Thursday Treasures

For some reason, this week was world’s better than last. I don’t really care to know the reason, but it’s just bizarre how much my mental state and mood and outlook on life can change day by day, week by week. Maybe God is just taking pity on me because of how poorly last week went? Maybe the new Pope put in a good word for me? I tried to tuck a little blessing written on a piece of paper into Joe Biden’s suit jacket pocket when he went over to Italy for the Pope’s Inaugural Mass 😉

No but seriously- how awesome is this picture of Joe Biden at the inaugural mass? He’s just too badass for words. I love that the White House is embracing his cool guy image by starting their new webpage “Being Biden.” Dude’s the man.

ANYWAY. Maybe I’m just getting better and better at dealing with the issues that plague me. I should stop looking to outside reasons for my success and instead accept my own will power, strength, and resolve.

This week I had a handful of “j’adore la vie” moments. No, I don’t normally speak French but I was inspired by blogger Heather of For the Love of Kale who embraces this phrase and explains its meaning by writing:

You know those moments of pure bliss? Those moments in which you stop, drop, and appreciate? Those moments are j’adore la vie. They make our hearts explode with love and perfect complacency. We are so content in those moments that we feel like we could die in that very instance and be happy. We deserve to feel this way every day of our lives

She even created a movement around it and asks for her readers to share with her their j’adore la vie moments. She then collects the moments shared with her and presents them on her blog every once and a while. Heather’s message behind today’s j’adore la vie post really hit home for me:

When is the last time that you stopped, dropped, and thanked yourself for making the decision to love life? Sometimes, we’re so busy tackling our mental to-do list and thinking about “what’s next.” But what about “what’s now?” We spend so much time re-hashing the past and projecting it onto our future that we forget that all we ever truly have it now. This moment. Right here. Right now.

SO as I was saying, there were a few of these moments this week where I literally stopped and thought- THIS is what she means- THIS is a j’adore la vie moment. There was stress this week- there’s always stress. There was a lot of worrying and anxiety- those things are always background noise in my brain. But shining star moments allowed me to stay positive this week. They hit me randomly and came out of nowhere. They were pleasant surprises. These moment reminded me of all the good I’m doing and helped me let go of everything that gets me down and keep pushing forward with confidence in the life that I’m living.

My Thursday Treasures are things that triggered j’adore la vie moments in my life this week. 

1. Physical Strength in Workouts

2013-03-19 18.11.11

Since taking better care of myself, I have felt a bajillion times more capable of beasting out workouts. My body feels stronger. When I was at yoga on Monday, even thought I beat myself up for falling out of dancer pose and cursed under my breath as I tried to stay in chair pose for that last breath- I reminded myself, you are doing SO much more than you have been able to do in the past. Vinyasa’s just flow better and I’m actually able to slowly lower into chaturanga and rise up into lunges and warrior one with grace.

The picture above is from bootcamp on Tuesday. At first when I saw the “plank monster” I laughed and said- there’s no way I can do that. Hold myself in a plank position for five minutes while engaging in various exercises? No way. But did I do it? Yeah I did. Did I feel AWESOME afterwards? Yeah I did. On top of that, my gym just has this positive energy that I can’t find anywhere else I workout. I love the people that go there and the people that run the gym. They are so motivational and continually push me past my limits in a good way.

After bootcamp, I felt really good and the weather was really nice. I ran home in my t-shirt and shorts and took the long way to get to my apartment. I ran down M Street toward the sun as it was setting- there was a light breeze- it was gorgeous outside- and it was just one of those moments. I practically ran up the stairs in my apartment building when I got home. I stood on my balcony drinking water, watching the sunset, and just felt like I could take on the world. If I had more balls I would have screamed I am invincible and I can do anything at the top of my lungs. Again, just one of those moments.

2. Good Friends

I’m not going to get into this one as much- but there were a couple moments this week where I just felt really lucky to have the people in my life that I do. As I’ve been going through all this mental anguish as of late, I’ve really seen who I can rely on. People might not understand what I’m going through, but they understand me and want me to be better and happy. Whether its texts asking me, “have you eaten your dessert today” or a simple “I was just thinking of you and wanted you to know how much I love you” they all add up to a grateful girl.

3. Taking Off the Tags

SO a couple weeks ago, in preparation for my Miami vacation next month, I bought a bathing suit. Not just a bathing suit- but a bikini. This took A LOT of guts, people. It’s the first one I ever tried on, let alone bought. BAH. Ever since I bought it though, I have let the tags sit on it in my drawer. Every day I see it in my underwear drawer and worry whether or not I’m going to want to wear it in a month. I left the tags on in case I wanted to return it and kind of just assumed that I would return it. Last night when I was trying on outfits for work, I tried on the bikini. And I ripped off the tags. I put in on and it felt right. I told myself- nope you love this and you love you in this. It’s yours and you’re wearing it in Miami. It’s red- your favorite color. Yep it’s bold- but so are you. Done. End of story. Tags are in the trash.

Even thought I could see my stretch marks across my stomach and the chubbiness that just won’t disappear in my thighs- I embraced these things as a part of me. I believe I said out loud, “this is me and I love me.” 95% percent of me believed me when I said it and triumphed over the 5% that was trying to tell me I wasn’t worthy of wearing that bikini. It all sounds so cliche and like it belongs in a stupid movie or something- but it was real life last night and it was a big deal for me.

Short and sweet on this Thursday afternoon. I don’t think there’s any reason to elaborate further. I’m almost afraid to keep talking about my happiness for fear that tomorrow will be the turning point into dark times again. One day at a time though, Allison. For now things are good and that’s all that matters I suppose. I’ll battle tomorrow moment by moment tomorrow- not today. I will continue to just do the things I love, paddle my own canoe, and not worry about everyone else.

I’m trying to start off this new season with positivity and optimism for the future. I’m trying to be more present in every moment I’m in. Spring awakening, much? I can’t think of a better season to grow, blossom, and thrive.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


10 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. I’m going to join you on that path to positivity. This week was amazing for me too but I think it’s because I’m with my family. The moment I’m back at school I’m worried I’ll fall back into a place where I’m not as happy. That’s all on me, though. It’s our choice to be happy and I’m going to make an effort to enjoy this spring season. I have a bad habit of looking forward where everything seems so far away. But what if I didn’t? Taking things one day at a time is so much more manageable. Love this post! True meaning of j’adorelavie.

    • One day at a time all the way, man! It’s the only way I stay sane. As soon as I start to think too much and plan- I know I need to take a step back and live the day I’m in. Easier said than done sometimes, but when you can do it, it makes everything so much better.

  2. Love this post and j’adore la vie. It’s how I’ve been trying to live life but always need reminding! So happy you’ve found your happiness niche! Love you!

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