Right Now

{I got the idea for this “right now” post from my friend Christy over at Planes, Trains and Running Shoes. Sorry to be a thief and for my lack of originality}

Reading: The Shiksa in the Kitchen. I don’t know what it is, but I love Jewish food. I’m totally Catholic. And ever since being back from Russia, I’ve been craving food of the Eastern persuasion more than anything. THIS is my current favorite blog of the moment and I’ve already spent way too long pouring over her pages. Tori Avey has so many good recipes and a lot of quality technique advice. She makes me think I was Jewish in a past life.


Calling all: Teammates! Last week I blogged about a fun thing happening at AU on Saturday, August 10th that I’m participating in- the Adult Play Date Event. Guys. I have ZERO official teammates at the moment. Right now it’s just me. And if I don’t rally together three people to play with me, I’ll be playing with randos (which will be an experience to say the least). So if you’ll be around- PLEASE email me. I’d love to play witcha!


Eating: Totally getting a sandwich from G opening TODAY! I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for the sandwich shop edition of Mike Isabella’s Graffiato to open. At long last- it opens today! And all sandwiches are FIVE DOLLARS (better than a subway footlong- guarenteed). PLUS proceeds go to Isabella’s fundraising goal for Fit for Hope and Taste of Hope (a challenge and event to raise money for the American Cancer Society). You should all totally go too! Just look at the menu. It will make you drool.

G Isabella

Following: @ACSTasteofHope and @FitforHopeDC on Twitter! Speaking of Isabella and his work with Fit for Hope and Taste of Hope… they’re on Twitter. If you didn’t know, 16 DC chefs and mixologists are taking part in a fitness/weight loss challenge to raise money for Cancer research, the American Cancer Society, and ultimately the Taste of Hope event in DC in September. They’re hosting events at their restaurants and bars up until then to meet their fundraising goals. Follow the Taste of Hope twitter for all the fun event times/dates/locations and the Fit for Hope DC twitter to keep up with the progress of the chefs/mixologists participating. They’re all taking it pretty seriously and its AWESOME to watch them all talk smack and work their butts off (all in the name of fighting Cancer!)

Listening to: The Lumineers in preparation for the concert tonight! Will got us tickets for Valentines Day and its finally time for the show- wahoo!

Looking at: Pictures from a workout last weekend that I did. Not every workout I do has a photographer on site but when they do… shenanigans ensue…

Ritz Workout

my game face is OUT OF CONTROL in this picture (I’m in pink)

Ritz Workout 4

Ritz Workout 3

Ritz Workout 2

Did you know that you can workout FOR FREE with two of DC’s BEST personal trainers every Sunday from now till October? YUP. This is real. Every Sunday at 11am over at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, you can do a high intensity bootcamp workout with Chris Perrin and Ingrid Nelson. They’re both wicked cool, wicked fit, and wicked motivational.

Anticipating: Boot camp today at noon over at the Balance Gym location in Glover Park. Followed by a free massage from their Soma Spa! Can’t beat that. Have I mentioned that my gym is the best? Because they are.

Missing: My family and best friend from home, Michelle. Good thing I’m headed to Boston next weekend!

Realizing: I can’t go hard every single day. At the end of last week my body was a wreck and it ended up making me miserable all weekend. I pushed myself in my workouts way too hard during the week, didn’t take necessary rest days, and didn’t get enough sleep. And I paid for it. I couldn’t walk without being in pain on Saturday and Sunday. It was terrible. I’m all for giving whatever I do 100%, but I just cannot be doing high intensity workouts day in and day out. I need to be realistic and remember that I’m not a super human. High intensity sometimes. Medium intensity sometimes. Low intensity sometimes. I need a better balance of the three. My body should not feel broken. Sore- yes sometimes. But I shouldn’t be a hot mess and all stressed out because everything hurts.

Scrolling: This long compilation/photographic series of what 200 calories looks like of different foods (click through to check it out!) No matter how much of a calorie pro I am, this kind of stuff will never cease to amaze me. I’m a volume eater. I like the visual of eating a lot of food. Thus, fruits and vegetables are wonderful because I can eat more and feel more satisfied. Shout out to my friend Emma for sharing this with me!


Snickers Bar (satisfy your hunger?)


Smarties (an obsession and weakness of my Grandfather)


McDonalds Cheeseburger

Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots




Celery (can you imagine eating all this celery? I might have to pass)




Honeydew Melon


Carrots (baby carrots are not my favorite so this picture kind of offends me)

Mini Peppers

Mini Peppers (I dare you to eat all these guys)

Drinking: Kombucha. I’m hooked. It’s a problem. Capital Kombucha has been fueling my addiction and I’m not even sorry about it. I’ve even got Will in on it. That’s how you know its good.Capital Kombucha

Loving: The fact that Dustin Pedroia AIN’T GOING NOWHERE. 8-year contract, baby.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

4 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I miss you too!!! Thanks for the shout out, but it made me sad!! 😦 thankfully your visit is only a week away–already have lots to share 🙂

    Love you!!!

    • Kombucha is a fermented tea drink made with probiotics. They sell it at a lot of different places- I get mine at local places around here but Whole Foods definitely sells all different brands. Like the name suggests, Capital Kombucha is only sold here in the DMV area because it’s brewed and based out of DC.

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