More Salmon

Yeah. I eat a lot of salmon. No apologies.

My inner cat like tendencies come through with my fish and salmon love. Gross but true story: I used to try and eat my cat George’s canned food when I was a youngin/toddler. Mhm- my Mom used to have to stop me from eating cat food out of his dish. I guess this should have been a sign for my future love of seafood.

Plus I was born and raised in New England. It’s pretty hard not to dig seafood when it’s around you all the time and made really well. AND I mean, my Mom is a big seafood freak (I mean that in a good way) so my interest in it was bound to happen.

Now that I’m out on my own and have my own kitchen, I make a lot of seafood at home. My blog is living proof of this. You would think that when I go out to eat that I would try and order different things because of how frequently I make myself fish. Nope. I have to refrain myself from immediately letting my eyes wander to the seafood section and sometimes have to convince myself not to get the salmon because I make it all the time. Whenever I order it I feel the need to justify it out loud to Will (he’s usually my restaurant eating partner in crime). My favorite restaurant, Busboys and Poets, does a great version on salmon if you were curious and I am obsessed. Also, recently at Cuba Libre in Penn Quarter- I had their salmon with a honey mango glaze… ummm holy crap good.

But anyway. Back to my home cooked salmon craze… I’m sure you saw the word salmon in the title and were like- really, Allison? Again with the salmon, huh? We’re going to see more pictures of salmon? The answer to all of these questions is yes. In all seriousness- the amount of pictures of salmon on my camera is ridiculous. Point taken people- I get it. There are worse things in life than to be addicted to salmon though, right? Right.

If it makes you feel better, I do put effort into changing the flavors up and cooking it differently from time to time {see: Lemon, Dill, and Garlic and Coconut and Ginger salmon as evidence}.

And this dinner was no different. I had heard that orange tasted good paired with salmon so I picked up an orange at the grocery store to marinade my salmon in. I didn’t follow a recipe and instead just followed my taste buds when creating this meal. Thus I don’t have a list of measurements to use for you to replicate this recipe (I’m a great chef and blogger, I know). At the very least, I hope to just inspire you to change up your flavor palates and experiment with food. It’s fun- not scary- I promise.


The jist of what I did is: I cut an orange into fourths, squeezed the juice all over the salmon, and added some of this spice mix (which I’ve been lovin on pretty hard these days):


I have almost all of these spices individually bottled in my kitchen, but there is something so easy about blends like this that just get the combination of things just right. I’m a sucker for em.


I ripped out the orange segments from the rinds and tossed them on the salmon and let all this sit in the fridge overnight.


Please note: blueberries were buy one get one free at Harris Teeter this past week. Hence my hoard of blueberries that you can see.


I didn’t cook the orange segments with the salmon- but you probably could and that would be fun I suppose. The salmon turned out pretty moist and definitely delicious- as always. Cooking salmon is wicked easy too. If you’ve missed any of my other bajillions of posts about it- check out this one for a quick way to cook it up. Dinner in less than fifteen minutes is a winner in my book.

I served the salmon on a bed of brown rice and with roasted asparagus- topped with tomato and basil feta cheese. So delicious. Also highly recommended. It was almost better than the salmon itself- almost. Asparagus is another favorite of mine- mainly because it only takes about ten minutes to roast. And feta makes everythang betta.


This is definitely a great summer meal. I enjoyed it post-spin class on my balcony while watching an old episode of The Daily Show that I missed last week.

Before I go and continue to enjoy my six days off of work (!) – I want to share with you all this wicked cool fitness and fundraising opportunity I was told about called “Drop and Give Them Ten.”


This Memorial Day weekend, CSX, one of the leading transportation companies in the nation, is asking people to do 10 push-ups in honor of our troops and to support them. How it works is that between now and May 29th, when you do 10 pushups, CSX will donate $1.00 to Wouded Warrior Project. If you post about your experience (through social media), CSX will donate another buck! All you have to do is do the work and use the hashtag #GiveThem10 when you tweet or instagram.

We can all definitely bust out ten push-ups. So who is with me? #GiveThem10 this Memorial Day weekend and support Wounded Warrior Project and the campaign.

In the midst of Memorial Day activities, #GiveThem10 is not only something cool to do for a good cause, but it will help you….

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


9 thoughts on “More Salmon

  1. I hoard blueberries like it’s my job when they’re on sale. They’re way too expensive the rest of the time for a teeny carton! I’m that weird girl that lives on the water in New England and hates seafood. My parents don’t know where I came from…

  2. Point of interest – Busboys and Poets is also MY favorite restaurant! Granted, I’m a college kid on a budget so I haven’t exactly tried them all, but I’m also a vegetarian and I love a menu that gives me options. Favorite dish: florentine benedict. I also love a good scoop of their vegan tuna salad – I’d be curious how authentic it actually is to the real thing! (haha it’s probably nowhere close but it’s still delish)

    • They just have such a delicious and diverse menu. I’ve sort of made it my mission to try everything they have haha. Even though I try and go to new places every weekend- busboys and poets is an old favorite that is so good to go back to over and over.

  3. Oh yes, you used to love George’s cat food especially the mackerel and shrimp. I used to have to feed him while you were napping so there wouldn’t be any fights. Haha. Salmon always looks so good but alas, although a seafood freak, it’s not one of my faves. Berries have been bogo at Shaws this past week so I’ve been loving on them too, so good! Kevin is going to look into the drop and give them 10 fundraiser. He does 60 pushups every morning during his morning workout so why not? Hope your time off is enjoyable thus far! Love you!

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