Pink, Pilates, Postmodern, and Peace

I told you on Thursday- lately I’ve been obsessing over the color pink. I don’t know what my deal is. I pretty much dedicated my Saturday to it from clothes, to (free) black cherry ice cream, to a glass of rosé at Estadio on 14th street. It’s been lifting my mood and making me feel pretty. Two things I’ve definitely needed as of late.

2013-04-13 14.19.00

Light pink toe nail polish and new sandals!

2013-04-13 13.49.42

My favorite floral headband.

2013-04-13 13.50.03

My light weight pink button down.

2013-04-13 14.53.03

a DC food truck I’ve never seen before!

2013-04-13 14.54.22

Black cherry ice cream.

2013-04-13 15.14.12

2013-04-13 14.16.45

I may or may not have thrifted a bit this weekend and picked up a new dress…

2013-04-13 15.19.14

There were so many wine tastings on 14th street on saturday!

2013-04-13 19.25.29

Estadio on 14th street is amazing. Spanish tapas. Authentic. Delicious. SO GOOD.

Also, I wrote yesterday that one of my biggest inspirations are the passionate people I meet who just love what they do. On Sunday I had the opportunity to meet two of these people. Amanda Shipe, the founder of “Mind Your Body Oasis,” (MYBO) invited me to an open house at her studio for a yogalates class and a tour of the space.

2013-04-14 15.44.40

Here’s a little look at their April calendar.

Located in Crystal City, MYBO offers all different types of yoga and pilates classes, massage therapist appointments, and even nutrition coaching. They’re focused on overall health- mind, body, and soul. They say on their website:

MYBO’s vision is to provide many forms of alternative fitness, meditation, therapeutic spa services, nutrition counseling, and workshops to provide mindful evolution and personal growth of all members.  It is [Amanda’s] greatest pleasure to welcome you to find your bliss at Mind Your Body Oasis.

Amanda wasn’t always in the nutrition and wellness business but when she realized that she was passionate about both of these things, she redirected her life. She took the plunge and opened her own studio in order to realize her dreams. You could just see the smile stretch across her face as she talked about her studio and what she does now on a daily basis. It is so cool to me to see people who are doing what they love and its even cooler of them to share their joy and knowledge with others (like me!)

I read more about her background on their website. I found out that she actually used to be a pretty “hardcore” athlete and only discovered yoga and pilates because of a triathalon training related knee injury that doctors recommended surgery for:

Rather than pursuing the suggested surgical route, Amanda started intensive acupuncture therapy and began Pilates to maintain her workout regimen.  A lot of surprising results followed: Amanda strengthened her knees, significantly decreased her waistline, avoided surgery, and felt the extremely powerful benefits of an exercise that works with (rather than against) the body.

Holy cow, that’s cool, right? I love hearing about where people come from. My friends joke that I should be a biographer because I not only remember all the small details of peoples lives, but I want to know everything about everyone. I “get off” on discovering people’s life stories. Looking at Amanda, I would have guessed that she had been a pilates/yoga guru her whole life. The paths we all go through and the different directions we’re pushed in from all of our experiences are so interesting to me.

2013-04-14 15.34.29

They had some really cool art up in the studio too. Amanda told me that this piece was done as part of a series by a local artist for MYBO specifically.

Anyway, back to the class itself. You all know I love yoga. And I’ve tried pilates– which I’m not really a big fan of. I have yet to combine the two {Enter yogalates class with Amanda at MYBO} While I was totally on board with the sun salutations and the yoga poses that sort of had a pilates twist on them- I still just don’t think pilates is for me. I have a wicked bony skeleton and mat/floor exercises do not feel good on my lower back. It’s hard for me to do a lot of core pilates moves because of this problem. I’m not cool with doing exercises that don’t feel right on my body.

But other than my own personal weird body problems, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Amanda knows her stuff. A lot of the leg and core stretching work we did was a killer (in a good way) on my leg muscles and sore IT bands more specifically. I would love to go back and try out one of their “Yoga for Runners” classes sometime. I also couldn’t help but watch in almost disbelief as Amanda demonstrated particular exercises with the greatest of ease that were like, near impossible for me to even begin to tackle.

I took the yogalates class alongside some other fabulous bloggers. We were able to gather together for a quick pic after rolling up our mats:

MYBO Open House Group Picture

If you’re looking for blog-speration, here is a list of the cool blogs whose authors took part in the open house with me:

After the Yogalates session, we were welcomed by Denise- the founder of a new food company called “Postmodern Foods.” They specialize in foods that they say nourish the body and soul. Their products are sold at MYBO as they seem to be a perfect fit for the goals and vision of the studio.

2013-04-14 15.33.44

Denise is originally from DC and after moving around in major cities, is back and sharing her culinary expertise and love of nutrient rich foods with people DMV area. In addition to selling her food at MYBO, Postmodern Foods delivers their products to the local community.

I absolutely loved getting the chance to talk to Denise about nutrition and gush over how important it is. We reveled in how cool it is that more and more people have started to become aware of how what you eat really affects every aspect of your life and well being. Like with Amanda, you could just see how much Denise LOVES what she does. As a fellow food lover, foodie, and nutrition focused lady, I could have talked to her for hours about food.

And let’s just say- the food wasn’t half bad either. In fact, some of the samples were downright amazing. I tried a raspberry cheesecake made solely of ​raw soaked cashews, raspberries, lemon juice, coconut meat, raw soaked hazelnuts, coconut water, raw coconut oil, agave, dates, lemon zest, vanilla bean, pink himalayan salt and it was DELICIOUS. The massaged kale salad was also great, but I think my favorite taste out of everything was the grapefruit juice (which is made with E3 live blue-green algae! oooohhh ahhhh so healthy, organic, and fancy). I want a vat of the stuff in my fridge at all times. Can we make that happen, Denise?

I was even more inspired and down with everything Postmodern Foods strives for after reading more about them online. When talking about what her company aims for in their food, Denise says:

Nowadays I focus on recipes that use seasonal, plant-based ingredients; my menus are largely influenced by a combination of holistic traditions, like Macrobiotics and Ayurveda, and modern nutritional recommendations for increasing specific nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, which most Americans are severely deprived of as a result of the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Pretty neat and pretty damn healthy. I love pulling from the ideas or concepts that I think are awesome and adopting them into my own life. I never go all into a crazy diet or fad food thing, but I like to see what’s out there in terms of healthy trends and findings and if I think some of it would work in my own life, I reel it on into my repertoire. There’s just SO much out there and SO much to learn about food.

Anyways, you can check out their food ordering system on their site and even request samples of their products if you think you’re interested!

IN OTHER NEWS: The rest of my weekend was spent primarily with Will. After a week of medical issues and being sick, it was nicer than usual to see his face and catch up on life together. I wanted to try out some guided mediation videos that my registered dietitian sent me but never got around to it this weekend. When I’m with Will, HE’S my guided meditation- telling me everything is going to be alright when I’m stressing 😉

BUT tonight I definitely think it would be a good idea for me to try some of the guided meditations out. There are downloads on THIS site from MIT that work for: “Sleep, Mindfulness Meditation, Relaxation and Stress Reduction.” Most people I know need help with at least one if not all of these things, so please check out their site and join me tonight on my quest to find peace. There are some longer videos, around twenty minutes, and then there are shorter ones under five minutes. I really have no excuse NOT to try them out. Especially if it will ease my mind.

Mondays tend to be stressful for the American 9-5ers out there. Why not unwind with some mindful meditation?

It’s hard for me to sit and just be. Probably a sign I should tune into my body’s needs with some forced quiet time.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


8 thoughts on “Pink, Pilates, Postmodern, and Peace

  1. Wow, I totally drooled over that calendar! It’s funny, yogalates had the same effect on me at first – I’m also extremely bony and it hurt like hell! I also prefer to use my own mat, which is thinner, for more traction, so I always have even less padding than everyone else in the class. I’m not sure why I stuck with it – maybe because I knew how good the abs workout made me feel. I will say that after a while my body actually adapted – whether it was to avoid the pain, or from the workouts themselves, I started to get muscles in my back that are larger than my spine, so it sort of covers it and provides a natural padding (sorry if that’s TMI). That being said, I don’t think Rolling Like a Ball will ever NOT be painful, but I just grit my teeth and remind myself that I’ve never once regretted going to class, no matter how I was feeling!

    • That’s actually really good to know! I wasn’t sure if this was something my body could adapt to or grow into with practice- it’s interesting to hear from someone who has been doing pilates for a while now. Maybe I’ll be less scared next time I try pilates and just deal with the slight pain. I’ll keep you updated on developments there. I still have a free class deal/coupon at a nearby studio that I have to use sometime.

      Also- never worry about TMI- you could never get to that level with me haha. I swear.

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  3. what a lovely blog you’ve created, and thanks so much for your kind words in this post! we have gotten you a mini-vat of grapefruit at least 🙂 sidenote: love that dress you thrifted! great blog… looking forward to keeping up with it.

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