Roasted Snap Peas

When is comes to my preferred vegetable cooking method- there is no doubt in my mind that the answer is roasting. Sweet potato? Roast it. Eggplant? Roast it. Zucchini? Roast it. Brussels? Roast em too. Duh. Roasted vegetables are just delightful- especially when they’re roasted in the perfect blend of spices and oil. Yum

As evidenced by my blog- I roast a lot of vegetables. Exhibit A and Exhibit B:



Brussels and sweet potatoes- my weekly roasted culprits. One vegetable I have never roasted before, however, is the snap pea. Roasting sugar snap peas just has not crossed my mind. I tend to eat them raw because I love their cool, crisp crunch right outta the fridge. I love them dipped in guac, hummus, and even greek yogurt. They’re quite versatile.

When I was casually perusing Trader Joes website (normal) and saw that they suggested roasting your snap peas- I took a step back- really? That would work? That would taste good? Seeing as I trust TJs more than most things, I decided to go for. I had two bags of snap peas in the fridge (hey, buy one get one for free sale at safeway!) and wanted to use those bad boys up.

I don’t know about you all, but this sunny, warmer spring weather makes me crave certain foods. I find myself gravitating more toward green salads, chilled pasta salads, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and simple light meals. In direct contrast to these cravings- I also weirdly find myself craving burgers. Memorial day will be here before ya know it and that’s when the barbeque/grilling season realllllly kicks off, but already I’m finding myself craving those classic burger and fries type summer-y foods.

Giving into my desires is easier than fighting them. So tonight after a sweet run, much needed yoga, and a walk back home in 70 degree temps- it was burger meal time.



I don’t know about you all- but I’m getting pretty damn tired of seeing all these “countdown to memorial day” workouts and diet plans demanding that we all get “bikini ready.” Hey- how’s this. Eat right and workout on a regular basis all year round and you won’t have to worry about a thing come May! Also- stahp being so appearance obsessed- what about the “eat better and exercise so that you won’t feel like crap in the summer heat this year” plan? That’s what I’m on. Last summer when I was much healthier than I had ever been in my whole life- I realized how much more enjoyable the summer is when its not a massive struggle to expend energy. I literally remember saying to Will, Is it just me- or is it not as hot this year? He laughed and said- nope, the weather hasn’t changed- you have though.

When you’re fitter, feeding your body with better food, and drinking lots of water you are much more capable of weathering the sweltering summer conditions. That’s all I’m saying.

ANYWAY. SO if you came here for a workout that will tOtAlLy ToNe your abs~*~ … you are going to be quite disappointed readers. Instead- I’m giving you a sweet recipe for a side dish to accompany your other spring/summer foods. They always say abs are made in the kitchen. So let’s embrace that shall we?

Roasted snap peas would serve as the fries aspect of this meal- I had hopes for them to be crunchy and salty and highly addictive (very much like french fries). On Monday night I roasted some sweet potato cubes (shocking, I know) so I also added those to the menu for the evening. The center of my plate would be a bison burger. A couple weeks ago I bought my first pound of bison and have been hooked since. Delicious.

Super foods: lean protein, healthy starch, and greens. The BBQ sauce I topped the burger and potatoes with? Not so much… but I digress.

Back to the snap peas. LITERALLY. The easiest vegetable to roast ever.


Drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of S&P- 475 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Done. You’re welcome.





Most people avoid roasting because it typically takes a while and I mean, turning on the oven in hot weather isn’t the greatest of fun. BUT I think you can spare fifteen minutes.

So when life hands you snap peas- roast away!


No. Not swing away. But writing “roast away” made me think of the movie Signs and the quote, “tell Merrill to swing away.” I’m a word association freak. Is it just me or does the movie Signs terrify anyone else out majorly? I’m a big baby when it comes to anything scary or in the thriller genre and I still cannot watch this movie without practically crapping my pants. No not literally. But you get my point. Signs aliens are horrifying.

Anyway, I gotta get back to my TV. It’s that bizarre time of year when the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox are all playing at the same time. All games are important, but the Bs and Cs being playoff games (and the Celtics are hanging by a thread)- they’re extra important and require my attention this evening.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


14 thoughts on “Roasted Snap Peas

  1. Everything about this spoke to me (as usual with your blog). Roasting. Burger cravings. More roasting. Bison. How terrifying Signs is (I loved you and hated you for this reference, because I was like OMGYESTHEYAREYOUGETME, and then I was all like NOWI’MTHINKINGABOUTSCARYSIGNSALIENSNOOOO). And of course Boston sports. Thank you for being a productive finals distraction for me, and for inspiring me to make sweet potato wedges as my all-nighter snack later ❤

    • Hahahaha I love this comment. Signs is the worst man- but whenever its on TV I like can’t make myself turn it off until I’m scared shitless. I just can’t look away- it sucks me in.

      Anytime I can be a finals distraction for ya man, I’m all about it. Booooo school! Also… all nighters are the worst. You’re really not making me miss my undergrad career haha. I hope the sweet potatoes made it better though and that you got everything done!

  2. So happy grilling season is upon us!! Those snap peas look sooo good! Definitely will try that. Glad you’re finally getting some decent weather; been a beautiful week here, 60-70s and sunny. All the flowers are popping out everywhere, everything looks so pretty, finally! I remember that movie; one of those edge of your seat nail biters(or should I say pant crappers?). Hoping we can connect and talk soon! Love you!

  3. the best part of that movie is in the end when all the things come together…seriously so good!!! but ya those aliens are freaking creeeppyyy lookin! i think i am now inspired to watch this movie this weekend haha oh and roasted a crap ton of veggies last night too….2 zuchinnis and a large squash…then ate alll offff it! haha thanks for the post and hope your day goes well today!! ps do you do hot yoga or regular yoga? and if you’ve done both, which do you like more! i am trying to start doing yoga, but am still deciding which kind to pursue!!

    • I have done both- but on a regular basis I do regular yoga. Hot yoga is the same series of poses in the same exact order every single time you go. Regular yoga is more up to the preference of the instructor. I like regular yoga in a warm room 🙂 But that’s just me. I have friends who are obsessed with hot yoga. I want to get more into it in the future but for now I do more of the vinyasa flow stuff.

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