By the Numbers

Work hard. Play hard. That’s what I keep telling myself. After two weeks of “playing hard” in Russia- I really need to get back into that whole “working hard” mode. It’s not so easy. I just want to play! Can you blame me? It’s too hot outside to be able to take life seriously. I’m thankful for my birthday, belated birthday lunches/dinners, catch up seshes and phone calls with friends, and fun stuff going on in DC for making this transition back into normalcy a good time {even if I’m not being an efficient little worker bee per usual}. Perhaps it’s the laid back attitude of St. Petersburg still kicking around in my head… whatever it is, I seem to be way more about the little joys and pleasures in life and naht my real person responsibilities.

Because I have to write a lot today at work and I just finished the paper assignment for the Romanov Russia course/trip I was on- I’m not really feeling a “regular” blog post. So let’s do something different and I’ll catch you up on my life through numbers:

488 lights currently on the Washington Monument. I’m kind of digging this new look on the DC skyline and view from my balcony.


120 seconds in which we were challenged to do as many pushups (and then situps) as possible at bootcamp last night.  We’re going to continue to repeat this test to see if we can improve as the weeks go on. I like this small way to chart fitness progress.

97 degrees. Today. Ugh. Stop this heat wave.

31 new pictures I was tagged in from the trip to Russia today. Thus totally halting the train of productivity I was on.




30 Day Ab Challenge. Yup it’s happening. My friend Kate shared this over on her blog, Kate Runs LA, and I decided to get on board {as if the two-minute situp test at bootcamp last night wasn’t enough}. Thanks for giving me something to work toward, girl! Know that we’re in this together… that’ll make it easier- right? C’mon you all know you want in…


15 days till I fly to Boston! So I don’t know if I told you all this- I feel like the news happened in the midst of a lot of other stuff going on- but you know how during the week Will has to fly to work in NYC? And then he comes home to DC every weekend? {if you don’t know- now you know} Well. Long story short, his project city has moved from NYC to… Boston. Don’t even get me started on the details of this and what it means for us and the future and the here and now. BAH. BUT instead of him coming home to DC the first weekend in August, I’m going to meet him in Boston and we’re going to stay with my family. WAHOO! SO AMPED. It’s been too long, Massachusetts. I like having a future travel adventure to look forward to.


Will got me the 2013 Red Sox yearbook (I’m a sucker for these) and I love seeing the faces of these two clowns on my coffee table everyday. It makes me smile.

12 week fitness challenge happening between well known chefs as a way to benefit the American Cancer Society’s signature culinary, wine, and spirits event Taste of Hope. Okay so on September 24th, 2013, the ACS is hosting their annual Taste of Hope event with chef Mike Isabella which features more than 50 of Washington DC’s most popular chefs, restaurants and beverage vendors. Purchasing a ticket to the event will allow guests to taste countless dishes and drinks all at the Carnegie Library. All of the proceeds go to the ACS. {click here to buy tickets}


BUT what I’m most excited about is the event to support Taste of Hope. A group of local chefs and mixologists are taking part in the Fit for Hope Challenge.

Here’s who is participating:

  • Anthony Acinapura—Brasserie Beck (executive chef)
  • Victor Albisu—Del Campo, Taco Bamba (chef/owner)
  • Will Artley—Pizzeria Orso (executive chef)
  • Derek Brown—The Passenger, Columbia Room, Mockingbird Hill, Eat The Rich (owner)
  • RJ Cooper—Rogue 24 (chef/owner)
  • Frederik de Pue—Azur, Table (chef/owner)
  • Scott Drewno—The Source by Wolfgang Puck (executive chef)
  • Maziar Farivar—Peacock Café (chef/owner)
  • Matt Hill—RANGE (executive chef)
  • Mike Isabella—Graffiato, G, Kapnos, G Grab and Go (chef/owner)
  • Marjorie Meek-Bradley—Ripple (executive chef)
  • Shannon Overmiller—The Majestic (chef)
  • Todd Thrasher—Restaurant Eve, The Majestic, PX, Society Fair, TNT (general manager, sommelier, liquid savant)
  • Bryan Voltaggio— VOLT, Lunchbox, Family Meal, RANGE (chef/owner)
  • Ryan Wheeler— Eat Good Food Group (corporate chef)

It’s the first time Taste of Hope has ever done such a challenge! Mike Isabella was quoted saying:

“I am honored to co-host Taste of Hope with the American Cancer Society in its first year in D.C., and I appreciate all the chefs and mixologists who are donating their time and talent to make this event a success… Fit for Hope will be an incredible challenge, but if anyone is up for the challenge and the competition, it’s my friends in the restaurant industry.”

They have been divided into two teams- each led by a quality fitness coach- and have committed to bi-weekly workouts. They’ve also been provided with nutritional guidance to help them stay on track. At the end of the 12 weeks, they’ll be evaluated based on percentage of body weight loss. Bloomingdales will makeover the Top three “losers” for the big reveal and announcement of the winner at Taste of Hope. Each participant has a minimum $2,500 fundraising goal in the meantime and has been encouraged to get creative with how they’re going to raise the money. You can read all about the teams, the coaches, and stay up to date on their weight loss progress and fundraising goals on their website.

I just think its so cool that these guys are doing this to support the ACS. It’s a horrible statistic that about one-third of the 572,000 cancer deaths in the United States this year will be linked to poor diet, physical inactivity, and carrying too much weight. This challenge is a reminder that exercise and a better diet can make monumental differences in quality of life.

5 weeks till the next big event that we’re having at work. EEK! Crunch time.

4 hours of sleep is all that I got last night. So no- I’m not a happy camper today.

3 runs that the American League beat the National League by in last nights All Star Game. The AL hasn’t won since 2009 so it feels good to have home field advantage back on our side for the World Series. Which we all know the Red Sox are going to be in. Fact.

2 chocolates from Russia that I’ve been loving on. They’re the perfect end to my day and a sweet reminder of my trip {literally}. Plus the polar bear is adorable.


The polar bear is like a wafer/kitkat/chocolate thing and the one with the creepy suggestive face is a dried cherry covered in milk chocolate.


1 shirt from my Grandparents that I’m obsessed with. This is part of my birthday present from my grandparents and it’s the softest shirt I’ve ever owned. Proceeds from the purchase went to The One Fund Boston which make it that much cooler.



0 tears shed when Mariano Rivera took the mound last night. It was definitely an emotional moment and I had some chills going on when I watched the recap video today of the massive standing ovation for him and his final All Star Game performance- but I surprisingly didn’t cry. What can I say, that cold, Russian stereotype clung to me 😉 But in all seriousness, I may be a die hard Sox fan, but um- Rivera is the man. Greatest closer of all time and an amazing ball player. Mad props.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


9 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. Love this post! Such a great way to share what has been going on in your life and beyond. Love, love, love the Boston references or course!

  2. Very clever post! Mema told me about the shirt but didn’t get to see it before she mailed it; love it. Enjoyed this newsy update and I have to agree on a few things; the weather-97 degrees today, ugh enough already, the Red Sox will be in the World Series and can’t wait for you to come home! That fundraiser sounds like a great event for a good cause, are you going? Kudos to you for the ab challenge; I don’t think I could get through one day! Good luck! Love you!

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