The Highs and Lows

Okay- well- I hope everyone had better weekends than I did. Mine wasn’t terrible by any means (and as I upload pictures and write this post- I’m realizing that it was better than I thought it was) but it certainly wasn’t spectacular. There were high highs and low lows and let’s just say, I’m kind of happy to just start a new week on a different note. I was an all around hot mess all last week and let food issues, self issues, money issues, stomach issues, work issues, and life issues (all of the issues, basically) get the best of me. All of this sort of snowballed into the weekend and I found myself feeling overemotional, needy, grumpy, and anxious. I showed up for life every day with my best game face but um, it wasn’t pretty and I was definitely riding first class on the struggle bus.

All that being said- it’s so unbelievably easy for me to look back on the past handful of days and feel negative. I could sit here and nit pick all of the things that didn’t go as planned and that I wasn’t digging. I could harp on the shitty things. Yes for most of this weekend my eyes kept welling up with tears (and sometimes for seemingly no apparent reason). Yes I may or may not have cried at bootcamp on Saturday and during an outdoor fitness excursion I participated in on Sunday. Yes I may have wandered into a bar on Saturday afternoon to drink a beer and watch the Sox/Yanks game alone. And yes, I may have turned down plans with friends just so I could be by myself and do absolutely nothing and talk to absolutely no one. Yes, my stomach was not cooperating. And yes, disordered eating issues of the past flared up like crazy and I worried about everything. And yes. I snapped at one too many people and acted kind of like a bitch {sorry}.

BUT. I would be doing myself a big disservice if I didn’t talk about all of the great things I did over the past handful of days. It would be beyond lame for me not to mention all the people and things about my life that I’ve been loving. Things that have made life alright. Things that have made me feel okay and happy, despite my overall unpleasant mood.

Let’s start off with a quick shout out to some people. Thursday night I had dinner with my friend Liz and it was wonderful. Even though her and I are different in so many ways, we are always on the same page with life. Before we parted ways for the evening, she gave me a gerber daisy in part as a late birthday present. It was simply sweet.

And then when I got home, I arrived to a bouquet of flowers from my best friend Michelle. I was totally surprised and overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. Liz’s flower + Michelle’s bouquet = a prettier apartment and a happier Allison. I love flowers and my friends.

2013-08-15 20.49.34

While I spent most of Friday and Saturday alone, my brief interactions with nice people in the city and at my gym made me smile and made me feel not so alone. I didn’t really want to be around anyone but the casual company that I didn’t have to invest too much of myself in was nice.

Sunday morning verrrry early, I met up with a lot of new people and we ran through SE DC in the rain (which was awesome and awful at the same time… but more on that later) followed by brunch. And then the rest of the day was dedicated to Will and only Will. He’s been away on vacation with his brother in a place with hardly any cell reception so we hadn’t spoken to each other in a week (and then of course he had to leave this morning to another city for work. boo) I had never been so happy in my life to cuddle the afternoon/evening away.

We were able to tear ourselves out of the apartment to go get Cava for dinner. That makes Cava for me two Sundays in a row. So delicious. So addicted.

Other eats that were awesome this weekend included:

  • Grilled Cheese sandwich made with cheddar, guacamole, jalapenos, and bacon courtesy of The Big Cheese at Thomas Foolery [sorry for lack of photographic evidence]
  • Black cherry ice cream sandwiched between a nutella cookie and a chocolate chip cookie courtesy of Captain Cookie at Thomas Foolery [again- no picture, but trust me when I say that this was AMAZING]
  • Loxy Lady sandwich from Glen’s Garden Market

    Before unfolding the magic.


    Smoked salmon, tomato, cucumber, red onion, and goat cheese on rye.


    One big, delicious sandwich.

  • Trying out Siggi’s Yogurt [with my own added cherries… they were six bucks for two pounds at Trader Joes this weekend- HOLLA]


    I’ve wanted to buy Siggi’s for a while but after the strong recommendation from my friend Sara, I decided to take the Icelandic plunge. Yes, this is Icelandic style yogurt. It’s thicker than greek yogurt and was quite delicious! A little more on the expensive side but good for an occasional treat! Low in sugar- high in protein.

  • August, Banana Split cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake [one of my remaining summer bucket list items!]

    All of the cupcakes.


    Banana cupcake with a fudge core- topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, fudge, rainbow sprinkles, hazelnuts, and a cherry.


    Give me all things banana.

  • Homemade Gingery Broccoli and Beef

    Assemble the troops.


    Beef- it’s what’s for dinner.


    Happy veggies.


    Definitely a hot and spicy mix! Go light on the pepper, red pepper flakes, and ginger if you don’t want a dish with a massive kick.


    Beef + Veggies = Good.


    Dinner delight on the balcony.

  • Homemade coconut whipped cream

    Honey + Vanilla Extract + Full fat coconut milk + Love [unpictured but included]


    This is a healthier alternative to your typical store made whipped topping or one made with heavy cream and lots of added sugar.

  • Chia seed pudding


    1 cup almond milk + 3 tbl. chia seeds + 2 tsp. agave nectar + half a mashed banana = healthier tapioca pudding (mix it all up- or shake it in a mason jar- and leave in the fridge overnight… VOILA pudding)

  • Nachos made with goat cheese, olives, ground beef, red peppers, red onion, spinach, refried beans, and green onions + served with some greek yogurt for extra dipping.2013-08-17 19.32.54
  • Brunch at Banana Cafe and Piano Bar on Capitol Hill [hello, rainy day banana pancakes and eggs]

And even though I felt bad about myself all weekend {cue world’s smallest violin}, I did end up doing three great workouts. On Friday I did a six mile run that I broke up with a total of 40 burpees, 40 pushups, and 40 squats. It was inspired by Tina’s Run Burpee Run workout. Saturday I went to bootcamp where we practiced our pull-ups and did a lot of team work based strength activities. And Sunday, I went on a eight mile-ish trail run through Anacostia and Southeast DC with a bunch of people. We broke up the run with parachute sprints, regular sprints, indian runs, lunges, ab work (hey planks), pushups, resistance band training, and tricep dips (plus a couple of other fun things). It was a lot and I’m proud of myself for pushing through it. I’ll share more about this in another post.

I bought a pair of new shoes (that I needed for work), I watched most of all three Red Sox games, picked up my glasses frames that have new lenses in them, went to the American History Smithsonian, drank Dunkin, watched Something Borrowed, watched What Not to Wear (wah it’s the last season!), and prepped some food for the week [roasting sweet potatoes for breakfast messes + chopping lots of veggies]. It wasn’t a bad weekend at all and I did a ton of things that I wanted to do. So really, I need to stop being so womp-tastic. My life is fine.

I didn’t feel perfect and my life wasn’t perfect. But that’s not the point of living- perfection. It’s so silly that I put so much pressure on myself to do things “perfectly” when half the time I don’t even know what that means. What is this elusive goal my brain tries to force upon myself?! Gah.

I guess all it takes is time and patience to be content with oneself and to feel good about the world. And of course, a can do attitude and the willingness to keep trying, move forward, and always look for the positive in every situation.

SO while I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was MAJORLY grumpy this morning- it’s a new week. New day. And I have a lot to be happy about.

It’s FINALLY Restaurant Week here in DC and I have lunch reservations for Agora with my friend Sara! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Not only am I nomming with a great friend, but I’m eating my favorite cuisine as of late- Mediterranean! Yes.

And then later, while I’m usually excited to go to Monday night spin- I’m even more excited because my friend from the blogging world, Ashley, is joining me!

So bring it on, Monday. I’ve got a good day lined up so give me your worst. Just watch out… I might go Ryan Dempster on you.

Anyone else absolutely love that Dempster unapologetically tried his hardest to hit A-Rod during last night’s game? Fenway Park was absolutely hilarious with their A-Rod signs, and boos, and all around hatred. I liked it a lot. It sucked that the Yankees won last night and that A-Rod hit that home run, but it was an exciting series and a crazy game to watch last night.

Also… pretty sure I would have punched my TV if ESPN showed A-Rod chewing and spitting out sunflower seeds any more times. He was clearly playing a game with himself called, “put as many seeds in mouth as possible and look like I’m drooling all over myself” and ESPN was all about it last night. So gross.

Sox are still on top. Let’s not lose our momentum, boys.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

8 thoughts on “The Highs and Lows

  1. geez i am exhausted reading about your weekend – seems like you jam-packed it full of fun which (in my opinion) is the very best way to shake out of any type of funk. i want a grilled cheese now also, which is completely due to you. so thanks for that.

      • I also left this post just craving some grilled cheese and have been since trying to stalk where the Big Cheese will be tomorrow.

        I get in funks like that all the time. I was in a bad mood this weekend because it was one of my non 3-day weekends (I know, rough life). My boyfriend was asking me what was wrong on Saturday morning and I was like “it’s almost Sunday and Sunday means it’s almost Monday” ha. I was pathetic. Like you said, it’s a new week and we can come at it with a new perspective and a new attitude.

    • Well truth be told- it’s different every where you go. Every instructor/gym/class has its own way of doing things. I like the “bootcamp style” because usually its a solid combination of strength exercises and cardio done simultaneously (and primarily just with body weight). I feel like its an efficient way to workout, its fun, and it makes your workout go by fast.

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