I Like Lists

If you haven’t noticed, I love lists. My favorite posts are actually the ones the involve lists because I tend to overwrite and lists help me tackle all my thoughts in a more concise way. Lists help me keep things short(er) and simple(r).

I’ve done a post of lists before but decided to bring back that style today. It was actually fun to go back and read that first list themed post because underneath “Exercises I want to try” I had typed- bikram yoga, barre, and yoga. I’ve tried all three of those! Well, I tried barre yoga- not straight up barre- but still, it was cool to see that I was able to accomplish the things I wanted to.

Here are the relevant lists in my life as of right now post-weekend and pre-Easter weekend at home (yes yes yes!):

Favorite Places for Peace and Quiet in DC:

  • Logan Circle
  • Meridian Hill Park
  • Lincoln’s Backside

I decided to be a tourist and take a fun selfie pic like a freak at the Lincoln. I’m sure the memorial has seen far weirder things.


Lincoln6 (1)

Local Joints that I’m Loving:


At Buffalo Exchange on Saturday I was able to snag this sweet new outfit! I cannot wait for warmer weather to wear this ensemble. The vesty piece was NINE dollars and the high wasted american apparel pants were twelve dollars. SCORE.


Ignore my makeup less face and greasy post-workout hair.

DC peeps- can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of time on 14th Street? I love my neighborhood!

Workouts this Weekend

  • Friday: Run on the treadmill plus a circuit routine
  • Saturday: Bootcamp
  • Sunday: Budokon yoga (which I’m OBSESSED with now!) check out the video below to see what makes budokon unique… think yoga fused with martial arts.

If you are in the D.C. area and want to try out Budokon for FREE- there is a class being held at the Historic Heurich House this Wednesday at 6pm.

Things I’m Excited About:

  • Trying Power Supply this week- it’s a homemade Paleo food/meal delivery service that delivers to the crossfit box at my gym.
2013-03-25 12.05.03

I had my first meal for lunch today and let me just tell you… it was AWESOME.

  • Easter I haven’t been home for Easter since high school!
  • Getting my birth certificate so I can apply for my passport
  • OPENING DAY I get to be home for Red Sox opening day! Wahoo!
  • Seeing Jillian Michaels next month:

Things I’m Nervous For:

  • Going home with food being such a touchy/sensitive issue, going home and outside of the routine that I’ve gotten used to is a little scary. I know I can handle it but I’m understandably anxious.
  • The future in general who knew being a twenty-something would be this overwhelming.
  • Being able to go to Russia you read that right- I’m currently trying to make a trip to Russia with my alma matter happen… crossing my fingers financial shenanigans are able to come together.

Thing I’m Sick Of:

  • The word “healthy” and the phrase “healthy lifestyles” I don’t know what it is, but I feel like I’ve been overusing them. I wish there was another term for what I’m trying to say when I talk about a life of balance and giving back to your body for all that it does to keep us up and running. 

Food I’ve Been Loving:

My Favorite Weekend Eats:

  • My clutch meal think a healthier version of a breakfast hash with eggs, bacon, potatoes, brussels, onions, and the optional (but for me mandatory ;)) sriracha.
  • Mediterranean burger (ground beef and lamb) from Busboys and Poets

2013-03-23 12.14.47

Future Thing I’m Thinking About:

  • If I were to move back to Boston, I’d have to change my blog title… I’m thinking “The Balanced Bostonian” … thoughts?

Things I Learned Recently About Myself That I Never Knew Before:

  • I have really long legs
  • My tailbone is just naturally bonier than most people (thus making any and all floor exercises more challenging for me and something I just have to suck up and deal with)

Favorite Slow Jams as of Late:


My Biggest Weekend Accomplishment:

  • Being able to FINALLY to crow pose for two breaths I couldn’t stop smiling

Clearly NAHT me- but you get the idea.

Last but not Least- What is Brightening Up and Springifying my Life Despite the Snow:

  • Flowers from Will


Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


15 thoughts on “I Like Lists

  1. I learned how to stay up in crow this weekend too!!!! It was literally such a huge accomplishment haha jealous you’re going to be home this weekend AND for opening day. Two major events!

  2. You look so beautiful (as always)! Next time we come to DC I want to visit your peaceful places and check out Lincoln’s backside! Impressive crow position!! I couldn’t do that in a bajillion years. Thursday’s coming fast,Yayy! Oh and the weather is supposed to be warmer just for you and Easter! Mid to upper 50’s, sunny, no precipitation! Wahooo!! Talk to you soon! Love you!

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