Olive You, Mom

There are certain foods that remind me of my Mom. There are MANY actually that remind me of my mom. Food is such a big part of my family life and it will forever be one of those things that connects me back to where I’m from. Certain foods, just like certain smells, sounds, and sights- will always make me nostalgic for home and my Mom.

For example, to many, a can of tuna is pretty mundane. Nothing special. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think of my Mom almost every time I opened a can. For lunches throughout my childhood at home, she would make me tuna sandwiches (on warm toast) and I’d usually share a can with her. Our household is split on who likes seafood and who doesn’t- but my Mom and I are HUGE proponents of anything fishy. It’s always been an interest that we’ve shared.

Also, when I was growing up, she used to make me tuna macaroni. It’s a pretty simple dish- tuna, mayonnaise, and elbow macaroni. It would usually be my dinner when macaroni and cheese was on the menu at my house because I’m not really a big cheese person and never liked mac and cheese (gasp- I know). But tuna macaroni made me feel special because she always made it just for me. And besides her and I, no one else would eat it. Since leaving home I have made tuna macaroni for myself- but it’s just not the same. There’s something special about a bowl of pasta crafted just for you by Mom. It’s definitely a meal of my childhood. Thus, whenever I’m using tuna- I think of her.

{There’s a point to all of this- I promise- bear with me}

My Mom is pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. She tends to surprise me with how open she is to food experiences. So maybe it should come as no surprise to me that as of late, I’ve been sort of the same way. I was probably unknowingly inspired by her 😉 As regular readers know, recently I’ve been trying to broaden my food horizons. There are so many foods out there I’ve never tried. There are also so many foods out there that I am convinced I don’t like for some reason either because of a bad experience earlier in life or for no reason at all. SO I’ve been making efforts to give all different sorts of foods a shot at being incorporated into my diet.

In college I tackled the avocado and now I can’t imagine not having avocado almost every single day of my life. And one of the most recent vegetables I took on was mushrooms. I used to be convinced that I hated them for some reason. But slowly I started adding them on things- pizza, sandwiches, burgers- and I realized that I actually really enjoy them. Now I eat them all the time and purposely order them places. I roast portabellas on the reg and buy baby bellas almost every week at the grocery store. I’ve even turned Will onto them.

Both avocados and mushrooms remind me of my Mom because I know she loves both! Anyway, my latest food adventure has been olives. They REALLY remind me of my Mom because she really really likes them. For most of my life I have basically been convinced that I don’t like them. Which is weird because she tells me that when I was really little- I ate them up just like her! I used to stick them on my fingers and eat them one by one. I also called them ovals. I was kind of cute I suppose.Somewhere along the road though, “ovals” and I parted ways. And it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I decided to man up and start eating them more. OF COURSE I discovered that they’re actually quite delicious and I don’t hate them at all! When Will and I were in Miami we got this Mediterranean roasted vegetable plate and I could not get enough of the olives (or the feta). Then last week, I ordered them on my subway sandwich and really enjoyed them being there! 


take me back to this pretty please?

So, I knew my Mom would be pumped when she found out that I had set out on an olive quest. When I called her today for Mother’s Day, I told her about my latest olive craze and she was indeed quite pleased. Just another thing for us to bond over. I was excited to tell her about this hummus I’m trying out this week from Trader Joes:


Food and it’s ability to connect people will always amaze me. I’m just glad that it’s one of things I can talk for hours about with my Mom and a passion that I can share with her. As much as I have stepped away from emotional eating, as a highly emotional human being, food will always represent love and comfort for me. Food may be fuel, and that is definitely a principle I embrace, but food is also so much more than that. I truly enjoy when food takes me back and makes me feel embraced by everything I associate with “home.” Food should make you feel good. It should fuel you and provide your body with what it needs- and that includes everything on a mental level as well (in my opinion).

I don’t have a recipe for you or anything today, readers- but I just wanted to share with you this latest food journey of mine on Mother’s Day because of how it connects to my Mom. There’s a BAJILLION reasons why I love my Mom- but her cooking abilities, her desire to feed and take care of others, her way with food, her willingness to try new foods, and her sheer fearless-ness are a few of those reasons.

It was really nice to talk to my Mom earlier today (and my Grandmother) but it’s days like today where my homesick-ness kicks in to the extreme. I would given anything to be home with everyone today. Years of dealing with the distance between us really hasn’t made it that much easier.

This post is also another way for me to reach out to her to let her know how much I’m thinking of her today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! And also- happy mother’s day to my Grandmother and all of the other strong female mother role models in my family and life. There’s a lot of you and you’re all so great. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my Mom, Grandmothers, and Aunts.

If you want to read more about why I love my Mom so much, you can check out the dedicated birthday post I gave to her a couple months ago by clicking here. Similarly, you can click here to read more about why my grandmother rules.

Hopefully this post inspires you to not only love on your mom (and other mom-like figures in your life), but to branch out and try new foods. You never know when you might find your latest obsession.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Olive You, Mom

  1. i love this — awesome how you brought up food and its ability to connect people, so true– and i totally feel you on the homesickness front! our moms are cheering us on, though!!! ❤

  2. Olive you too!! So glad you’ve reconnected with our old friend the olive. It was so good to hear your voice today and I’m not gonna lie I think I miss you being home more than you miss being so far away, is that possible? But honestly I feel like your always with me anyway because you’re in my heart and I just feel connected with you. I know you have a super busy work week ahead, good luck with that, can’t wait to watch some of the telethon. Thanks for this lovely tribute. Love you!

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