My Number One

Today’s post is dedicated to the number one person in my world. She’s beautiful, smart, ridiculously talented, hilarious, thoughtful, and an all around badass. She has this amazing level of confidence about herself and this strong presence that I envy. She’s one of those kind of people that can walk into any room or situation and just own it. Even when she is down or life is kicking her around- she faces the world with determination and holds her ground. She’s my best friend – always has been- and without her I don’t really know how I would survive. Who is this person?

My sister Jessica andddd today is her 21st birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


This picture was taken at my house in MA almost six years ago! I know she’ll appreciate the throwback pic. If I’m not mistaken… she still had braces at this point.

I wish more than anything that today I could drive around with her in her car, blasting beats, and drinking dunkin donuts while we run errands together. With us it really is about the little things. Being so far away from home is never easy, but it’s especially difficult on days like today where all I want to do is celebrate with her. Not to mention- my home girl is turning TWENTY-ONE! We’ll just have to have some shenanigans when I’m home for Easter… In the meantime, this blog post will have to serve as the biggest hug around the best sister out there.

I really hope she has a great day today- she deserves it. She is such a positive influence in my life and I hope the world sees this and gives her the best day ever.

Jess is amazing for so many reasons. She inspires me every single day to not care about what anyone else thinks of me. She has always done what she loves and what makes her happy. When all of her friends were going off to college, she went to hair dressing school. She could have gone to college- but she had wanted to be a hairdresser her entire life and it was the one thing she was truly passionate about. So she went for it. And now- she’s a 21 year old girl working full time in a salon and ROCKING IT every single day. But actually, her level of skill and talent is absurd. Saying I’m proud would be an understatement.


People used to say that there was no way that the two of us could be related- she has strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes- I have brown hair and brown eyes. Plus, she was always thin and more athletic than me growing up. Because I lacked the motivation/desire to workout or be mindful of what I ate, her tendencies to embrace physical activity, enjoy working out, and consciousness of what she was eating used to irk me (mainly because they made me feel guilty). Funny how things, change right? If only I had gotten on board with her way back when…

Despite looks and body size, as soon as people get to know us and see how we are with each other- they know there’s no way we could NAHT be sisters. For as much as we’re different- we are so much alike and we just click with each other.

Without fail, she makes me laugh and feel better about life. She can have a tough love exterior, but she knows when I really need her support and is a great listener. Her hugs and her love are unlike anything else. Even though she’s my little sister, I have always admired her. Her validation and her support mean the world to me.


While we both definitely know how to have a good time, she is certainly the wilder one of the two of us. She never has any problem just being herself and being a little crazy (in a fun way). I wish I could be as carefree and fun-loving as her sometimes. She can fly by the seat of her pants, hope for the best, and make things work out just fine. She takes each day as it comes and tackles it however she wants. We have such different ways of looking at the world sometimes and how she lives inspires me to do what makes me happy. She pushes me to just let go and stop taking everything so seriously.

This inspiration has been so important in the past couple months for me as I have be re-learning how to relax, have fun, and do what I love (and not feel guilty about it).


Growing up she was my rock and not much has changed. She makes me feel sane. She brings me inner peace. We’re always able to vent about life and the hard stuff but then find a way to laugh and make the best out of our situation.


She makes me feel beautiful and reminds me that I am beautiful. I’m always so hard on myself and she will be the first one to say- shut up, you’re gorgeous. Sometimes you just need someone like that in your life. With her, I can do anything. Together, we’re unstoppable. Who run the world? No- not just girls- but Godfrey girls. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

We spent all of our time together and have had more adventures than I would ever have the time to rattle off to you. Our list of inside jokes and ridiculous memories is even longer. Because we’re so close and close in age and have gone through so much together, we’re the only two people that knows what its truly like to be us. I feel so lucky to have someone like this in my life that just gets me in that way.

I usually dedicate some type of recipe, food, or exercise to people I do birthday posts for… but the foods I think of when I think of Jess are hot dogs (she’s obsessed), american cheese (her love that much to her dismay, I don’t like that much), and chicken fingers (her restaurant go-to).

Like I said earlier, my sister does what makes her happy- and that includes how she eats. She’s one of the intuitive eaters in my life that I look up to. She eats when she is hungry and she eats what she is going to enjoy. She’s mindful about what she eats, but not obsessive in the slightest. I would kill for that mental balance!

Anyway have an AWESOME birthday, Jessie bear! I love you to death. Never forget that you’re my number one and one of the strong woman role models in my life. I cannot wait to see you in two weeks 🙂

P1000530And as always, everyone…

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


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