Bostonian in NYC

Hello everyone- HELLO SUN! I can’t get over how good it is to see the bright sunshine here in the District today. Yesterday’s weather was certainly weird. And guess who was outside on her walk home from the gym during the entire duration of the ten minutes of intense storms that hit us? You guessed it. This guy.


My work let us out early (at 2pm- score!) because of the incoming storms and how many people commute there. I took advantage of this free time by going to the gym in the middle of the afternoon {which was AWESOME by the way because it was almost completely empty and no one was in my way as I made my way through a cardio routine and strength circuit. No meat heads were in the way of me and my kettle bells}.

So… I was leaving the gym and it looked fine- I got on my bike and was just trying to get home before any storming happened. Failed. Within 30 seconds the sky darkened and crazy weather slammed into DC. I got off my bike and just stood on the sidewalk for a while because I couldn’t see like six inches in front of me.

Normally I’d be annoyed getting caught in the rain but it was kind of the perfect time for it to happen. I had nothing important on me- just my keys- and I was hot and sweaty from working out. It wasn’t freezing or anything either- it was actually kind of nice…


I took this picture of the clouds when I got home from my balcony.

But I’d be lying if I said I don’t love that the weather has done a little flip and the sun is back. You have been missed bff. Let’s just say the sky looks a lot different today than it did yesterday. Perfect timing for the weekend.


Anddd speaking of the weekend- I am going to New York City! It should be noted that I’ve probably spent a grand total of like six hours of my life in NYC. That usually surprises people seeing as I’ve always lived in the Northeast. I’ve never seen Central Park. I’ve never seen Rock Center. I haven’t seen a lot. I’m not the typical person hankering to go to NYC. Nothing about it really excites me to be honest and I mean, being from Boston, I already have a negative view on the place. Sorry I’m not sorry. It’s ingrained in me- it’s not my fault.

I have, weirdly enough, always loved a lot of songs about NYC. See: New York State of Mind by Billy Joel and New York, New York by Frank Sinatra. So there’s that.

Regardless. I am very excited to jet off this afternoon because of the people who I will be seeing on the other end of the plane ride! Not only will Will be there, but I will be reunited with my best friend Russ (who I haven’t seen in like a year) and have the potential of meeting up with some other close friends who now live there. YES.

We’re hoping to pack a lot into this lil weekend trip- Bobby Flay’s restaurant Mesa, a Mets game (where I will take a picture with Mr. Met), neighborhood exploration, running in Central Park, seeing the Friends apartment, seeing Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment (Will clearly loves me because he is willing to let me indulge in these shenanigans), and there better be some lox and bagels at some point.

I’m intrigued to see the place where Will disappears to every week for work and the place that so many of my friends call home now. Despite my blase attitude toward NYC- I know this short trip is going to be a good time and I am always open to being convinced that the city is more than I give it credit for.

I don’t think Cronuts are on the agenda… but I wouldn’t be mad if they just so happened to appear in the weekend plans.

Right after I publish this post- it’s time for some lunch and then I’m hitting the metro for a ride to DCA. Blasting in my ears will be this song by Marina & the Diamonds. I don’t know why, but I’ve been obsessed with it these days:

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Bostonian in NYC

  1. I’m glad you were able to capture a picture of the storm yesterday! That was the weirdest, most indecisive weather. I watched the rain from my office and it lasted only a couple minutes where I was. Have fun in NYC!

  2. Yayyyy NYC! Although I prefer Boston, NYC holds my roots, so I have a lot of love for the city. If you get bagels, you should go to Ess-a-Bagel, which is absolutely, hands down, the BEST bagel place in Manhattan. Have a great weekend!!!!!

  3. yay for nyc! my fam is trying to plana trip there for the next year, so let me know if you find any hidden gems this weekend 🙂 have fun, be safe, and take lots of pics!!!

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