Big surprise- after a nearly perfect weekend I had trouble sleeping last night. This severe lack of sleep made Monday morning more difficult than it already is. Lame. Oh and a charlie horse in my left leg to greet the week? Perfect. Good thing I had pancake batter chilling in the fridge waiting to be cooked up. Pancakes make things better.

2013-08-12 06.26.30

[I used the recipe found in this post]

Coffee {and lots of it} plus reminiscing about the glory of this weekend also makes things better. I think I managed to come close to discovering the formula for a wonderful weekend. For whatever reason, I just felt really happy from Thursday through Sunday. Usually I’m a giant emotional rollercoaster so it was a nice change of pace to be content and glad to be alive.

My weekend was full of forehead kisses from Will {before he left for vacation with his brother on Saturday}, making plans for the next month {I’m traveling to the Cape and to Chicago in September}, dunkin donuts iced coffee, shopping, cleaning my apartment, catching up with friends, working out, walking around the city, hitting the DC foodie scene, trying out new recipes, and eating amazing meals. I didn’t do anything that exciting- but I was constantly doing something and doing simple things that I love doing. It was great.

Not only was my weekend “full” in terms of doing stuff, I just felt full of happiness (as I briefly mentioned above). I’m not sure why. But it was like I could feel all the love I put into the world coming back to me. I wasn’t hard on myself. I didn’t feel stressed. I felt beautiful {which is extremely rare mind you}. I felt good about who I am and where I’ve been and what I’ve been able to make out of my life. I felt blessed and cared about and thankful.

I reflected a lot on what I’ve done in the past year and the things I’ve experienced. I was able to recognize how far I’ve come from my disordered eating issues and over-exercising demons. I was able to see that path and actually applaud myself for moving forward and making great strides to improve my day to day life. It hasn’t been easy and it never will be, but it really does amaze me how much better things are. I get goosebumps thinking about the place I was at in January- it’s scary that was even me. But I’m physically and mentally a lot stronger than I was then. Admitting that, saying it out loud, and loving myself for taking care of my well being is the only way I’m ever going to believe in the changes I’ve made and the strength I’ve found.

I felt full of strength this past weekend. I felt full of power, self-love, passion, drive, and growth. Days like this are not common in my life, but it is days like these that remind me why I’m here and why this life is worth it.

Okay. I’m done being a hippie dippie weirdo now. I swear.Ā Peace love and happiness, man.Ā Enough with the introspective shenanigans. Let me show you some weekend highlights in pictures.

First off- let me just say I spent too much money this weekend. Whoops. It happens.Ā I 1) bought a lot of food {per usual}, 2) a lot of clothes {not per usual}, and 3) some home decorating stuff {also not per usual}.

  1. I needed a new dress for a work event at the end of the month and ended up buying other things too. Okay so lesson learned- I cannot go into H&M and expect to buy just one thing. But I absolutely love all the clothes I bought and promise to wear them frequently as they are all practical and lovely!

    2013-08-10 16.04.52

    I mean this shirt was only seven dollars! And I’ve wanted a pair of pants like this for so long. So comfortable.

  2. My meal plan for this past weekend and this upcoming week was/is awesome. I made this heavenly Date Night Chicken recipe on Friday and this Roasted Portobellos and Asparagus with Goat Cheese Sauce on Saturday.

    Chicken + Dates + Bacon = HOLY CRAP GOOD (served with roasted brussels and sweet potatoes)


    When a recipe calls for deglazing the pan with some wine- you just gotta have some with dinner- right?


    View of the lit up Washington Monument from the balcony during dinner on Friday.


    Wine on a summer night in DC.


    Two of my favorite vegetables! Asparagus and portobello mushrooms!


    Whisking a goat cheese cream sauce! Pine nuts chillin in the background.


    Thanks to my recent obsession in mediterranean and sephardic cooking- I’ve been going through parsley like crazy.


    The roasted vegetables sliced and topped with the goat cheese cream sauce, pine nuts, and parsley.

  3. I made these two single serve desserts which were just delicious- No Bake Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Banana Bread Pudding.

    I followed the original recipe for the cheesecake but cut it in fourths (to make a single serving) and used this cream cheese instead of the laughing cow.


    I followed the original banana bread pudding recipe exactly- except I added 2 tbl. of raisins into the mix and topped mine with pecans instead of walnuts.


    Ummm… this was awesome. Make yourself one. It’s healthy enough for breakfast.

  4. I FINALLY tried my hand at making homemade larabars following this almond and dried apricot recipe.

    The three ingredients needed for the “larabars.”


    Pressed into a pan after processing all together. I could have made the consistency smoother but I was impatient and decided to have it be a little chunky.


    Cut and divided for easy grab snacks! The recipe says they last for over a week in the fridge! Score.

  5. If that wasn’t enough cooking for you- I also whipped up a greek chicken salad mix and a shrimp roll/salad mix to have for sandwiches this week. And by sandwiches, I mean shoved into whole wheat hot dog buns.

    Just another reason why Trader Joes rocks my world.


    Shrimp, glorious shrimp.


    Hello, gorgeous.


    I followed Martha Stewart’s shrimp roll recipe for the most part. I used greek yogurt instead of mayo though and added corn + avocado.


    greek chicken salad! I love this recipe because it’s full of veggies I love (tomato, cucumber, red onion) and it utilizes a tzatziki sauce instead of mayo.


    I shook up the greek chicken salad with the tzatziki sauce to coat it all up.

  6. I bought plumcots at Trader Joes and I’m a big fan of this fruit hybrid.P10204282013-08-11 12.07.34
  7. I also got these heirloom tomatoes at Trader Joes for the sole reason that they are beautiful. Judge away.P1020429P1020430
  8. I bought THESE nuts at Glen’s Garden Market and they have the most interesting flavor… I can’t say I love them, but they are addicting.

    they’re sweet and spicy!


    I ate them with some lemon greek yogurt, chopped peach, and coconut chips!

  9. I got to try the new Sweetgreen seasonal salad {watermelon + feta + heirloom tomatoes + spicy sunflower seeds} AND something I’ve wanted for the longest time… CAVA. New favorite quick lunch/dinner place? You betcha. Absolutely amazing. It’s like a Greek Chipotle. Sort of. I say sort of because it blows Chipotle out of the water {in my opinion}.

    2013-08-11 12.32.24

    Salad greens topped with braised lamb, crazy feta, eggplant and red pepper spread, sriracha greek yogurt, pickled onion, tomato and cucumber, corn, mint, lemon, red onion, and olives. Served with a mini pita. HEAVEN IS REAL, GUYS.

  10. The clutter and unorganized-ness of my bathroom and closet area has been bothering me for a long time now. Who knew that buying $30 worth of baskets could make everything look a bajillion times better? Thank you, Marshalls.

    Closet area before.


    Bathroom before.


    Bathroom after!


    Closet area after!


    Closet area after!

Between blowing all this money on things, I made up for it by watching the red sox, walking around the city, and taking advantage of the free admission Saturdays at the Corcoron Gallery {which I had never been to before- LOVED IT}.2013-08-10 15.40.242013-08-10 15.50.192013-08-10 15.51.09

And the weekend was ended on my balcony with dinner, a good book, pretty weather, and cherry blossom kombucha {then followed by simultaneuosly watching keeping up with the kardashians and the season finale of the next food network star}.

capital kombucha

Meet the new spokesmodel for Capital Kombucha! Kidding.

So happy that Demaris won Next Food Network Star. I’d watch her show. She might be the lady to convince me that southern cooking is good.

Despite being way overtired and grumpy to be at work- I’m crossing my fingers for a good week. Not just for me- but for all you people too šŸ™‚

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

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  1. I know we finally talked over the weekend; but you didn’t tell me how awesome your cooking and shopping was, I’m jealous! So glad you were at peace and enjoyed the simple pleasure of being happy with yourself; so important! You look beautiful in these pics by the way. Have a great week and don’t let work frustrate you too much, remember it’s just work. Love you!

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