Thursday Treasures

This week wasn’t even real. I started getting sick around this time last Thursday and feel like I have just come full circle. I woke up ready and able to go to work- thank God. I’m almost scared to announce that I’m feeling better because the last time I did that- I just got sick again. Today, I feel okay though. Hopefully it stays this way. If not, well, be prepared for some future sad blog posts.

But I have high hopes for moving forward. Thursday is my “reset” day. I see Thursday as the last day of my week and Friday as my Monday morning. Weird? Maybe. But it works for how my life plays out. Thursday is when I grocery shop for the week, have time to breathe and plan out the week ahead, and Will comes back from NYC. Every day is a new beginning but Thursdays always have a special twinge to them.

Last night I found myself feeling really grateful for the life I have and all around satisfied. As you know, it’s been a looooong week and I haven’t been the happiest girl. Yesterday, needing to break free from my apartment, I ended up going to yoga. Side note: my apartment building hasn’t turned on the AC yet and it was like 90 degrees here yesterday. So uncomfortable. So stuffy. But anyway, I was a little nervous to go to yoga as I didn’t want to go pushing my body past its limits seeing as I was recovering from being sick. I figured if I needed to stop or felt like I was exerting myself too much that I could just fall into child’s pose for the rest of class.

Turns out, yoga was exactly what I needed last night. It tends to be the thing that I didn’t know I needed constantly. You would think I would take the hint and practice more often, right? I’m trying, I’m trying. I’ve at least committed to making it happen once a week so at least there’s that. I think I’m becoming more of a yogi with each day that passes.

Last night, I felt strong during my practice and it felt so good to be there- not only because the studio was way cooler than my apartment building, but because of the positive energy I was able to gain from the class. I left feeling better physically and mentally. It really set up my brain for the rest of the night. I felt at ease, I talked to my Mom, I made myself a good dinner, I walked to McDonalds for a one dollar ice cream cone (170 calories? not bad at all), I watched the Red Sox, and I went to sleep. It was a peaceful and calm evening as opposed to some bad ones I’ve had this week.

Most people don’t get excited to go to work but when I woke up this morning and felt like I could go- I was PUMPED to fall back into my daily routine. Overnight oats greeted me in the fridge and I gladly consumed them while watching the local news.

Today I’m keeping my usual Thursday post short and sweet.

I present to you Three Thursday Treasures:

1. Support Network

Being away from home when you’re sick bites. Living alone when you’re sick bites. I tend to forget how easy it is to reach out to people and stay in my own little bubble, but I constantly reminded how many people there out there that love me and would be there for me if I just waved my hand. Friends and family are always treasures to me, but their value increases to crazy levels when I’m in a bad place. I don’t know what I’d do without all the people that reach out to me without me having to ask and all the people who respond to my calls for help. This is a big general THANK YOU to everyone in my life.

When I got home last night from yoga (where I was so happy to see my friend Sara), I was welcomed with a bouquet of flowers from my Mom. I know it’s not easy for her to have her daughter so far away, but I hope she knows how much I appreciate the support she can give and does give from afar.

2013-04-10 19.52.05

2013-04-10 19.56.11

2. Pretty in Pink

On a much lighter note, I’ve thoroughly been embracing the color pink. It doesn’t help that the color was the theme of my monthly Ipsy order. They mailed me a pink nail polish- all about it right now.



It also doesn’t help that the color is EVERYWHERE throughout the city because of the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees. I like to blend in with my environment. One of my favorite pieces of clothing that I own is a lightweight light pink button down from Old Navy. It just works with so many things. I took a dramatic selfie of me on the bus the other day.

2013-04-09 14.39.49

I’m just being oh so serious like Molly Ringwald. The original Pretty in Pink leading lady.

3. Simple Salmon

Pretty sure salmon + brussel sprouts + brown rice = one of my favorite dinners of all time. I’ve blogged about it before and gave you a recipe idea for it. You would think I’d get sick of it but nope. Still amazing. Every single time. So easy. Relatively quick. Awesomely delicious. Last night I took a twist on my favorite by roasting my brussel sprouts in coconut oil and a curry powder mix from Trader Joes. Definitely one of the best batches of brussels I’ve made to date! I cooked the salmon with some ginger, garlic, salt, and pepper. Healthy and satisfying meals- not so hard at all.


You can tell my apartment is HOT because my coconut oil was completely melted just from sitting on my shelves.


roasted heaven.

P1000837Like I said, today’s post is nice and quick. I could think more in depth about everything that I’m loving on but these are what are on the forefront of my mind.

I’m of course looking forward to the weekend as always and praying to every single God out there that I don’t get [more] sick [again] and that my digestive system stays cool this weekend. The weather is supposed to cool down and rain is on the forecast for tomorrow, which I’m okay with. DC kind of jumped from winter to summer overnight. Mild temperatures, please! Plus, I’m hoping the rain will wash some of those pesky allergens away.

The news this morning also reminded me this morning that with spring weather comes spring bugs. They were saying how bad the cicadas are going to be this year- wahhh! They’re so freaky! But even worse in my eyes are STINK BUGS. They are by far my least favorite of all bugs- I don’t know why- but they totally creep me out.

Every season has its pros/cons I suppose. Bring it on, April showers. Bring it on, bugs.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


8 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. Awww your mom sent you flowers? That’s so sweet! They always seem to know how to pull you right out of a funk. It works for me at least. Mine sent cookies yesterday and it was a sure way to put a smile on my face. But stink bugs? Ew. Just go away, please!

  2. They haven’t turned the AC on in the dorms at AU either – and today there’s construction next to my building (Hughes) and a pipe burst and we were without water for the day! It was so surreal – my Clif bars were practically melting! I hear you about stink bugs though, I’m originally from Southern VA where they’re totally the bug of choice. It think it’s because they move so slowly – it’s creepy!

    • Ughhhh the worst. I remember the no-AC dorm/berks days all too well. I moved all my chocolate into the fridge for fear of something like that happening. Gotta save the chocolate. Priorities 😉 Also… glad we’re on the same page with the stinkbugs. Blech.

  3. Hi honey, so glad you’re feeling better and are in a happy place. I think yoga does help; the energy, the relaxing,the workout, and the positive mood you feel afterwards it’s a pretty sweet package. Don’t like stink bugs or cicadas!! Cicadas are so big,creepy, and loud! Just knowing they’re underground waiting for 17 years to come out also freaks me out…gross! Unfortunately Kevin is now sick with the whole cold thing, but cross your fingers I haven’t gotten it yet! I’ve loaded myself up with that airborne stuff; so far so good! Supposed to be a good weekend weather wise here, bring on the yard clean-up. Talk to you soon… Love you!

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