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Everyone is inspired by different things. I find inspiration in a wide variety of sources. In terms of health and fitness, I’m primarily inspired by the people that come into my life. I’ve found that D.C. is full of so many driven people. I love coming into contact with people full of energy who are enthusiastic about their interests and what they do.

In order to create a contributing writer biography page when I started writing for Thriive, they asked me, what inspires you? I’m going to pull a total tool move right now and quote myself (don’t judge). I answered:

I am most inspired by those who take control of their own lives and are proactive in working toward their goals and finding the happiness they deserve. My inspirations include everyone from health and fitness bloggers to the passionate friends that I surround myself with to complete strangers who reach out to me with their living healthy pursuits.

I get a buzz from working with other people and seeing the amazing things the human body and mind can accomplish. When I’m feeling down and out, I am reminded of the positives in the world and the good things in life by others. When I feel weak, the strength I’m able to see in so many people really makes me feel better. Plus, these people remind me that I too can do anything and that I should never give up.

I tend not to find my nutrition and exercise inspiration in celebrities or loud TV personalities. I think there is an element in the human connection that cannot really be replaced by people I have never seen or spoken to. I admire the tangible- the real. I look to people that I feel some sort of bond with- a sense of camaraderie.

That being said, again, everyone is inspired by different things. As long as you’re finding that thing for you- that’s all that matters really.

SO when a representative working on the “Maximize Your Life” tour with Jillian Michaels’ reached out to me, I was intrigued.

JillianMichaels_11x17I don’t really prefer her methods on The Biggest Loser (inspiration via a lot of yelling at people on treadmills) but I have seen how much she has been able to help SO many people on and off that show. She is a really interesting person and I want to know more about her “life coaching” methods. Being able to go to this event will hopefully allow me to understand why people are drawn to her.

I’m slightly indifferent to Michaels, but I do think she has a realistic outlook on nutrition and fitness. Most importantly, I like that what she primarily advocates, is not settling on the life you have and working toward having the life you want. Michaels wants the people who reach out to her for advice to take informed action to make changes in their world.

I ended up watching this Dr. Oz interview with Jillian Michaels to find out more about her:

And because Dr. Oz creeps me out a little bit, I switched over to an interview that she did with Ellen. Because honestly, Ellen is a much more reputable source than Dr. Oz (in my opinion- in Ellen we trust!):

I think what I’m most excited about is 1) to observe the different types of people at the event and 2) the question and answer session following her big pep talk message. I’m not expecting to come out of the show with the secrets to life and living healthier, but I’m sure she’ll have some good pieces of advice for me to put in my pocket and take home.

Soooo I’ll be at the event in a couple weeks (Wednesday, April 24) at the Warner Theater. If you’re interested in coming, click here for ticket information. And here is the short lil promo video for her tour:

Please share your thoughts on what inspires you, Jillian Michaels, and The Biggest Loser!

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Maximize Your Life

  1. This is SUCH a cool opportunity! How do you get hooked up with all these amazing events? You’re turning into a mini celeb 😉
    I love what inspires you. And I agree that I’m not entirely sure I agree with her practices but I think she does inspire so many people, just like you do for the people reading what you write!

    • Haha I feel lucky to be able to be a part of these things. It still blows my mind that my voice and my blog reaches people out there. I definitely can’t wait to hear what Michaels will talk about and of course share it with you all!

  2. Great opportunity. You know, I never watched The Biggest Loser but I know Gillian Michaels has a huge fan base. She sure does have an incredible physique. I guess inspiration can come in many different forms, through many different voices. Have fun!

  3. Hey Alli, What a great opportunity! Always good to have something to look forward to, I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Have fun!

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