Win Some Lose Some

I don’t know when I’m going to get the idea out of my head that I can make every single day absolutely wonderful if I want to. Some days and some things just aren’t going to go well. Things cannot always be perfect. I need to stop trying so hard to make them that way and just be. I need to accept that you will win some moments and you will lose some moments. It’s life. Planning and figuring out will help things to go smoothly but they absolutely will not ensure that everything will be 100% to my liking at all times.

Taking the bad with the good is a hard concept to swallow for some reason. Probably because the bad sucks- but I digress. I need to reset my expectations meter and push Ms. Perfectionist into the closet (along with Ed and the scale and all those stupid things).

My frustration level with this nagging desire for ultimate perfection and satisfaction and approval is at an all time high today. If you can’t tell by the aggressive intro to the content of this post. Instead of continuing on with the whine fest- let’s cover the good and the bad.

Win: Honey Cilantro Shrimp

I saw this recipe over on The Adventures of Z and K and decided to make it my own. Mainly because I don’t have a grill (her method of cooking) and it was cheaper at the grocery store to buy precooked shrimp than uncooked shrimp for some reason.

I probably would have never thought of the concept for chilled, marinated shrimp if it weren’t for Sweetgreen. They recently had a salad with citrus chilled shrimp and I absolutely loved it! I usually season my shrimp, cook them, and serve them warm. Sweetgreen helped my brain get out of that box and break into a chilled shrimp phase. Which really is perfect timing because cold shrimp is a great protein source for the summer months. But really, up until recently, the only time I enjoyed cold shrimp was in the form of shrimp cocktail. No mas!


So I marinated my bag of defrosted, pre-cooked shrimp in 2 tbl. of honey, 2 tbl. of olive oil, 1 tsp. of cumin, 1 lime juiced, and lots of cilantro overnight. I then added them to about 1 cup of brown rice and spinach (making some sort of salad mess). I also roasted some broccoli and red peppers and added those to the bowl.


My creation ended up being some delicious shrimp mixed with brown rice, spinach, roasted red peppers, and roasted broccoli. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out- but it has been a pretty tasty lunch this week. I cannot lie. Thank you for the inspiration, Kerry!

{Side Note: they just finsihed working on the FIRST Boston location of Sweetgreen- on Bolyston Street- and the grand opening is tomorrow! They’re letting you pay what you want and donating all their proceeds to One Fund Boston! All my MA people, GO!}


Lose: Lack of Sleep

I don’t even have much to say on this issue but um- I have not been sleeping well lately. Last night I fell asleep around 2 or 3 in the morning. Not pleased. I got up at one point. Was hungry- because you know- it was like 7 hours ago that I ate dinner (sigh). Ate some cucumber slices and snap peas dipped in lots of guacamole. Watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (the first time I’ve ever actually seen it on at its real time). The only “win” of this overall “lose” was getting to watch Bruce Jenner be really awkward with Jimmy.

Woke up this morning- zombie alert. I am not a happy camper today. I feel totally out of sync and weird. Not okay. I definitely think that some type of acute exhaustion has set into my body.

Win: Good workout.

Last night at spin I felt like I could take on the world and it was a wonderful workout that left me feeling great.

Lose: No workout?

Due to my lack of sleep and overall feeling of exhaustion- I don’t think working out today is going to happen. Or it shouldn’t happen. And that just annoys me.

Win: I got a package from home last night!!!

It was filled with some new summer clothes from my Mom and a DVD copy of the play that my little sister was the star of in school recently! Not only did I appreciate the clothes, but I am SO EXCITED to watch my sister’s play! I was so bummed I couldn’t be home in person to see it live.


Just seeing my Mom’s handwriting makes me feel better.



One of the things my Mom sent me was this denim-ish tie in the front vest. Sometimes I think she can see into my mind because I’ve wanted one of these all spring/summer!


This is kind of a crappy picture BUT the tank top featured fits me really well and it’s really pretty!


Casual yet girly tank tops that were much needed for my wardrobe! I have a severe lack of summer clothes and its been HOT in DC lately.

Lose: Bruins (literally)

Sigh. They’re still the best team out there and this was an amazing season but man. SIGH. That is all.

Win: Russia. Leaving in six days.

I think its going to be a really good time for me to reset in general. Yes, it’s going to be tiring, stressful, and overwhelming in its own ways- but I think the eye opening and out of body experience is going to make me a bajillion times better coming back to the U.S. Plus, all of the things that stress me out here just won’t be an issue there. Money. Food. Exercise. Being alone. Etc. Etc. Everything in Russia is going to be planned out for me and I need not worry about a thing. Thank the Lord.

Lose: I’ve been way too introspective lately.

This usually isn’t a bad thing but it’s not really a good time for me to be trying to reconfigure my life when I have a lot to do before going to Russia. I’m trying to push out all of these overall big picture life thoughts till after I get back from my trip. There’s no sense in me trying to look picture and make big moves right now. I really need to just focus on getting through the next several days. When I get back I’ll do a serious body scan- mentally and physically- and reassess where I’m at in life. What my needs are. And what I can do to make changes to increase my overall happiness.

Win: THIS Thought Catalog article: Insights That Will Get You Through Your 20s (And the Rest of Your Life).

Sometimes Thought Catalog can annoy me and sometimes I think a lot of their stuff is a little too cliche BUT today I needed an article like this to remind me of how insignificant some of the things I worry about really are. It’s ridiculous how many of my problems I create myself and blow totally out of proportion. Here are some of the quotes that I’m trying to pocket as takeaways from reading the article:

Sometimes your passions and what brings your income in don’t overlap. That’s okay. Life rarely comes neatly packaged. At some point, you probably won’t know whether to stay or to go– from your job, relationship, home. You won’t be sure whether or not you should give up or keep trying. That’s also okay. You don’t have to know. Life is never clearly black and white, it’s most often a masterpiece of greys that make it dynamic and complex and interesting. You shouldn’t want it any other way. Uncertainty is nothing to run from. It keeps you guessing, trying different things and going down paths you wouldn’t have otherwise. Be patient.

We build our own cages and live within them because we think they will keep us safe. Free yourself from the confines that bind you.

There is no wrong way to live. You can love who you love. No excuses or justifications required. You need not feel guilty or have to explain your choices to anybody if you don’t feel the need to. It is your body and if it leads you to your mistakes, then so be it.

Win: Egg Sandwiches

{I thought I would end the chain of win/lose with a double win to try and channel extra positivity. I need all that I can get today}

I bought whole wheat english muffins this weekend to have on hand for breakfast for me and my friends. I usually don’t buy them but they were on sale and I thought it would be a good thing to easily feed/please people’s breakfast food needs. I still had some leftover and have been swapping out my usual overnight oats with egg sandwiches. And they have been delicious. Breakfast food is so comforting to me- hence why I even had one of these egg sandwiches for dinner on Sunday night.


Open faced egg sandwich for one! Whole wheat english muffin topped with pepper jack cheese, guacamole from trader joes, tomato, garlic, and a fried egg. Served with a side of fruit.

Blah. Okay. I need to step away from the computer. I think one of the things that leads to my ultimate unrest and unhappiness is too much time online. Sometimes I think it only contributes to the activeness of my brain. Which has been keeping my away from those quality zzz’s.

I’m just hoping that at the end of today- I can find some sort of peace with myself. And if not, I need to not forget that tomorrow is a new day.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


12 thoughts on “Win Some Lose Some

  1. i love all the new clothes!! super summery and cute! and ah can’t believe you leave for Russia so soon! you are going to have such an awesome trip and i am so excited for you and all the wonderful experiences you will get to have! i also understand the whole striving to make each day perfect and it is something i definitely struggle with, so do not think you are alone in that one! whenever my day doesn’t go exactly how i planned it in my head i get major anxiety and often feel like i’m a failure because of that! but at the end of the day we just have to realize that life is messy but everything typically works out in the end! and you have so many exciting things going on that i am sure it can be overwhelming too, but hopefully you get morerest and things turn around real soon 🙂

    • Thanks my dear. I’m glad I’m not the only one- that really does make me feel better. It’s so annoying GAH. But like you said- you’re totally right- everything does work out in the end and the things I obsess/worry over end up being totally stupid when I look back. Luckily I was able to sleep like a normal human being last night so while I’m still tired- much less tired than yesterday.

      • good! i have a feeling this probably has a lot to do with excitement and nervousness about your upcoming trip! but try and focus on all the positives and i am sure you will be fine! i also like to think about the bigger picture and how things i find myself stressing about are so minuscule and that usually helps bring me back down to earth haha so maybe try that as well 🙂

  2. “Things cannot always be perfect. I need to stop trying so hard to make them that way and just be.” That’s something I’m struggling with as well. I’m a control freak, a planner, call it what you want to call it. At the end of the day there are just things out of my control and I need to take a second and a deep breath and realize this.

    The shrimp look awesome. I should probably make some soon as well…

    • Even though it makes me sad for you that you experience the same struggles that I do (because I know how much they suck)- it does bring me some sort of comfort to know that I’m not the only one dealing with these things.

      And I mean… you can’t go wrong with shrimp…

  3. You look so pretty! Man you have some good looking arms! Things will get brighter for you, be patient. I loved the quotes in your post. Things I need to remind myself of often. Talk to you soon! Love you!

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