Workout Wrap Up

While my life hasn’t been lacking in sweat sessions, I realized last night that my blog has been lacking in the working out department. Getting my butt in gear is so ingrained in my daily routine that I guess I have been forgetting to talk about it. And let me ask you a question, readers, if a girl works out and doesn’t blog about- did it ever really happen? 

I think my tendency to talk about food more so than exercise on my blog is a reflection of what I think is important in life. I could talk your face off about food for days and days and days. Food is definitely a passion in my life whereas exercise is more of a hobby that I’m very interested in. Exercise isn’t everything to me and I don’t necessarily like talking about it all the time BUT it definitely is necessary in life and good for you. So with that being said, I think its time for a workout wrap up of how I’ve been moving lately.

My workout routine usually looks kind of similar on a week to week basis but from Saturday to last night- this week has been a little a-typical. Like with our diets and the foods we’re consuming, our bodies like variety and change so I suppose this is a good thing.


For the past couple of weeks, Will and I have been hitting up 10am bootcamp classes at our gym. But as the weather has gotten nicer and I’ve had a hankering for getting workouts taken care of earlier in the morning to get a jump start in the day, I have been brainstorming alternatives.

The Washingtonian Well+Being Blog posted an outdoor workout for Meridian Hill Park last month and this past Saturday, I convinced Will to do it with me. He’s a trooper.

The park is LITERALLY our backyard. Meridian Hill Park borders my apartment building and it’s one of DC’s best kept secrets- probably because its not close to a metro stop.

So what was the workout that kicked both of our butts?

  • Run up and down the stairs (x10) {warmup}
  • Incline push ups on the back of a park bench x15 {3 sets}
  • Right leg step-ups x15 {3 sets}
  • Left leg step-ups x15 {3 sets}
  • Bench dips x15 {3 sets}
  • Walking lunges the length of the concrete at the top of the big stairs {not a part of the original workout but I added this to ours}
  • Sprints from one end of the field to the other {x10}

The combination of the stair runs and the sprints left my legs feeling WORKED. I may sprint on the treadmill from time to time, but that it totally different than sprinting on solid ground. The treadmill sort of forces you to run fast whereas in real life, it’s all you.

It was a quality workout to say the least. Props to the Washingtonian and Personal Trainer Errick McAdams for coming up with this one.

And I mean… it’s fun to workout outside! Why not take advantage of all the cool outdoor spots DC has to offer? Will and I saw a bajillion cute dogs while we were pushing ourselves through this routine and it was awesome.


I clearly did NAHT stretch enough after Saturday’s workout as the lower half of my body was quite angry with me. Knowing that I needed a good stretch and that I needed to take a (active) rest day, I was pumped to head to the National Mall with my friend Sara to take part in the “closing ceremonies” of DC Yoga Week. Yoga outdoors with a bunch of people on the Mall? I’m in.


I had high hopes for this event but I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. It was a little too cold outside to be practicing yoga first of all- DC, you’re so lame lately with this weather! Second, balancing and feeling strong in your footing during yoga is a pretty hard to do on a mat resting on plush grass. Lastly, the whole event was a tad disorganized and a little too much on the spiritual side for my liking.


My type-a personality led me to be disinterested about halfway through. Plus, I agreed with Sara, if your body isn’t warm- you’re not really getting the benefits of the stretching that takes place through yoga. Her and I ended up dipping out early and walking home together. As with a lot of fitness events I attend with her, hanging out with Sara was the best part of the whole experience.


Now if you haven’t been intrigued by the previous days workouts- I think this one will grab your attention. As closing time at work rolled around and I was still on the waitlist for spin- I decided to give a new class at my gym a try. Actually, it was the first time this class was being held ever at my gym so it was really really new.

It’s called Pound- a “rockout workout.” And its really something you need to see to believe:

According to their website, they describe the class as follows:

Pound is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!

It was created by two friends, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, who call themselves, “music enthusiasts, drummers, fitness experts.” They started this whole thing as a way to make working out more liberating, freeing, fun, and less structured. On their website they state their overarching beliefs:

  • We believe in the power of music and the freedom rocking out.
  • We support unleashing aggression, discovering new talents, and awaking new senses.
  • We encourage sampling new forms of movement, uncovering new rhythms, and tapping into new ways of listening.
  • We promote camaraderie, friendship and bonding.
  • We believe in loving our bodies while improving them.
  • We believe in handing you the permission to Rock!

Pretty cool, right? TOTALLY unique too. I mean, it’s similar to zumba and other dance based classes but I can’t think of any other workout where drumming is the focus.

Everyone in the class gets handed a pair of drumsticks- or as they call them “ripstix.” They’re slightly heavier than regular drumsticks and are bright neon green. These are what guide you through the class, all of your movements, and the “poundtrack” (what they call the list of songs you listen to).

Seeing as this was the inaugural pound class at our gym and no one had ever done it before, the instructor took it easy on us and guided us through some of the core movements. This was probably good seeing as I lack a lot of rhythm and coordination AND I was still sore from Saturday’s workout.

The central move, if you will, has you in a low squatted position- flat back, chest up high- and pounding the floor with your ripstix quickly and aggressively. Throughout the whole class you are supposed to keep your core and your grip on the ripstix tight.

As with all dance based exercise classes- I sort of felt like an idiot. I really just don’t think music centered dance classes are for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing. But as a way to maintain fitness- it’s just not for me. I want it to be! I want to love this kind of stuff because of what it represents and that fact that its supposed to be fun- but again, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s just not for me.

This isn’t to say I didn’t get a workout out of this class. IT’S HARD. It looks loosey goosey and fun- and while it is- it is definitely a challenge. There were some moves I could fairly easily, but man- props to the instructor because some of the faster, more complex moves- holy crap- I was falling all over the place. I could barely move my body the right way let alone coordinate smashing my ripstix together and pounding the floor all at the same time.

My favorite part about the routine? The poundtrack– they have AWESOME music. It was a sick combo of rap, older music, and rock. I loved it. Second favorite part? Getting out all my frustration from the day. Don’t underestimate the power of slamming drumsticks. It sounds cheesy- but the class was empowering. And I mean… it was fun… I felt like I was playing a more intense version of Rock Band.

BUT I’m pretty sure the rest of the gym HATES this new class because let’s just say… it’s LOUD. 20 plus people smacking the wood floor with sticks? Yeahhh… if I wasn’t in the class and was trying to concentrate somewhere else- I would definitely want to kill all the people pounding. We tried to lessen the sound effects but slamming the sticks on a mat in front of us but I don’t think it made that much of a difference.

I don’t think it’s an exercise routine that I’ll adopt into my weekly practice. BUT I definitely don’t regret going. Trying new things is good because you never know what you might end up loving. There’s so much out there in terms of ways to move. On Pound’s website they have a list of where you can find places that offer their classes if you are intrigued!

Below is another video for you to check out. It’s from when they talked about Pound on The View. Pound has also been featured on the Today Show and in magazines like Self, Seventeen, Shape, and even Time.


As I had dinner plans last night and was pressed for time, I worked out at home instead of going to the gym for my usual Tuesday night bootcamp session. I sort of held my own private bootcamp in the gym in my apartment building. I’ve posted about my love of countdown workouts before so if you were a fan of those- get excited because I brought one back in full force last night.

After jogging for twenty minutes I did the following:

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 90 squats
  • 80 bicycle crunches
  • 70 walking lunges
  • 60 second plank
  • 50 butt kickers
  • 40 sit ups
  • 30 shoulder taps
  • 20 pushups
  • 10 burpees

I definitely missed the kettle bells I am normally swinging on Tuesday nights- BUT body weight exercises can be just as challenging and effective. Plus- they can be done anywhere and don’t require any equipment. Low maintenance exercise is what I’m all about. I’m not sure why I love countdown workouts so much (they’re sort of similar to “chipper” crossfit workouts) but I’m slightly obsessed with them.

Even though I don’t really like working out in the dark, small gym of my apartment building- the one good thing is that I get free reign over the TV in there. Friends and King of Queens make exercise much more enjoyable. Friends is my all time favorite television show, but I always forget how funny King of Queens is until I find myself watching it in situations like this. I used to watch it all the time with my parents. That along with the show, Yes Dear. Anyone else remember that one?


Well. This one hasn’t happened yet but I can see into the future and I see a HIIT 5k run after work followed by some much needed yoga (especially after being deprived of a solid practice on Sunday). Running followed by yoga is one of my favorite workouts. It’s one that I try and do every week because I genuinely enjoy it and it makes my body feel good. It’s one of those. Now if only I could speed up time and get to that part of the day…

Alas- no time travel for me andddd it’s time to get back to work. Let’s make today a good one, shall we?

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


7 thoughts on “Workout Wrap Up

  1. I was at Yoga on the Mall too, and actually, I can see myself in your pictures! See the girl in teal with the big, curly brown hair? I’m one of the two girls in black, just beyond her to the left. Haha. I had similar thoughts about the program, but the setting was definitely beautiful.

    • It was definitely an experience to say the least! Something you should try and do at some point.

      And I cannot complain about the park at all- it truly is gorgeous. I wish I could break you off a piece and send it your way.

  2. are you at the crunch gym? i’ve heard of the pound workout before, and I think that’s where I saw it. I’m going to try that countdown workout! i’m guessing either the 20 pushups or 90 squats will be the hardest for me!

    • Nope- I’m at Balance in Thomas Circle! But I know they have it at Crunch too. And those were the harder ones for me too- I had to break the squats up into sets of thirty and rest in between. I also definitely took a break halfway through the pushups.

  3. Awesome blog post! I had a great time at Yoga on the Mall, too – got a bit of sunburn on my back, but it was worth it.

    Glad you had a fun time at the POUND class! It is an intense workout, indeed! Hello inner thighs, glutes and hams. Can’t wait to bring the class up on the roof one of these days.

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