DC Swamp Monster

Since getting back from NYC, I’ve been a bit of an emotional basket case. You know I’m not feeling too hot when I can’t even blog (whoops, sorry Tuesday). DC apparently decided to overcompensate for me not feeling too hot mentally by delivering a couple days full of sweat, heat, and humidity. The DC swamp monster I’m referring to in my blog post title is me.

Cranky Allison + DC humidity = swamp monster.

After some on and off rain all day yesterday, the weather finally turned around last night though. It was absolutely gorgeous outside around 8pm and then don’t even get me started on how happy I was to experience a lack of humidity this morning. Thank you for the respite, DC.

Not only is the weather on an upswing, but so am I. Maybe my emotions really are just controlled by the weather forecast. Maybe it’s the Bruins game tonight. Maybe it’s the amazing-ness that was the Red Sox during their two games yesterday. Maybe it’s the anticipation for the announcement of Kim and Kanye’s baby’s name {don’t judge me}. Maybe it’s the excitement for TWO of my best friends to stay with me this weekend.

Wherever my better mood is coming from- I know that the workout I did last night is definitely a part of it. In the beginning of June I mentioned that I was looking forward to trying out a new fitness adventure at this place called Roam Fitness.  


I was finally able to check them out yesterday! They’re new and a relatively small gym over in Glover Park on Wisconsin. But don’t let the size of their space fool you- size isn’t everything. They focus on functional training (much like cross-fit), cross training, and adventure. You read that right- adventure. I love the message they display on their website:

At Roam we want to explore. We want to explore the city, find a hill and run it. Lift heavy things because we can. Move because it’s fun. Fitness without boundaries.

Their signature class, Out Run, takes you out on a 3-5 mile run through different areas of D.C. and has participants stopping every so often to perform various exercises. And guys, let me just say- it WAS fun!

Owner and founder Graham King (who sounds like a total boss) reached out to me last month and told me about Roam Fitness. Honestly, I was just surprised I hadn’t heard about them already because what they offer is right up my alley in terms of interests. I love workouts that combine strength training and cardio.

But anyway, for most of June I have been waiting patiently for my schedule to clear up in order for me to try them out {that sentence makes me sounds like world’s busiest and most important human- I’m not at all}.

I was in an awful mood for most of yesterday and the weather had me down. I was excited to do Out Run but not so much for the weather. I also knew that I had to bike like three-ish miles mostly uphill to get there so I was not looking forward to that. Buttttt in addition to me trying to embrace the expression about doing something everyday that scares you- I also support my own saying- do something everyday that challenges you. The bike ride to Out Run was just that. Uphill. Heat. Slight rain. Humidity. City biking (aka dealing with cars and other things out on the road). Once I made it to Roam- I felt like I could do anything. Even if I was covered in a layer of dripping sweat.

I was immediately greeted by Chris Geier– their Director of Group Athletes and the guy who would be leading our Out Run excursion. He was wicked nice and seemed very genuine in getting to know me and what I was all about it. Chris introduced me to Haleigh and Jill (other Roam employees) and a handful of some Roam regulars- Mike, Gary, and Jessica to name a few. All made me feel welcome. I always worry walking into a new fitness environment- sometimes people are mad territorial. I mean, I’m sort of guilty of being territorial over at my gym (whoops). But all of them were cool and kind to this lil newbie. I was happy to not be the only fresh meat there that evening and got to know a lovely lady named Brittany (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, girl!) who just moved to DC and has been trying out gyms in the area.

We hit the great outdoors and the weather ended up being perfect. The sun wasn’t beating down on us and the slight drizzle kept us slightly cool. Chris told us at the beginning we begin and finish this run together. I liked that team feel. We ran through some trails “out in the wilderness” where I quite literally felt like a swamp monster- combating trees and their roots, mud, rocks- you know, nature. But it’s rare that in fitness classes you get this type of experience! Chris even had a sound system in his backpack {apparently a new element!} so we got to hear tunes for part of our trek.


Doing some resistance band running training! I’m the one in the blue running pants and the white/gray shirt.

We ran uphill, downhill, through trails, and on the pavement. We performed push-ups, burpees, tricep dips, calf raises, box jumps, planks, and pull-ups. We did some resistance band training and utilized some TRX bands for more strength training.


Fun group picture under the trellis we did pullups on! The sun is sort of illuminating my face in this snapshot

The whole thing was a great experience and I find that workouts like this go by quickly because they’re actually enjoyable. You’re constantly engaged in whatever is going on. It’s great to breakup the monotony of just running and not only incorporating functional exercise training into your run, but running on rugged terrain. Plus, it’s “team focused” so you get that feeling of community and support. Working as a team helps you get out of that “me me me” mindset and again, makes working out more about having a good time and less about personal improvement/development.

That’s not to say personal improvement isn’t going to happen during this class- because it definitely is. There was one guy who impressed me with his pullups and when I complimented him- he admitted that when he started Out Run he struggled through them. Way to go, man! Cross-training is so important to becoming a stronger runner and to being a well rounded athlete.

Which is weird to say that I sort of am both of those things now… but that’s a blog post for another day.

Like with a lot of group exercise classes that offer a lot of variety- some people were faster than others and some people were stronger than others. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I might be able to run longer than someone, but they can beast out pull-ups at a level I can only dream about. Seeing the abilities of others is motivational.

If you’re looking to switch up your own routine- I HIGHLY recommend checking out Roam Fitness. I think Meaghan put it perfectly by saying: If Bootcamp and Your Weekly Group Run Had a Lovechild. {Side note: let’s do Out Run together sometime, Meaghan!}

They’re wicked awesome. And it’s only $22/month for unlimited Out Run classes- what a steal! Anyone can also get a FREE 7-Day pass to try them out! DO IT.

I can’t wait to check out one of their other classes this Friday called Row Con (which they describe as spin on a rowing machine plus squats and pushups). And I can’t wait to do Out Run again! That was definitely not the last time I do that workout. I really really enjoyed it. Thanks again Graham! And thanks again to you, Chris, for leading us on a good workout and for being so nice and so positive.

As we were getting close to the end of the run, the weather magically cleared up. It was in the 70s, low humidity, sunny- gawgeous. And I knew that my bike ride home was primarily down hill. Score. The rush of wind riding back home never felt so good. Such a great feeling. I may or may not have sang out loud while riding my bike the entire way home. And no- I didn’t have any headphones in or my iPod on. No shame.

I didn’t get home till after 8 o’clock which is late for a girl who goes to bed at 10. Lucky for me, dinner has been made simple this week thanks to frozen mixes and precooked chicken by Trader Joes. Oh. And sriracha. Can’t forget sriracha.


They have this mix of white and red quinoa, zucchini, and sweet potato which is delicious! All I did was add some frozen broccoli when cooking it up and then tossed in some chicken, avocado, and spinach. Obviously drizzled with sriracha.


I actually made the dinner on Monday night and was able to stretch the ingredients for two tupperwares full of leftovers. Wahoo!

Despite my lack of time before bed, I still managed to make dessert and watch last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon- priorities.


Okay this tasted totally “decadent.” I mixed together a laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese wedge with a tbl. of cashew butter and then sandwiched that “spread” between slices of four big ol’ strawberries. You could totally just use regular cream cheese and peanut butter- or whatever you have. This may have been better than my frozen whipped banana creation…

And of course- check in with the Red Sox. They had a double header yesterday against the Rays and were plagued with rain delays. BUT both games were completed and WON by the Sox. BOO YAH. Buchholz, one of our best pitchers, went on the DL {which I was quite upset about} but this move only made room for Dubront to kill it last night! Add in the two-run walk off homer by Jonny Gomes- good night for baseball indeed.


Love this picture of Jonny Gomes!

And while I’m hoping for a Red Sox sweep of the Rays tonight, my attention will admittedly be toward the BRUINS who are going into game four for the cup. WE GOT THIS.


Following the Bruins on instagram is enjoyable.

Lastly- I would greatly appreciate it if Kim or Kanye could graciously tweet out their baby girl’s name. Because we all know it ain’t official till that news is announced via Twitter or Instagram. So hey you two- I know you’re both avid readers of my blog so get on that.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


15 thoughts on “DC Swamp Monster

  1. Oooh, I hope you love RowCon as much as I did! Haven’t tried OutRun yet, but I’m checking it out Friday. Thanks for the preview!

  2. I think the outdoor workout is so cool, and it was the pick me up you needed.Yes, Kevin and I enjoyed that walk off homer and the whole game. Our seats were about 20 rows from the field and the Rays’ dugout, awesome! Look out for a package headed your way! Talk to you soon! Love you!

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