Back from NYC and back to work. I can’t quite explain to you all how great it was to be with some people that mean the world to me this weekend. While I was excited to go to NYC and experience lots of new things- what I was most excited about was just to be with Will and my friends. And what a shocker- that was what made the trip amazing and that was my favorite part about it all. It was ridiculously painful to leave yesterday and to be back here today after spending so much time with everyone.

Last night and today I’ve been letting myself have a bit of a pity party (you know, tearing up over the handful of pictures that were taken and listening to songs that I know full well will make me cry). I know I’ll get used to be being back in DC- I always do- but this brief transition period is not fun.

But just to give you all a recap of what I was up to these past couple days- I figured I should share the highlights of my quick little trip. I didn’t take too many pictures but only because I was way too involved and interested in living in the moment doing whatever it was I was doing to stop and take pictures. I saw and did a lot of things that I have no photographic evidence of- so my apologies on that front.

Even though I had my touristy moments (see: hunting down the Friends apartment and Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment), I enjoyed just blending in and seeing the life that my friends lead on a regular basis. I also enjoyed seeing what Will does during the week and where he goes- because up until now- I literally had no concept of what his life was like when he leaves me on Monday mornings for NYC.

I was exhausted when I got home last night. We packed a lot into a really short period of time and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. To ensure that I will make a return trip to NYC, we started a running list of things for me to see and do next time. 

The Highlights of NYC:

  • Staying with my bff Russ and his girlfriend Sara in Midtown Manhattan hearing about where people live is one thing- seeing where they live and living with them for a few days is completely different.
  • Dinner at Mesa Grill (Bobby Flay’s restaurant): I had this pork tenderloin that was served with a sweet potato tamale and the tamale was definitely one of the best things I’ve eaten. But the star of the dinner was definitely the side of roasted corn. Which sounds weird- but holy crap- it was amazing. It had this cojita cheese on top of it and was in a smoked chili aioli sauce- to die for. I’ve been craving sweet potatoes and corn ever since.
  • Seeing Rockefeller Center and pretending in my head that I was Liz Lemon
  • Running around the reservoir in Central Park on Saturday morning this was my first time in Central Park and the first time Will and I ran a significant distance together (about the length of a 5k)!
  • Bagels at Ess-a-Bagel for both breakfasts this weekend we went here. the first time I got intimidated by the guy behind the counter and ended up ordering not necessarily what I wanted (typical allison move)- but on Sunday I got my vengeance and ordered the perfect bagel. I also got to try a knish!

ess-a-bagel… where bagel dreams come true.


whole wheat everything (wanted pumpernickle- they were out) with jalapeno cream cheese, capers, lox, onions, and tomatoes. it was better than it looks.

  • Seeing Citi Field we were lucky enough to be able to meet up with my friend Andrew from Jersey and also currently living in DC (he’s a die hard Mets fan- what a sad life he leads, I know) and go to a Cubs vs. Mets game! I didn’t get a picture with Mr. Met (boo! I tried- such a bummer) but I saw the scoundrel out on the field during the 7th inning stretch.

we’re on a mission to see all of the ball parks!


the old home run apple from shea stadium.


at least I got to see Mr. Met. even if I didn’t get a picture with him.


seeing this mets dog sort of made up for not taking a picture with mr. met.


in the words of my friend andrew: mets can’t play baseball but they can take great photos! (Will, me, Andrew, and Russ)

  • Getting a brief tour of Queens one of my best friends, Michael, has been talking my face off about Queens ever since I met him freshman year at AU. He met up with us after the game and showed us around his neck of the woods. We went to an old school ice cream parlor/soda shop- where I tried my first ever egg cream- and he filled us in on some fun facts about the borough, his neighborhood, and even his own backyard.

the unisphere in flushing meadows/corona park in Queens.

  • Experiencing the Subway and we were even entertained by some subway car performers on our way back from Queens.


  • Mexican for dinner at Dos Caminos on Saturday night- me, Will and Russ went out for a late dinner at this Mexican place near Russ’s apartment. It was absolutely beautiful outside and we got to sit out on their patio. There was plenty of delicious guac and I ordered scallops- my latest love affair.
  • BRUINS WIN! Yep- we saw that happen.
  • Unknowingly hearing a man hole cover explosion and then Will being interviewed by the local news about what we heard
  • Touring Greewich Village there was the Friends apartment, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, the Magnolia Bakery (accompanied by Lazy Sunday rapping)…

FRIENDS. my favorite TV show. seeing this apartment was a major bucket list item.


you home, Carrie Bradshaw?!


our goal: to mack on some cupcakes.


this bakery has all the bomb frostings- I loved my vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting like McAdams loves Gosling.



give me all of the peanut butter you have.


the heat is on sandwich! whole wheat bread, the heat is on peanut butter (made with cayenne!), chicken, and pineapple jam! served with their potato chips and carrot sticks. Russ got “the Elvis” which he let me try- bacon, peanut butter, and banana- also wicked good. if I ever go again, I will definitely get this sandwich they had with their dark chocolate peanut butter, cherry preserves, and coconut!

  • Seeing where Will works listen- for all I know- Will could be sitting in a Starbucks down the street when he leaves the apartment Monday morning for work. It was weird to see and walk in the building he spends so much time in during the week and that I hear a lot about.
  • Seeing a lot of sights that I had never seen in person before the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Freedom Tower and Ground Zero, and everything else I usually just see from afar in the NYC skyline.



  • Finding the Boston Apple for all you non-baseball fans out there, the All-Star Game is being played at Citi Field this year. Because of this, there is an apple for every MLB team decorated accordingly out in the city somewhere. We made an effort to find the Red Sox one and the Cubs one for Will.


And for as much as I make fun of NYC and hate on the city- it isn’t so bad 😉 The good thing about having low expectations for a place is that you’re only pleasantly surprised by everything you do! Plus, while I don’t want to live in NYC and I know where my true home is, I feel like you can carve out a home wherever you go. And again, it was cool to see how my friends have made NYC their home. Or in the case of one of my best friend’s, how NYC, and Queens more specifically, literally is his home. I even felt “at home” to some degree because of the people I was with. Home is such an interesting concept and my definition of it only continues to expand with time. Hell, there are so many layers and levels of “home” in my life- it’s absurd.

*BUT it must be noted that I remembered to call my one true home on Sunday for the appropriate Father’s Day wishes.

Anyway. Because it’s one of those days where the grass seems greener just about everywhere else- I’m just trying to distract myself with work, reading predictions on the Bruins game tonight, and trying to find out every detail possible about Kim and Kanye’s baby. I might not be seeing Will for two weeks (as he’s traveling to Florida next weekend with his parents) but at the end of the week my best friend Kate will be here. And THAT I cannot wait for.

In the meantime, I’m just going to play out all my emo music and eventually transition over to Wale’s 2010 mix tape More About Nothing. That always brings the swagger in my step back.

“The Friends N Strangers”
I’m the mouth of the District, nobody work harder //
My heart is in the monuments, the life is in the harbor

Side note: if you’ve never listened- Wale’s mix tape is him rapping awesomely per usual over some Seinfeld sound bites. It’s great. Actually in some weird way it’s the perfect album for me to transition to- DC rapper with some sage advice from arguably one of the best shows of all time set in NYC.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


12 thoughts on “LGA to DCA

  1. Those are some awesome photos! You guys look so happy! Hope you’re smiling more today; I know that transition can be a bummer! I cannot believe Russia is less than 2 weeks away, what?! Going to the Red Sox game tonight, supposed to rain though so we’re hoping they’ll get the game in. It’ll be fun no matter what. How bout those Bruins? Lord Stanley’s cup is ours for the taking now! Miss you like crazy! Love you!

    • Yeah my trip to Russia isn’t even real- I cannot believe that’s happening so soon. I hope the game doesn’t get rained out and you guys have an awesome time! But you’re right- Boston is fun either way. Especially with all the Bruins excitement abound 🙂 WAHOO Bs! I miss you more and love you lots.

  2. Loved to hear you talk about the Big Apple. It brought back many memories of my 2 years in school there, I loved to walk all over Manhattan with my boyfriend Bill and my friends. “fun times”
    Great pictures of you, Will and friends. I really think you look amazing with those glasses you had on!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! My husband and I were just up there, but we went to Mesa Grill last trip and haven’t stopped talking about the pork and tamale ever since. We tried making it at Thanksgiving…epic fail. I highly recommend the mashed potatoes with queso…amazingly good. Also the banana pudding at Magnolia is a thing of beauty if you feel like giving the cupcakes a break. Rosemary’s on Greenwich Ave. was really fresh and delicious Italian food if you’re looking for a dinner option for next time!

    • I’m so glad someone else understands how good that friggen tamale is! Also… totally wanted to try the banana pudding but they were already sold out by the time I got there! BOO! Next time for sure. Thank for the dinner recommendation- greatly appreciated!

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