Starbucks: a Necessity for the City Hiker

I present to you, a haiku:

Dunkin is better
but Starbucks is always clutch
for their free bathrooms.

This girl may run on Dunkin, but I don’t think I’d be able to walk around this city for hours like I do without knowing that there is a Starbucks somewhere around the corner with a free public restroom. I’ve only had ONE experience in the city where a Starbucks didn’t have a bathroom for me to use (pro-tip/FYI for all you other city hikers: the one in Farragut Square near Connecticut Ave- no bathroom).

The hatred of Starbucks that ran through my veins when I first left Massachusetts has now evolved into more of a love/hate relationship. It was hard to adjust to being in a place where there wasn’t a Dunks on every corner, but five years in D.C. will certainly help you learn to survive sans the sweet exilir of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Dunks will forever be number one, but I would be peeing my pants all over D.C. without Starbucks. So thank you, Starbucks, for being good guys with your bathrooms and letting this city hiker who drinks a lotta water utilize your facilities. You make me able to be active in the city without worrying about emptying my bladder. Thus, you make me able to enjoy life more completely.

And on that note- time for a walk.

/end of my coffee institution ramblings/


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