The Dark and Delicious Side of Oz

Dear DC winter weather, it’s time for you to go. Love, me.

But actually. I’m going to throw a temper tantrum one of these mornings, stomp my feet, pout, and yell at the sky- I just want spring now! Winter was great and all but it’s had its time. Spring begins Wednesday and I’m all for moving on to the next season. The sunshine and warm temps make me a much happier/upbeat person. I want to be able to run outside without layers and feel as free as a bird. Is that so much to ask? Apparently.

On yesterday’s dreary day, Will and I saw Oz: the Great and Powerful. It has gotten so many mixed reviews but you know what, I really enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for nostalgia and loved all the references to the original film. I don’t know if its because I’ve seen the movie many times or because its so ingrained in our pop culture, but there were just so many little things that paid homage to the movie that stood out to me- it made me smile. Plus, the movie was so beautiful- the colors and all those fancy digital shenanigans.

James Franco was his usual goofy self and the ladies of the film, namely Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, were wonderful. My favorite character nonetheless was Zach Braff as a flying monkey. His comic relief wasn’t necessary, but appreciated.

Like I said, I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Speaking of… this blogger has a special connection to The Wizard of Oz she should share with you all:


Oh hey young, Allison! Yep. That’s me. You can laugh- trust me- I certainly do. I was a drama kid in my elementary years and yes, I played Dorothy. I always get so shy and nervous being in front of a ton of people but once I’m on the stage- I’m a total ham. This rings true today. For as much as getting me in the spotlight is a challenge, once I’m in it, I LOVE it.

I really cannot sing so they had the most talented girl in our school do the singing parts for me but other than that- I took center stage. I remember trying to practice the songs at home to prove I could in fact sing like Judy Garland though. I was convinced that I had this hidden talent/voice (cue all the lol-s). Judy has brown hair- I have brown hair- I could totally be just like her! I recorded myself singing in my deepest Garland-y voice possible on a tape using one of these guys:

Throwback! Remember those? Now my younger sisters are recording things on the iOS devices and flipcams. I used a tape and a rainbow colored playskool recorder… like what? BUT anyways- after recording me singing, I would get too nervous to listen to my own voice for fear it was bad (it’s so awkward/cringeworthy hearing your own voice!) and then would hide the tapes so my sister Jess and my parents wouldn’t find out. Talk about embarrassing. Kids are weird.

Will and I had an Oz-tastic weekend apparently because on Saturday night after taking me out for sushi (score), we watched “the Dark Side of the Rainbow.”

The album cover of Dark Side of the Moon fits with the movie and how it goes from black/white to color. Not to mention, one of the main songs in the film is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

I’m sure many of you have heard of this cool phenomenon, but basically, if you put the Wizard of Oz film on mute and play Pink Floyd’s album- The Dark Side of the Moon starting when the MGM lion roars for the third time in the opening credits, the album syncs up to the action in the film. I’m dead serious. It’s SO COOL.When songs begin and end line up with certain parts in the movie and some of the lyrics coincidentally match up to what is going on. It’s actually pretty beautiful at some points. Couple examples? The album ends with the sound of a heart beating and at that point in the film, Dorothy is discovering the tin man and has her hand on his chest. Also, when Dorothy opens the door into Oz for the first time, the song Money begins.

I had never done this before but had read all about it and Will has done it before. So we geeked out Saturday night. TRY IT if you haven’t experienced this. I promise it’s worth your time. I mean, the phenomenon has its own wikipedia page, so obviously it’s legit. Pink Floyd has been asked many times if they did this on purpose and while they deny it, you never know, man. EITHER WAY. Still cool.

Post Oz experimentation and seeing the new Oz movie, Will and I partook in eating a very very very tasty frozen treat. My friend Zoe who blogs over at Eating Your Way From College Student to Adult recently shared with me an awesome dessert recipe. The original recipe creator calls them “Smudgies” but I’m currently trying to think of a better name. This dessert requires only THREE ingredients, has no added sugar, and is like a better for you version of the ice cream sandwich.

For all you Arrested Development lovers out there… ONLY TWO MONTHS till the new season on Netflix ahhhhhh!

So what is this concoction? You need:

  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 tbl. of peanut butter (creamy or crunchy… or use sunbutter/almond butter)
  • 8 graham cracker rectangles


Mash your ripe bananas in a bowl first and then add peanut butter. I also added cinnamon but that’s totally optional. Try not to eat this out of the bowl. It’s a hard challenge I am placing forth here.


Then you’re going to line up eight graham cracker squares on a piece of tinfoil and top with the well mixed together combo you just whipped up.


Top each square with another square verrrrry carefully as the filling is soft and will ooze out the sides of the little sandwiches you make.

P1000631Stack in a singular row like so for easy freezing and storing and wrap the foil over the sandwiches.


Place in freezer for at least six hours and then enjoy at your leisure!


They’ll be a litttttttle bit stuck together but for the most part- they stay in tact and are in fact, like ice cream sandwiches. I can see these being awesome in the summer time. But you know- seeing as I’m trying to channel warmer weather, a summer treat certainly can’t hurt here and there.P1000633

Any naming suggestions? Smudgies just isn’t working for me. Things that end in the suffix “ies” don’t really do it for this guy (i.e. the word “panties” *shudder*).

I was thinking PB&Bs? But that’s kind of a mouthful… I don’t know. I’ll work on it.

I hope you all are trekking through your Mondays. Mine is surprisingly going quite well (cue applause). Who knows what the week will bring- craziness I’m sure. But for now I’m embracing my good mood and taking the day as it comes. I encourage you all to do the same. All while grabbing another cup of coffee (so tired).

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


8 thoughts on “The Dark and Delicious Side of Oz

  1. Yummy!!! How about banutter(bah-nuttar) squares? or bars? That Dark Side of the Moon thing is so cool, Kevin and I definitely have to try that out. You were sooooo AWESOME as Dorothy not to mention adorable. You had all of your lines down to a tee(not to mention everyone else’s in the play) so cute! That was one of my many proud Momma moments! Love you!

  2. What a precious picture! SO CUTE little allison 🙂
    Also, thanks for that tasty graham crack pb sandwich recipe – sounds super tasty!

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