My Day Job

If you didn’t know- I work for the Freemasons. No, my job is naht in anyway health or fitness related. That’s what I handle in my off hours he he. My day job is connected to my passion for history and working with people! I technically work in the headquarters building for the Southern Jurisdiction of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (but I’m sure that doesn’t mean very much to a lot of you). Masons like big, lofty titles- it’s fun (and confusing/overwhelming for outsiders). I work in the Development Office and on a daily basis I work on projects and work with people to raise funds to help support masonic charitable endeavors and the preservation of my building- which is a historic site.

The monumental building is a D.C. landmark and is called, The House of the Temple. It’s located on 16th street just off the beaten path from Dupont Circle. The architect- John Russell Pope– also designed the Jefferson Memorial, the National Archives, and a wing of the National Gallery of Art. This was actually his first memorial-like building in the District and it’s what led him to be commissioned to do all the others.

SO there’s a lot that goes into my job but all you need to know is: raising money and fundraising to rebuild and revitalize our historic site/museum is the name of my game.

Yes, this is where I work. If you live in DC- we’re open to the public for tours Monday through Thursday! Don’t let the sphinxes scare you away- stop by sometime! There is a big library, cool museum rooms, and lots of ornate beautiful spaces to check out. Plus I mean, the climax of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol took place here so there’s that as well. You can read up on us in lots of places- but here’s the link to our wikipedia page for the cliffnotes.

WELL this weekend we are putting on a telethon to be broadcast over the internet (a webathon if you will) and it’s called, Celebrating the Craft. The Craft is another way to refer to the Scottish Rite just FYI. The goal of the broadcast is to unite our membership across the country for one night of entertainment and fun while also raising money to support the Rebuilding the Temple Campaign. This is a MASSIVE campaign (cough cough 97 million dollars cough cough) that will fund repairs that are crucial to the building and also create a world-class museum and education center for masons and non-masons alike to enjoy.

This is all very unrelated to healthy eating and exercise and those sort of things- but it is very much related to my life as it’s what I’ve spent 40 hours a week working on for the past year. I don’t talk much about work as I try and keep my blog and work separate BUT this has consumed me for a while now and I just have to share it with you all.

I normally don’t work on weekends but this one is dedicated to this show! I’m not going to talk your face off about all that it entails- but I needed to give my work a shout out. We’ve all been putting SO MUCH into this show and I cannot believe it’s all coming together. This is the biggest and most unique fundraiser our organization has ever set out to put on- and I played a big role in making it all happen. And I mean… it’s actually happening and going to be a massive success (yes, I can see into the future)! So awesome. I might work in development/fundraising, but I think I need to add a line to my business card that says: event planner extraordinaire.

This is a shameless plug for the show tomorrow night. SO HERE WE GO!


  • Go to tomorrow night to watch
  • There will be an obvious link to click on to watch {If you were to go to the site now, you’d see a countdown clock}


And I mean, if you wanted to donate some money to the cause… I wouldn’t complain 😉

When people ask you what your Saturday night plans, how badass will you feel saying checking out a telethon related to Freemasonry?! C’MON!

It may seem small and insignificant to a lot of you (freemasons, historic sites, all that jazz) but it’s a HUGE deal for me and this organization. I’m SO excited about the show tomorrow and to see all of my/our hard work come to fruition.

CLICK HERE to visit the Scottish Rite Freemasonry Facebook page to learn more about the event, see pictures of everything I’ve been working on, and to stay in the loop on everything my building is doing this weekend. We also have a pretty bumpin’ twitter you can check out as well.

And as always…

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo

PSAgain, I didn’t want to get too in depth with the show or what I do for work or the Freemasons in general. BUT if you have further questions about these things, I’d be more than happy to talk to you about them! Just shoot me an email.


4 thoughts on “My Day Job

  1. wow this is such a cool job!!! my inner history nerd is coming out in full force!!! i had no idea you got to work at such a historically rich place and i am super jealous!! maybe i will have to come visit DC soon and you could show me all the cool historical places. american history is like my jam so i really do need to make it over to the east coast sometime soon haha! i will definitely try and tune in tomorrow night… and congrats on a job well done and all of your hard work coming to frutition! must be a nice feeling!! oh and ps we posted at like the exact same time today…creepy twin thing coming out once again 😉

    • Thanks girl! It’s all wicked exciting. Yeah the East Coast is where it’s AT when it comes to early American history (duh). I consider myself so lucky to have grown up in Massachusetts surrounded by it. Also, why am I not surprised we posted at the same time. We’re freaks. I’m totally okay with it.

  2. Hey Allison the webathon was a success! Kevin and I watched pretty much the whole thing and got a kick out of Norm and Don and all the entertainment. Our favorite part was seeing you at the end of it! Can’t wait to talk to you later. I am Gram sitting at 1030(for church) but will be back a little after 12. Gearing up for the Bruins game! Love you!

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