Life in the Interwebs

While I’m a big fan of spending time offline and in the great outdoors, you cannot deny that the internet offers MANY entertaining things. Like my blog 😉 For as much time as I spend off the computer, I spend a good amount of time on the computer. This is the 21st century after all. Thus, this post is centered around three things I suggest you to check out on the interwebs today that I’m jazzed about.

1. History of Rap 4 with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

This video has three things I love: Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and rap. Jimmy Fallon has been an obsession of mine since I first started watching Saturday Night Live in middle school. I have his best of SNL DVD and I’m pretty sure I could watch it every day and still find it hilarious. For whatever reason, his sense of humor just absolutely kills me (not to mention his impersonations are the greatest thing… ever).

And well, I have loved JT since his ‘N Sync and blonde curly fro days. Although I must admit, I was a JC Chasez girl all the way… JT was a close second though he he.

Side note: I Googled ‘N Sync while writing this post and their website still exists! Yes you can still go to I recommend you do- because it’s pretty funny. 

Side note: Justin’s new album The 20/20 Experience dropped officially today! I can’t wait to go home and have my pre-ordered album download in my iTunes! eeeee! 

Anyway, my heart will always have a HUGE soft spot for these two clowns. I swear I have a radar that alerts me of any and all Fallon or Timberlake related material out there in the world. It bodes well for me that the two of them are friends and are always doing comical things together. If you share the same interests as me- you’ll love the fourth installation of their “history of rap.”

And if you want to see the first three installations… you’re welcome:

2. Thriive DC created a contributing writer bio page for me! Check it out! It’s so fun to see me and my message out there in the world wide web (on a place other than my lovely blog). Big shoutout to Thriive for making my life seem cooler than it actually is 🙂 Last week they published my first post and I feel so lucky to be part of their up and coming website.

If you missed my first post, click here to read, “In Honor of March: Eat Green.” In the post I talk about my love of kiwis and just to prove that I am 100% honest and genuine in my article, here is a picture of my banana chobani with added kiwi from lunch yesterday!

2013-03-18 12.04.10

My fruit combos lately have been reflective of my desire for warmer temps… and my dreams of the vacation I’m taking to Miami in a month! Eeee! Pineapple overnight oats have taken over my life and Trader Joes frozen mango chunks are being added to everything. All the tropical fruits!

3. Some of you might remember that currently my BFF Rachel is in Israel with a program called Otzma. It’s a 10-month deal where she is immersed in what the program calls the “real Israel.” She has been living there, volunteering, and interning all over the country and has many awesome/crazy/unique adventures. You can read about her travels if you’re curious because she also blogs about her life!

BUT even though I’m always supporting her blog, what I really want you to check out is what she is taking part in right now.

Currently she is assisting a boy named Marc running from the northernmost point on Israel’s coast to its southernmost point (470 km!) 

Impressive doesn’t even begin to cover this! While she admittedly is doing none of the running, she is helping him along his nine-day run via car. According to Marc’s blog:

The purpose of the run is to raise awareness for the bond between Israel and America while raising money for mentorship organizations in both countries.


If you click on the image, you can check out a more detailed synopsis of his route.

Currently Marc is halfway through his journey and still blogging away about his run. Check out his blog here and you can even follow his twitter for updates: @runisrael.

Watch his video to see Marc and learn a little bit more about Run Israel.

Running and running long distances is challenging enough- let alone doing it across a foreign country! I think it’s so cool what he’s doing and wish I could be alongside the support crew cheering him on. You can donate to his cause online and I highly recommend at least reading a little bit about everything he is seeing and doing. Sure kicks the crap out of my 4 mile run to the White House I did on Friday.

If you could choose a country to run across, what country would you choose? You all should know by now that I would choose Russia. That being said- I don’t think I’m doing that run anytime soon. I don’t know if any of you have SEEN Russia on a map but I’ve heard it’s pretty huge…

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


8 thoughts on “Life in the Interwebs

  1. Whoa! This is such a cool post. I am really impressed by this run! I’m going to follow Marc’s twitter immediately. 🙂

    If I were going to pick a country to run…hmm. I think I’d pick Germany. I’ve always wanted to visit Germany, and I probably have extended distant relatives there, plus it is beautiful!

  2. Hey Alli, Nice bio page! I really enjoyed your article. Definitely another proud momma time for me! How inspiring this run Israel thing huh?! When I have a little more time on my hands I’ll check out the site and your friends blog- definitely really cool! Love you!

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