Breakfast Mess

Breakfast for me is usually a no brainer. Oatmeal. Hot or in the style of overnight oats. Sometimes I do the whole eggs thing. Sometimes I get my pancakes or french toast on. Greek yogurt bowls of deliciousness sometimes happen. And I’ve been also known to go into the world of weird breakfast sweet scrambles.

For the past handful of months though- it’s pretty much always been about the oatmeal. And, not that I’m bored with it, trust me, I love getting creative with my oats, but I’m a curious lil cat and have been trying out some different things.

One new thang on the breakfast scene I’m loving is roasted sweet potatoes and bananas cooked in coconut oil and cinnamon! I cook them till their all mushy together in the pan and then transfer it to a bowl full of cottage cheese (or greek yogurt), fresh fruit, flax, and a big scoop of nut butter! Just another way to get in your carbs, protein, and healthy fats! And I mean… any breakfast in my life without fruit is just blasphemy. Even if I eat eggs or something more savory for breakfast, I always need to munch on some fruit to keep my sweet tooth satisfied.

Anyway, I was inspired by Tina of Carrots ‘N’ Cake for this new breakfast creation. She always helps me think outside of the box with my breakfast options. She has been enjoying similar mushy breakfast messes with chickpeas and butternut squash! Yes, for breakfast. Her pictures made it all look so good not to try. So, this weekend I cooked up some extra sweet potato wedges (sans skin) to have on hand during the week to add to breakfasts. Thinking ahead for the win.


Not only does coconut oil taste delicious- but it’s good for you too! It’s been dubbed a super food by many, but all you need to know is that it’s easily digestible and good for those with tricky digestive systems (ahem, me) and it supports heart/immune health.


If you can’t tell, I roasted my wedges a littttttle too long this weekend. Just slightly burnt- whoops!

This combo in the pan reminded me of another Tina recipe that I love… Lemon-Glazed Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Bananas {brown sugar, lemon, bananas, sweet potato, and butter}. It’s like… really good.


While the bananas and sweet potatoes were getting gooey, I assembled 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, a handful of blueberries, and a tbl. of flax into my breakfast bowl.

Recently I told you about how I’m trying to embrace cottage cheese these days after having it in Russia a couple times. It’s going well! I find that I enjoy it when its blended well with sweet foods. Still not really a fan of straight up cottage cheese (even if its combined with some fruit for a snack). I definitely need other things to take its flavor level down a couple notches. Otherwise, I enjoy the creamy texture it adds and the “sweet cheese” element it brings (sort of like cream cheese which is sort of like cheesecake… that’s what I’m telling myself anyway).


When I was satisfied with the consistency of the potatoes and bananas, I transferred them to the bowl and added my almond butter.

I was going to take a picture after I mixed it all together but um- it did NAHT look very pretty. Trust me, you’d rather look at the picture above before it was all combined. But even though it was a giant breakfast mess in a bowl- it was so yummy. Warm. Gooey. Sweet.

And can I just say- HOW IS IT THE LAST DAY IN JULY. INSANITY. Guys, August is tomorrow. That’s just not even real. I’m slightly bummed because I really wanted to try the Blueberry Cheesecake special July Georgetown Cupcake and never got the chance #firstworldproblems. I guess that just means I’ll DEFINITELY have to try the August Banana Split or Peaches and Cream flavor. Yeah I’d say my priorities are definitely in check. Anyway, July has been one crazy month. I can’t even believe that Russia still happened. How was that my actual real life? It seems like a dream now.

Well I started this month with a trip and I’m also starting this next month with a trip. Thattttt’s right- tomorrow after work I fly up to Boston for the weekend! WAHOO. I literally cannot wait to spend the weekend with Will and my family. It’s so rare that he gets to come with me when I go home. The last time my family saw the two of us together was graduation from AU… in May… of last year. Talk about a much needed reunion. I’m crossing my fingers for good weather but I know irregardless of the forecast- it’ll be a good time. It’ll be a short trip but a much needed one. I’m always missing my family way too much for me to handle.

So on that note- I gotta get a move on today. Lots of work to get done, to do lists to be made, and packing to be accomplished.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Breakfast Mess

  1. Celebrated today with licorice wands, golden cheese snitch balls, pink lemonade love potion, and homemade butter beer pops (most of which complimentary of Nikki, of course; always thinking and so creative), an impromptu pool party with Nikki, Brian, Rachel, myself, and Amya(Rachel’s babysitting job this week).Happy Birthday Harry! PSYCHED for our visit! Call us tomorrow night; I’m thinking maybe we could pick you up at or around the new Sweetgreen(659 BoylstonSt)?.Kevin has taken on the responsibility of dinner reservations for us Friday night! I know nothing(awesome!). So when we talk tomorrow night, if Will could give us an idea of when he’ll get out of work and his travel plans to meet him, cool. To me I would think it a pain in the ass to try to collaborate a commuter rail train and easier for him to hop the greenline to Park St onto a Braintree train; he could contact you once on the red line,etc. Once again the planner is taking over….. Talk to you soon! Love you!

    • Ahhh that’s awesome haha wicked jealous. That sounds like a blast. You know what also sounds like a blast? Me coming home! Sooo good thing I am tonight! I will definitely call you tonight. You can definitely pick me up around that Sweetgreen- Will’s hotel (Westin Copley Place) is like right across the street. BUT we’ll talk later. I’m coordinating with Will now on his game plan post work tomorrow.


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