Thursday Treasures

I am in completely denial that I might be getting sick. Two of my sisters got hit with a sore throat plague in the last days that I was home. Deep down I had a feeling that I would catch whatever they had but I didn’t want to believe it (because who likes being sick? no one). Tuesday I didn’t feel so great but I also didn’t get much sleep. Yesterday I felt better after a full night’s rest and thought I had kicked the sickness outta town. Today? Wahhhh my throat is so scratchy! Not cool. Not cool at all. I’m hoping that it just stays a minor throat thing and doesn’t turn into a full blown head cold.

For now, I’m doing my best to ignore the soreness and counting on dayquil to work its magic. Thank God for western medicine, am I right? And while work is definitely not where I want to be, at least today is my Friday. Yes. I was able to take Monday off to stay home longer so this has been a pretty short work week for me.

While I am doing a good job of pretending like I’m not sick, I know I’m feeling under the weather because this blog post is proving to be quite challenging to write. Usually words just flow out of me but right now I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts out of my head and into the big white text box on the screen. All I want to do in all honestly is rest my head on the keyboard and go back to sleep. But I must power on. I’m overthinking things when I need to just write and not worry about it.

Lucky for me, on Thursdays my blog posts have some structure to them so they’re a little easier to write. And with that I bring you my Thursday Treasures:

1. Yoga and Yogi Friends

When I got to the gym yesterday, my first inclination was to bust out an intense workout because I was feeling better. But knowing I shouldn’t take away too much energy from my body as its trying to fight off sickness, I opted for some yoga instead. I usually don’t enjoy yoga at my gym but for some reason this class yesterday was everything I needed. It was a much needed stretch and a slower paced strength workout that I felt good about. Coincidentally, on the day I chose to practice yoga, I heard from two of my yoga loving friends who no longer are in the District. One was a planned phone call with my friend Kate (a yoga extraordinaire) in Baton Rouge and the other was a surprise email from my friend Alex (she actually teaches yoga!) in Philly. Hearing from friends always brightens my day. As do these cats:

2. Cardamom

There is a coworker of mine who is also interested in healthy eating and nutrition. Like me, she is a foodie and we’re always sharing meal ideas and restaurant tips. Last week I let her try one of my fudge babies and we got to talking about all the possibilities for the recipe. We ended up talking about the eastern spice cardamom. It tends to be on the expensive side and because it’s not really a practical spice, I never buy it. Also, it makes no sense for me to buy a jar of it when you only use a tiny bit every time you use it (it’s a strong and powerful spice- there is definitely such a thing as too much cardamom). BUT that being said, cardamom has an amazing aroma and does taste delicious in certain things (like Indian food and desserts).

If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what this spice smells/tastes like… if you’ve ever had chai… it’s what makes chai smell like chai. Does that make sense? Just go with it. It’s a very unique scent and flavor. Pitango Gelato actually offers a cardamom flavored gelato… SO GOOD. Cardamom- more like carda-YUM! (Yikes- I’m a cheeseball…).

ANYWAY. My coworker bought a jar and brought me in a little baggie of cardamom to store in my “pantry.” Score! Wheeling and dealing spices at work- it’s fine. It made my purse smell delightful all day at work. I didn’t have time to experiment with fudge babies but wanted to use the cardamom somehow so I incorporated it into my overnight oats for today. I only used 1/2 tsp. of the stuff- but even that proved to be a little too much. The oats were still good, but you really don’t need a lot of cardamom to reap the benefits of its flavor.

Also- side note: I think it’s funny that even though I’m relying on western medicine to erase my sickness, I’m also reaching out to the other side of the globe and taking the more holistic approach to wellness by practicing yoga and nomming on eastern spices 😉 I’m searching the earth and will embrace ANYTHING that might make me feel better.


Oats, flax, banana, raisins, vanilla almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, cardamom, and cinnamon. Yum! If you want to recreate this bowl- I recommend only using 1/4 tsp. of cardamom.

3. Flowers and Upcoming Weather

Even though it’s been cold here in D.C. this past week (so annoying) the forecast is showing me nothing but 60 and 70 degree temps for the weekend and upcoming week. Wahoo! The nice weather is one of the reasons I definitely don’t want this illness to hang on. I’ve been waiting for lasting spring and want to be able to fully enjoy it when it hits soon! In the meantime, despite the chilly temps, the bright blue skies and warm April sun makes the cold more bearable. If there wasn’t any damn wind, the weather would be quite mild actually.

They’re thinking that the cherry blossoms are finally going to come out to play tomorrow which would be exciting. BUT Washingtonians looking for signs of spring need to look no further than all the other pretty flowers appearing throughout the city. I have been stopped by the sights of beautiful flowers all over the place in my urban hiking adventures lately. Don’t get me wrong, cherry blossoms are great, but that doesn’t mean the other spring flowers don’t deserve some love and attention too.

2013-04-03 19.26.59

2013-04-03 19.27.11

4. DC Eats

Seeing as I flew in from MA late Monday night, I never really had time to go grocery shopping for the week. On Tuesday I picked up a few things but decided to wait on a big haul till my usual grocery shopping Thursday trek to Trader Joes. Thus, for the past couple of days I have been eating out for lunch and dinner (gasp!) It is weeks like this that I am thankful for delicious healthy food options in D.C.

2013-04-02 20.01.24

Lanier Park salad from Taylor Gourmet and a raw, vegan tonic from Gouter.


I thought these two tonics were appropriate for me this week. I need all the protection I can get from scary germs and my digestive system definitely needs some loving.


Sound like a weird combination of healthy thangs? Yeah maybe it is… but don’t knock it till you try it!


2013-04-03 19.27.44


“Chop Bowls” from Chix are very similar to Chipotle burrito bowls. Mine had chicken, mixed veggies, lettuce, brown rice, black beans, some sort of spicy sauce, and guacamole.

5. Red Sox

Two games in and two wins. Against the Yankees no less. I know I know- the Yankees roster is pretty depleted and sad right now- but I’m not letting that take away from the glory of our wins in the Bronx. We already won our first series against the NY clowns and that’s something to be happy about. The Red Sox needed to start their season off on the right foot after all the heat they’ve been getting. I’m still not over how GREAT it is to be able to have a baseball game on when I’m home. Love it!


6. Russia

My time off from work was officially approved by my boss and little things are happening every day that remind me that I’m ACTUALLY going to Russia. We were asked to read a book before taking off in June by the professor leading the trip. Let’s remember my trip is technically a summer course offered by my school. The book was delivered yesterday and I nerded out hardcore over it. Oh history, I’ve missed you. Most people would complain about having to do school work but because I’ve been away from it for so long and I’m Russia obsessed, I’m weirdly excited to delve into this guy…


7. Mad Men Season 6 Premier

Sunday. My favorite TV show returns for its sixth season and all will be right with the world. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I’ve missed these beautiful people (yes, even Pete Campbell).

Sickness or no sickness, I know this weekend will be a good one. Why? Spring weather will FINALLY be here! The sunshine and warm temps will make a wonderful environment on my balcony for some reading about the Romanovs. And if I’m feeling sick, I’ll at least be able to lay in the sun, perhaps stretch on my yoga mat outside, and soothe my sore throat with some cardamom gelato from Pitango he he.

And who knows, maybe I’ll make a speedy, miraculous recovery and be able to bop around the city doing outdoorsy things with Will.

Speaking of Will, because I went home last weekend, I haven’t seen him in two weeks. Needless to say, I’m craving a big bear hug.

I hope you all have a great days and are able to get through any and all of the things that are ailing and stressing you.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


12 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. Great post my friend!

    I am so excited for Mad Men as well — it feels like it’s been eons since that show was on!!!! I want to re-watch the previous season finale just to refresh my memory and get even more pumped.

    • I know! It’s crazy to think that when the last season started I hadn’t graduated from college yet. I have also considered re-watching the season finale because I don’t want to watch the new first episode and forget all the details of how the season ended over the summer! All I really remember at the moment is Don being at the filming set with Megan and that girl coming up to Don and asking him if he was there alone- and then the season ended. BAH. Can’t wait to see his response 😉

  2. Oh man. Being sick stinks. But the weather is definitely something to be excited about. And the red sox! I was wishing they would come to baltimore but I didn’t get that lucky and they won’t be here until June when I’m back in Boston. Switching places or something. At least they beat the yankees though. There is that! Take care of yourself, girl!

  3. I’m so sorry that you’ve come down with our colds!! Angie has it too and Nikki called the other day, Brian has it as well. So far Kevin and I are alright. Keep your chin up and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! Being outside in the fresh air is a definite plus! Jealous of the flower photos nothing like that yet around here. Enjoy your time with Will and your book!! Talk to you soon! Love you!

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