Little Bit of Everything

{I interrupt regularly scheduled programming to briefly exclaim, EXCUSE ME NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS? If you’re not aware of what I’m referring to- get to Google stat and have a little peak at the human being we just acquired on our team. That’s all on THAT for now… more commentary to be developed at a later date. I apologize for the interruption}

ANYHOO- the title of this post is meant to be reflective of not only the plethora of things I did this weekend but a line in a song that I’ve loved since I was little and have been jamming out to on the reg lately. I think Meredith Brooks describes me perfectly. She’s spot on. I’m a little bit of everything all rolled into one…

{My Mom used to blast this in the car with my sister and I. It will always make me think of those good old days. It was the only time my Mom would let us swear out loud because it was song lyrics- BUT she said if the song was ever on when we were around my Grandparents- we had to replace the swear word with the word “witch” he he}

I was in a major funk today yet again and this song helped pull me out of it. As soon as my boss left early for the day I just blasted this track. I wouldn’t want it any other way…

Part of the reason why I was in a bad mood was the weather. Why is it always raining on Monday’s in DC? Serious question. If you were to go back through my blog and look at every post I wrote on a Monday- I bet you’ll see me complaining about the weather A LOT. When I saw that today was going to be nasty and rainy, I thought I was going crazy. Again with the Monday rain?! And then I saw a fellow blogger tweet that it has rained every Monday in DC since May 6th. Validated- I’m not crazy. DC is crazy. Stop this nonsense.

I was going to go to spin after work but absolutely did NAHT want to get caught in the approaching storm so I cancelled my reservation and opted to kick my own butt in my apartment. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love my gym (you all know that by now) but I’m still convinced that I’m my own best personal trainer.

Here’s the no equipment needed routine I just finished:

  • 20 minute run on treadmill (you could substitute any cardio you want)
  • 1 min of each of the following: high knees, mummy kicks, jumping jacks, butt kicks, and simulated jump rope (instead of the 20 minutes of initial cardio- you could always just do this little circuit five times!)
  • 15 pushups / 60 sec. plank / 15 jump squats (x3)
  • 15 bird dogs / 60 sec. wall sit / 15 burpees (x3)
  • 15 alternating lunges / 60 mountain climbers / 15 situps (x3)

{talk about sweat times like a bajillion}

I’m glad I worked out at home because um… it’s down pouring currently and so gross outside. I’m staying in my apartment thank you very much.

As much as I hate this weather right now- I have to say- I am glad the rain held off till today and didn’t ruin Sunday completely. I got to go to yoga in Meridian Hill Park early last evening and it was beautiful outside. I was nervous rain was going to ruin those plans but sometimes the universe is on my side.

Bikram Yoga Dupont is currently sponsoring a series of free “Yoga in the Park” classes in Meridian Hill Park. Classes are from 5-6:30pm every Sunday. Click here for more information.


Another free yoga and pilates class series takes place every Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm through this month in Farragut Square Park. Click here for more information.

There is free yoga in abundance all over DC!

And I mean, I was also blessed with gorgeous weather here on Saturday (after some morning drizzle and overcast shenanigans) so I GUESS some crappy weather here and there is acceptable. But but I’m a special little snowflake and want the weather to be perfect just for me all the time! {says the small voice in my head}

This weekend was filled with a little bit of lots of different things. Rain and sunshine. Hockey and Mad Men watching. Happy Allison and moody Allison. Yoga, running, and biking. Attending a parade, a fair, and a concert. Eating oatmeal, pancakes, egg scrambles, pizza, $! vanilla cones from McDonalds, whipped frozen banana, strawberries, and salads. You can really pack a lot into a weekend when your weekend is always three days long he he.

Friday for the most part remained pretty crappy {like I discussed with you the day of}. BUT as I predicted, the strawberries I made for dessert were delicious, the pizza was yummy (although, I need a better way of cooking pizza dough/crust in my oven… a pizza stone is like the first thing on my “to buy list” for the kitchen at the moment)


mozzerella cheese, chicken sausage, and red onion



But dangerously, the Blackhawks also won their series this weekend… some of you might remember or know that Will is from Chicago. Drama. He knows who to root for if he knows whats good for him 😉 But in all seriousness- sports rivalry between us can get pretty series. The Red Sox vs. Cubs series a couple years ago was a rough time for us. And that was just a regular season series. THIS is for the Cup. To be fair, we both care a lot more about baseball than we do hockey so I think we might make it through this one. If the Bruins win that is. He he.

Saturday over at RFK Stadium I did the Run or Dye 5k- my second ever 5k to date. I talked the morning of with my friend Diana (who was running HER first ever 5k) about how this run made me learn a lot about myself. The run wasn’t timed- which made for low pressure but I think I prefer my runs to be timed. If I’m paying and participating in a running event- I want it to be about the running– ya know what I mean? I’m all for fun and hoopla (which the run was packed with) but I’m also for running a race. I like having a unit of something to measure how I did other than my own personal fun barometer.

Also, as a planner and type a person I came to the conclusion that throwing color dyes at people aka scheduled anarchy as I referred to it as- really isn’t my thang. It’s such a fun idea in theory but in reality? Eh- it’s not for me. I got a lot of the powder in my contacts and it didn’t feel too great. I’m a party pooper. Whatever it’s fine.


lots and lots of color!

I think in the future I’ll be keeping my runs more simple- in black and white if you will. But again, for what its worth- I laughed a lot Saturday morning. The best part was definitely meeting up with these friends and sharing this bizarre experience with them.


The run felt good, the weather was cool and comfortable, and my foot didn’t hurt at all!


Worthwhile experience and just another lil bib to add to my budding collection on my refrigerator. I don’t know if I’ll always keep my run bibs but for now they’re not going anywhere.

The rest of Saturday was amazing- mainly due to the kickass weather that I mentioned earlier. It was so so so perfect! Low 80s, no humidity, sunshine all around.

I took a free 90s themed yoga class over at Stroga in their huge ballroom (where they had all the windows open- gawgeous). The instructor picked a couple songs from each year of the decade and we moved through the 90s in order of year. There was Will Smith, TLC, and even some Spin Doctors. Shavasana to “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion? YUP. It was great. And hilarious.

I can’t believe I was in elementary school when this song and Titanic came out. I can still remember singing this song on the playground with my friends. We were cool.

90s Yoga was followed by the D.C. Capital Pride Parade:

2013-06-08 17.26.41


sweetgreen should use this as a promo photo. just sayin’





Parade was followed by a drive to Celebrate Fairfax (a big fair down in Fairfax) where Third Eye Blind was performing:

2013-06-08 18.32.24


For all of you that don’t know- Third Eye Blind is one of my favorite bands on earth. The set list was one of the better ones I’ve heard them play. But I mean, any set list that includes Wounded and Motorcycle Drive by are totally cool with me. And um apparently they’ve retired their hit How’s it Going to Be (SAD) but they played it acoustic style, or “campfire style” as they called it, for us. And they played two new songs from their NEW album that they’ve been working on for a while now. Come to mama.



Sunday was not as exciting (mainly because I was in a terrible mood) BUT the highlights included a 19 mile bike ride with Will, yoga in the park, and more pizza. Will and I biked up the Capital Crescent Bike Trail which runs from Georgetown to Silver Spring. We went from our apartment to Georgetown and then road the trail to Bethesda and back. Luckily, we left right after breakfast (which was PANCAKES made following this chobani/almond flour recipe) before it got wicked humid and gross outside.

The muggy weather cleared for a brief couple of hours- just in time for yoga- as I shared with you above. The stretching was much appreciated after the morning bike ride. And it put me in a better mood per usual.

The pizza we had for dinner helped with that whole better mood thing as well.


mozzarella, tomatoes, spinach, olives, feta cheese, and chicken.

And now the week has begun again and its all business and work. The next time I see Will- I will be in NYC with him! We’re doing a reverse weekend where instead of him coming home to me in DC, I’m going to him in NYC on Friday.

Even though there are some good things to look forward to in the days ahead… I’m hoping this week goes by in a flash.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


19 thoughts on “Little Bit of Everything

  1. Great post! The pics of the food made my mouth water.

    Super excited about trying a juice cleanse for the next three days. Ash

  2. What a jam packed and fun weekend. I love the race and pride photos. At least you got sunny breaks. It was an awful, rainy past three days here in Toronto. I definitely did not want to get out of bed this morning with all the gloomy weather.

  3. Ooh, I went to 90s yoga too! Was cracking up during Spice Girls and later for Celine Dion savasana.

    Anyway, I need to get better at recognizing bloggers I follow so I can say hi next time!

  4. Love seeing all your pics of a fun filled weekend! Well I just like seeing you anytime! I can understand how the non timing of the race would be annoying. Your pizzas look delicious! All that yoga in cool places, lucky you! Umm, not going to lie, a little nervous about the Blackhawks, I think it’s because I don’t
    really know much about them, so today I’ll brush up on my knowledge and hopefully feel more confident. Go Bruins! Love you!

    • Yeah I would have Will inform me about the Blackhawks but um lets be real- he doesn’t know what’s going on haha. The Bruins will be fine I’m sure 🙂 I love you too and have been missing you (and everyone) more than ever!

  5. sounds like an active weekend!!! i love those times when you can get in a ton all in one weekend! and all the time you spent outdoors sounds fabulous as well! it has been june gloom over on the west coast lately so no sun until like 3 in the afternoon :/ really puts a damper on things! but hoping for some clear weather in the near future!! hope you are enjoying your week so far and that the dc weather has cleared up as well!

  6. LOVE this workout! I’ve done it twice this week and it kills me. Definitely working it into my regular routine. Thanks!

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