of Lincoln was wicked cool. But it was a little on the dark side and I was wrapped up in conversation with my friend Nick so not a lot of pictures were taken.

2013-08-21 19.27.03

Any place that serves beverages in mason jars is cool in my book. I know mason jars have become over popularized as of late- but I still dig em.

I tried the farm peaches and grilled brie (finger licking good), the roasted maryland eggplant with plum honey glaze and goat cheese (eh, kind of bland), and the molasses grilled hanger steak + summer bean hash + green onion salad + chimichurri sauce (a little too sweet for my liking but still delicious!).

2013-08-21 20.49.17

Dessert was this masterpiece. You ready for this? It was hazelnut pound cake served with citrus caramel, plums, a little bit of chocolate, and creme brulee ice cream. And you see that glass sugar like creation in there? That guy was not only sweet, but coated and made with bacon. How is THAT for a dessert?

Good eats indeed.

And before I go and try to be productive before tapping out for the day, I should probably share this buzzfeed article that my friend Sara sent over to me:

23 Reasons Trader Joes Is The Best Grocery Store That Ever Was.

I’ve never read more true words in my lifetime.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


4 thoughts on “Food Instead of Thought

  1. I went to this steak place in Towson for restaurant week. So. Good. Also, TJ’s. My life. I CANT WAIT TO HIT UP SWEET GREEN WITH YOU!

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