Calm Before the [Shit] Storm

Too graphic of a title for ya on this Thursday morning? I tried to come up with something a little more apropo but what can I say, it was the first thing that came to mind. And I mean, it’s honest and accurate.

I am officially in all liquid diet mode (well you know, plus jello) in order to prepare for my first colonoscopy tomorrow. Wahoo? Bleh. Right now everything is fine because I’m still full from breakfast, but I am not looking forward to when lunchtime hunger pangs strike. That will be a beginning of the dark times. I purposely planned a lunch date with my friend Sara so I would have something to distract myself while I sadly drink my gatorade and consume copious amounts of jello.

All of my previous colonoscopy related freakouts in the past week made me think that I was going to go to bed last night feeling wicked anxious. They made me think that I’d wake up today feeling very nervous. But I’m okay. Maybe it’s just the fullness talking, but I’m really not bugging out anymore. Yes, I’m going to be hungry. And yes, this is going to be a gross and uncomfortable experience. But- I will survive. There are far worse things. Again, I’m just reminding myself that this is temporary and it will be allllll over come tomorrow night. Then I’ll be able to bounce back and be my old self again with medical maladies more under control. Hopefully the colonoscopy and its followup appointments will be the last doctor visits I have for a looooong time.

Yesterday I embraced my last full day of eating and prepped for today/tomorrow. On my lunch break, I stopped by CVS to pick up “the stuff.” I call this the brown bag of death.


It contains the powder to create the solution I have to drink when I get out of work today and tomorrow morning in order to clean out my system for the procedure.



It looks like the instructions for some crazy science experiment.

From what I’ve read online, it’s not pleasant and it’s going to do nasty things to my insides. CAN’T WAIT! I think this little blurb in the info packet says it all:


Besides the disdain I felt for the brown bag of death sitting on my counter, I was calm and collected last night. I think I set myself up for a relaxed night by going to the gym after work for a run plus some yoga. Lord knows I need the peace and mind that both of those things bring me. Exercise is good. Breathing is good.

When I got home, I heated up some tortellini leftovers and turned on the Red Sox game. Our broadcasters, Jerrry Remy and Don Orsillo, were cracking me up through the whole game. Remy ended up accusing Orsillo of stealing mustard from the Cleveland Indians kitchen because there was a bottle of it in the broadcast booth. Then they proceeded to talk about mustard and Don being a kleptomaniac for the rest of the game. Don defended himself and denied the stealing accusations but did admit, “Cleveland has the best mustard in the league.” I needed the laughs they brought into my evening.

Post dinner and some dark chocolate dessert, I started some meal prep. Usually that involves me chopping some veggies, making some salads, slicing fruit, gathering up some mixed nuts, and making some oatmeal. Not last night. Last night’s meal prep involved me making three batches of jello. Jello partayyyy!



The island pineapple one smells delicious. I’m weirdly excited about it.

I also whipped up a dessert to have with Will over the weekend post colonoscopy shenanigans. I made banutter squares! I’ve been thinking of them ever since I made them for the first time over a month ago and I had two pretty ripe bananas on hand. I hate letting things go to waste and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to eat them before they went bad. So I was proactive and turned them into dessert. I think that’s the best type of proactive-ness out there.

This time for the filling, instead of just peanut butter and banana, I added 2 tbl. of cocoa powder. Healthier ice cream sandwiches for the win. Again, it was a struggle for me not to just eat all the filling directly out of the bowl.


They look so sinful. It’s great. Especially because they’re not at all.

ANYWAY. I woke up today and tried to enjoy every millisecond of my breakfast knowing that it would be the last food I’d eat for a while. And then I packed my lunch/snack bag for work. These are the items I took with me today (+ pineapple and lemon jello). Mmmmmm what a GREAT day of eats and drinks!


Again, everything is fine right now. I know I’m in for a rough 36ish hours ahead but my head is clear and I am ready for this. Can you tell I’m trying to convince myself of these truths as I write this post? Yeah I’m all confident now… we’ll see how cocky I am later tonight when I’m being a big baby on my couch. But I’m as prepared as I can be. There’s nothing left now but to do it to it. I’m lucky that there will be TWO new Parks and Rec episodes on tonight to keep me company. Oh, and Will comes back tonight- he’ll be nice to have around too 😉

Before I go, it seems lame of me to not address all the intense things going on around our country right now. To be honest, I don’t really want to delve into all of it. There’s enough serious stuff being shared through the media today and I don’t need to contribute to it. All I know is that everything that is happening is only making me appreciate the life I have that much more.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this beautiful video by now, but as a proud MA native, I have to share it here on my blog. Click through to watch the video. It gives me chills every time I watch it. It’s from the Bruins vs. Sabres game last night- the first sporting event in Boston since the marathon tragedy on Monday.

Here’s another angle of the moment last night from within the crowd:

I love you my home and I love my people.

Wish me luck today and tomorrow- but more importantly, reflect on everything happening throughout the country and take the time to appreciate the life you have.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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