Yesterday in Photos


Good morning, Washington DC!


I don’t think I’ll ever be good at taking selfies. I’m okay with it.


I had to return shorts my Aunt got me for my birthday because they didn’t fit. They didn’t have a size that did fit me when I tried to exchange them SO I got this shirt instead. Wahoo new clothes!


The full ensemble for the day.


Time to make some delicious oatmeal.


Oatmeal using my new friend, cottage cheese. Haters gon hate.


I’ve used my new cherry pitter every single day since I bought it.


Oatmeal with almond milk, cottage cheese, cherries, pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries, coconut, and sunbutter.


Breakfast is almost always eaten on the couch watching the news.


Usually the “Today I Feel” magnet is over “Sleepy” but lucky for me, I got a full nights rest going into Wednesday. Thus, I was “Happy” about it.


Brushin’ and flossin’


Relaxing morning music for my lil commute to work.


Coworkers wanted to take me out for a belated birthday lunch so I chose one of my favorite DC restaurants- the DGS Delicatessen! No- I’m not Jewish at all. But this place makes me wish I was.


I’m still dreaming about the mustard on that pastrami sandwich…


Afternoon snacks before heading off to the gym post work (pistachios + almonds + dried cranberries, raisins, cherries)


Let’s do this.


Getting my run on before going to yoga. Workout taken from Julie of the blog PB Fingers.


Post run and yoga happy face.


Getting my ab challenge in! I’m on day 9 officially.


It’s a lot easier to get through mini ab workouts when you have repeats of the Daily Show on.


Pasta salad for dinner: whole wheat pasta + turkey + bacon + basil + tomatoes + roasted asparagus + shaved brussel sprouts + balsamic vinegar + chopped avocado + extra virgin olive oil


Accompanied by Jimmy Fallon…


and a pretty sunset.


Making overnight oats for the next morning. And getting good use out of my cherry pitter yet again.


Dessert time! It was a parfait of sorts layered with liced bananas and strawberries + plain greek yogurt + sunbutter + homemade coconut whipped cream.


I’m way too interested in this family. I’m thinking that the new Prince George should totally get with Kim and Kanye’s baby girl North in the future. Talk about a consolidation of power.



I treated myself to some new music and created a “Summer 2013” playlist. Some of the songs are oldies and some are top 40 songs that are sort of overplayed buttt I needed a new workout playlist.

All of this was followed by bed and lots of sleep.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Yesterday in Photos

  1. Looks like you had a great day; full of good food and exercise, work and relaxation! That top looks very beautiful on you too! Don’t apologize for not replying to my comment, no worries, I was just surprised you weren’t excited about the immersion blender and/or ice cream maker. Kevin’s recovering well from his knee surgery, Starting to bear wait on it today and getting around easier. I think one more day of waiting on him and he’s on his own-hahaha! Love you! Talk to you soon!

    • Maybe if the immersion blender fits in my bag, I will take it on the way back. I remember using it frequently when I was at home. But mainly to make milkshakes and coffee drinks. Mmmmm.

      Glad to hear the surgery went well! I’m sure he’ll recover in no time.

      Talk to you tomorrow! Love you too!

  2. Hey love of my life,

    Where can I find the recipe for that delicious pasta salad? You say bacon, I say MINE.
    Boot transitions off starting Wednesday. Running commences last week of August. Pray for me.

    xoxo, E

    • Hey girl! I actually just made it up so there isn’t a recipe per se. But basically for five servings I did 5 cups of whole wheat pasta, 2 avocados chopped, 3 tomatoes chopped, a handful of fresh basil chopped, 1 bunch of asparagus roasted and chopped, a bag of shaved brussel sprouts (from Trader Joes) sauteed in a little olive oil for 15 minutes, 1.5 tbl. olive oil, and 2 tbl. lemon juice all mixed together. And then over each individual serving I poured 1 tbl. of balsamic vinegar and added three slices of thick pre-cooked turkey breast (from Trader Joes) and a piece of bacon cut up. Hopefully that helps 🙂 You can pick and choose whatever veggies are easiest for you. Same goes with the protein. I feel like shrimp would be really good too and obviously chicken would work.

      I wish you luck in your pasta salad endeavors and of course, in your running endeavors! Ahhh you got this! You’ve been in that boot for a while now- your foot is ready to hit that pavement I’m sure. Just be careful and take it easy! You don’t want to overdo it in the midst of boot-less excitement haha.

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