Kombucha Love

You’ve all listened to me talk about my share of stomach problems here on my blog. And to be honest, I still don’t even know for sure what was/is wrong with my digestive system. I sort of gave up trying to figure it all out.

Quick recap for those of you just joining me on this journey- somewhere in the months when I was at my lowest weight (and not eating enough), my gastrointestinal tract rebelled against me. Everything became naht normal and I was struggling every day to “stay regular” and go to the bathroom like a normal person. I later learned that this is common among people battling disordered eating and under eating. I explained all these shenanigans more in detail back in April when I decided to have a colonoscopy done just to make sure there was nothing internally wrong with me.

Yeah that’s right. Remember that time I had a colonoscopy at age 22? Good times. I don’t want to revisit THOSE days- but if you’re curious, here is the series of posts I wrote leading up to that procedure:

Moving back up to the present day, like I was saying, I still don’t really know what/is wrong. Things have gotten ridiculously better- that’s for sure. I’ve tried not to stress about it as much as I used to and I try to pay attention to foods that sit well in my stomach or that have noticeable effects on my body. I also am still loosely following recommendations on over the counter medicine from my doctor, making sure I eat enough fiber (which isn’t hard for me), practicing yoga (which brings me the most relief out of everything- go figure), getting as much sleep as possible, and stretching regularly. It’s a solid combination of western medicine (probiotics and stool softeners) and a more natural/holistic approach (yoga, meditation, stress reduction, stretching).

For the most part, things are fine and I finally feel like I’m moving toward a place of normalcy with the internal workings of my digestive system. BUT for about 2-3 days during the week, things still get a little weird, backed up (if you will), and my body fails me. 2-3 days might seem like a lot to have problems, but coming from someone who had problems every single day- only having them 2-3 days a week is like a miracle.

Those 2-3 days during the week where things are not okay though- those days suck. Mainly because I feel like there’s nothing I can do about it. I just try to go about my normal activities, not overstress, and tell myself this too shall pass. I had this conversation with my Mom recently- I used to make fun of “old people” and those with constipation/poop problems- never again. If you’ve had these kind of problems- you know- they are AWFUL. Unbearable. Ugh. Terrible. It’s no joke when they talk about the seriousness of these issues on those TV commercials. It straight up sucks and makes you miserable.

In addition to the natural probiotics I get from all the greek yogurt I eat, I have recently been trying out something new: kombucha.

What is kombucha you ask?

It’s a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. The only sugar added is the sugar needed to feed the live bacteria. Yep that’s right, you’ll see pretty little cultures swimming around in your beverage. Mmmmm.

It recently became popular in the Western world among those mindful of their health (you’ll find it all over DC) but it’s been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and has a deep history in Ancient China (and the Eastern world). It’s been said to do wonders in the realm of cancer prevention and protection.

In regards to day-to-day health benefits, you’ll read articles that vary and argue whether or not its actually good for you. It is a probiotic beverage so it does promote a healthy gut. And I’ll be the first to tell you that a solid digestive system definitely eases a lot of mental stress and makes you feel better about life overall. Kombucha is filled with anti-oxidants that can only promote immune health and has even been seen as a good drink to help “detox” your body. BUT no study has officially been done that can truly point to the advantages that drinking Kombucha could bring you.

Lucky for me, there is a brand that is handcrafted here in DC and sold in a variety of cool places. Hooray for Capital Kombucha! Of the small handfuls of brands I’ve tried- this is hands down my favorite.

Capital KombuchaThey put the perceived health benefits of the drink into their own words on their site:

Through fermentation — similar to the process used for beer and wine — kombucha is infused with natural carbonation, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and electrolytes, which together, help detoxify the body and extract nutrients from food. Capital Kombucha blends organic teas with the best nature has to offer. The end result is a refreshing, healthy tea low in sugar, but high on taste.

Yes, with flavors like ginger, mint  lime, mango chile, and strawberry- you can’t go wrong. So delicious!

2013-07-26 18.11.07

I’m not sure exactly if it’s a super drink that will cure all my problems (and I’m not expecting it to) BUT my belly seems to like it and it does seem to help me regulate my system. Maybe it’s all in my head (hello, placebo effect) but at this point, I’m willing to try out anything that brings me occasional relief. Plus- kombucha tastes good. If it was awful I probably wouldn’t bother.

I usually only drink water and coffee (and the occasional alcoholic beverage) but lately I’ve been reaching out to non-water drinks to quench my thirst and restore all the electrolytes I lose when working out (especially now during the summer when I’m sweating more outside). Kombucha is a low-sugar and low-caffefine drink that I’ve been grabbing in the hopes that it will perhaps live up to the health benefits people claim it has and because, well, it’s refreshing/tasty.

What it comes down to is: I feel good about drinking it every once in a while and my body seems to benefit from it. So health benefits and claims aside, kombucha is one of the new dranks in my life that I’m happy to consume.

If I needed any other reasons to get my kombucha on, Capital Kombucha says:

Why? Because you deserve a drink that treats you right. In an age where sugary, artificially-flavored beverages are linked to obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and depression, Capital Kombucha offers a better way.

On that note- here’s to trying new things! Kombucha on.

Before I go, I have to say, another brand I’ve tried and that I enjoy (and that’s sold at Whole Foods) is GT’s Kombucha.I personally recommend the Guava Goddess flavor!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


11 thoughts on “Kombucha Love

  1. Hey Alison,

    I love your blog and I also have digestive problems (sound similar to yours). I’ve tried probotics before with moderate success. I’m curious which brand you use? Most probiotics I’ve taken work for a while but then stop working after a month or so. Have you had a similar problem?


    • I have tried a couple different probiotics- but to be honest- I just buy whatever is cheapest at the moment. This past month I haven’t been taking any because I can’t afford to buy them.

      Most often, twice a day I take miralax and ducosate (morning and at night). I find that 75% of the time they both work and 25% they don’t. I try really hard to read the signs of my body and sometimes will only take each thing once a day instead of twice (and when I go on weekend trips- sometimes I won’t take any at all and not bring the stuff with me). I feel like everyone is different unfortunately and it requires a lot of trial and error to find what works for you.

  2. I’m so scared of trying Kombucha. But maybe I’ll grab a bottle.. I saw Capital Kombucha at Glen’s Market and almost bought it because I thought it was lemonade…oops. Is it better than lemonade?

  3. I lovee Kombucha too! Just a heads up though–I hear drinking too much of it (ie: everyday) is actually really bad for you and can have reverse effects. I think the ideal is just 2-3 times a week. Might want to look into that!

  4. Love Kombucha! Definitely helps my digestion as well! But I always think it’s funny when I have to show i.d. to buy it! I think you would probably have to drink like 20 bottles for the low alcohol content to affect you haha But definitely has helped me a lot in keeping things regular if ya know what i mean 😉

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