Holla atch Alma Matter

Paying student loan bills are no fun at all. They’re pretty much the worst actually. BUT while I curse the Gods in those moments when I notice my automatic bill payments have been processed and get all bummed about seeing my money disappear- I remind myself of what I got out of my four years at American. Long story short, I got a lot. Now that I have finished my undergraduate career and can look at that time in retrospect, I can honestly say that it was worth all the pennies I’m shelling out now.

In addition to their recent generosity and assistance in helping me get to go to Russia this Summer, one of greatest things AU has ever done for me was unearth my passions for fitness and nutrition. The changes in my life spurred by one group exercise class sprinkled with advice on eating better are absolutely crazy. I would have been able to make healthy changes in my life without AU, BUT this class, the active environment of campus, and the other driven students the school surrounded me with guided me and helped me accomplish big things.

THUS when SELF magazine notified me to let me know that American University was chosen to host their first ever Workout on the Quad event- I was so happy for them!

Screenshot 2013-04-10 at 10.23.24 AM

I couldn’t help but feel connected to the event as AU was the place where I learned so many of my now permanent and lasting healthy habits. Unfortunately the event is being held while I’m on vacation in Miami so I cannot attend- BUT again, I was so EXCITED for AU that I just had to talk about it on my blog.

For all AU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni of AU:

Basically, on Saturday April 27 from 11:00am till 3:00pm, SELF magazine is hosting this crazy cool event in the Eric Friedheim Quadrangle (aka- the quad). They’ll have all different kinds of workouts going on from yoga to pilates to crossfit. They’ll also have plenty of snack and free giveaways.

Follow the instructions on this website to register for the event.

This event is part of SELF’s “Workout in the Park” event series that they do in cities across the country so if you are not related to AU in some way- check out their site for other event locations like this.

I spent countless hours on that quad- mostly just lounging around with friends and sorority sisters. AU really knows how to utilize it’s quad. Instead of the usual sun tanning, day drinking (I mean… what… we’re a dry campus… I just meant water… duh), and picture taking that takes place there- it’s a cool idea to use the quad to help people be more fitness minded (because I don’t think that the regular frat bros throwing around a football really counts). I think this event is great and a cool opportunity for AU peeps to try out new forms of exercise and have some fun.

Congrats again, AU! And thank you for all the healthy habits you instilled into my life. I wouldn’t be where I am now without ya.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


6 thoughts on “Holla atch Alma Matter

  1. Oh man, I’m so excited for this now! Can’t say I’m not bummed that you won’t be there, but this sounds like a great experience! I’m actually taking my first group exercise classes at AU this semester and it’s really helping me have a more healthful body image. As a musical theatre major, I spent a lot of time last semester comparing myself to all the other new kids, as well as comparing myself to myself in dance classes every day and it was getting to me. I was underweight from all the rehearsing and walking, so this semester I knew I would need some time to heal. I took the semester off from dance and I tried yogalates classes twice a week, and I fell in love. Now I’m also taking yoga once a week and regular pilates in the evening twice a week (I’m addicted!). It’s so restorative to have an hour where I don’t bring my phone with me, and it’s just me and my mat. I can really pay attention to what my body needs, and it’s really helped me get in tune with my body and what it needs right now. I’ll be going back to dance next semester, but hopefully with a healthier attitude as I continue my journey of gaining weight healthfully 🙂
    Which group exercise classes did you take? Do you remember who the instructors were? Let me know, I’ll give their class a try if I haven’t already!

    • That’s so awesome that you were able to take a step back from your situation which you knew wasn’t doing you good and make changes that benefited your overall well being. You sound so happy 🙂 It was great to read your “story.”

      Some people search a long time to find exercise that they love so the fact that you did that- hold onto to it and embrace it! I hope that you carry all the goodness that yogalates, yoga, and pilates have given you this semester into the rest of your life.

      I took group aerobic fitness with Robin Carl. She actually taught me some of my first yoga moves in the stretches that we would do. It was a really well balanced class where we learned about a wide variety of exercises.

      Best of luck with everything and if you ever need anything, consider me a friendly face that you can reach out to!

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