Charging my Power Supply

Last week I tried a little food experiment. For those of you that follow my tweets, I’m sure you saw me mention things about “Power Supply” and their prepared meal delivery service. When I was contacted through my gym by one of its founders, Robert Morton, to try out their product for a week- I immediately jumped on board.

Screenshot 2013-04-02 at 9.10.55 PM

Now… normally food delivery services kind of weird me out. They tend to be focused on weight loss and not necessarily nutrition. Plus, I like making my own food so I hate handing over the reigns to someone else. And I mean, food delivery services tend to be expensive. And lastly, right now, food is a sensitive issue for me and I don’t think I could trust other people on a regular basis to make all my meals and know that I was getting everything I need nutritionally.

Power Supply is different though. Much different. They’re a paleo food delivery service. To read more about what paleo is exactly- check out how Power Supply sees it. The basics involve a lot of lean proteins, healthy fats, and quality produce- and NO grains, dairy, sugar, or preservatives. So think whole, nutrient dense, unprocessed food. It tends to be the “diet” of choice for crossfitters because they believe it is a better way to eat that helps them not only perform better when working out, but feel better all around. I’m very hesitant to use the word diet, because for those who consider themselves “paleo” it’s really more of a way of life (it’s not a “diet” that aims to help people lose weight). It stands more so as a healthy way of eating. I’m slightly bias to paleo because I really look up to those committed to crossfit. BUT I think it says something when me, someone relatively opposed to meal delivery services, was beyond excited to try out Power Supply.

So what did I eat last week for lunch and dinner? Check out the menu:

Screenshot 2013-04-02 at 9.11.14 PM

Screenshot 2013-04-02 at 9.11.29 PM

Are you drooling now? You’re totally drooling.

The food is prepared fresh in the DMV area. It is then delivered to designated drop off centers in the city. The crossfit box at my gym is one of these drop off locations, whaddya know?! You can opt to order meals for lunch, dinner, or both for Monday-Wednesday or Monday-Friday. The Monday-Wednesday food is delivered on Monday morning. The Thursday and Friday food is delivered Thursday morning. They put the menu for the week up on their site ahead of time and you have until the Wednesday before the upcoming week to place your order. All you gotta do is order the food, pick it up, and consume!

2013-03-25 12.03.19

You’ll get your meals all packaged up in plastic wrap and containers like so.

I trusted their food without much thought because of paleo’s founding principles and the guiding principles behind the company. As I have been struggling with the transition off of calorie counting, Power Supply’s emphasis on “fueling up” and their rejection of worrying about caloric intake was refreshing for me. And with paleo, they gravitate toward the idea that you shouldn’t have to worry about calories if you’re eating within the parameters of how they structure their lifestyle. Both are more so about what calories your consuming and not how much.

On their website, Power Supply talks more about their calorie mindset:

Sure, looking different is a powerful motivator and losing weight is a common result of changing your eating habits this way…   It’s just not our first focus — fueling up to feel and live better is.  We think less on explicit calorie counting, reduction, etc., and more on what will power the active lifestyles we support – from CrossFit to Yoga to MovNat and lots of other ways of getting moving.  For us the weight loss or body change or performance bump isn’t the end of the line, it’s the jumping off point for all the powerful living that a healthier you makes possible.

They see their bigger portions as something that really sets them apart. It was definitely something that I appreciated. Other aspects of their food philosophy that sets them apart include things like, better protein variety and quality, menu diversity, locally prepared meals, easy ordering, and lots of customizing options.

Here are my favorite things about Power Supply:

  • I felt like I could “trust” that what I was eating was quality and awesome From the personal feel of their website to the foundations of their company- I just felt like I was in good hands. As an intuitive and highly emotional human being, this was important for me.
  • So much variety! So exciting! In one week I had Latin inspired fare, Asian cuisine, lamb, chicken, beef, eggs, pomegranate, seafood- the list goes on. Every day was a new food adventure and opening up my lunch and dinner was actually really fun.
  • No meal prep or over thinking- just picking up and eating (thus more spare time) Last week as I was running around like a crazy person and getting ready to go home for the Easter weekend, it was so nice to barely think about meal planning. Sure, I made all my breakfasts and pulled together snacks- but not having to do dishes or deal with two major meals of the day- LIFESAVER. I had so much more free time and was able to get lots of stuff done… and make fudge babies.
  • It gave me ideas to change up my own recipes and let me try lots of new foods I enjoyed their flavor profiles and food combinations. They’ve were able to add variety to future meals that I’ll prepare personally
  • It was delicious Simple as that.
  • Now my trial was for free (hate me), BUT it’s really not that expensive for when I order in the future (because yes, that’s happening) Prices vary depending on how many meals you sign up for but for $119 (one time order, ten dollars cheaper for recurring orders) having five dinners and five lunches made with fresh, unique, locally sourced, and high quality food? Then delivered for your convenience? And requiring no work on your part besides picking them up and paying for them? Plus factor in the value of the time and energy you’re saving to do other things? I’d say that’s a steal. I wouldn’t be able to do this all the time, but in the future when I forsee really busy or stressful weeks- this is an option I will definitely keep in mind.

Say hello to my favorite meal of the bunch! I couldn’t get over how delicious the cumin carrot salad was. I want the recipe!


Big container of deliciousness! I’m pretty sure I licked the container clean on this one. The stuffed pepper was amazing, but man, that carrot cumin salad.

2013-03-26 12.01.22

This lunch seemed pretty basic and like nothing special so I was totally caught off guard by how impressed I was with how delicious it was! Simple- but so good!

2013-03-26 12.02.03

2013-03-25 12.05.03

When I busted this lunch out at work, one of my coworkers said, “for a prepared meal, that actually looks good.” And it was! It was really good. I was a little iffy on the paleo bun (it just wasn’t necessary), but everything else was great.


The Lebanese meatballs dish was another favorite of mine. It’s SO rare that I eat lamb so I enjoyed the variety there. But the eggplant and spinach was also killer! This was another meal that I practically licked the container clean.


The label left this lunch to be a bit of a mystery… I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


It was literally a chorizo sausage, slice down the middle, and filled with mustard, pickles, and rolled up ham. UMMM… YUM.

BUT my absolute favorite thing about Power Supply is their simple mission: to help the active busy Washingtonians eat better and fuel their lives in a more efficient and productive way. They say on their site:

What motivates us is making your life around nutrition simpler, tastier and stronger so you can add new threads to the tale of your food and fitness exploits.

I wasn’t going all out paleo when I was trying their meals- everyday for me starts with oatmeal and always includes dairy- but I can say that their meals kept me full, kept me surprised, and kept me happy. My own creations do this too, but there was definitely a fun and exciting aspect of having food made for me by some kickass experts and stamped with a seal of approval from nutrition pros, food lovers, and all around awesome people.

Thank you Balance Gym for making all this happen and THANK YOU, Power Supply, for letting me try out your food. Not only did I genuinely enjoy every single one of the meals, but I wholeheartedly support “who you are.” As an emotional person and one who values human-human connections, this was really important for me. A mere read through your website made me feel like I knew the people putting together my food. I appreciate your wit, sense of humor, and down to earth nature. Your personal touch on the food and how you run your company is so legit and so spot on.

Thank you again. And as I said, I will be ordering in the future. You’ve made a believer outta me. I look forward to following Power Supply’s progress and see a bright future ahead for them.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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