Are You a Human Being? Then You’re Beautiful.

Good morning lovely readers. After a 60 degree and sunny day in the District yesterday where I got to eat outside and do work on my balcony- the cold is certainly not welcome today. But- no matter- because it’s the weekend. I’m not going to let winter rain on my parade. Sorry, 30 degree temps and overcast skies. Anyone else out there seriously affected by the weather?


SO I had this big ol’ elaborate “after Valentine’s Day” post planned- where I was going to share pictures of Will and I from Thursday and talk your face off about where we went out to eat (and all that jazz). But to be completely and totally honest- Thursday was one of the worst mental days of my life. It started off okay- I mean you guys saw my post from that morning. But then a downward spiral happened for many reasons. None of them were Will or anyone else for that matter. It was all just because of me and things that I’m going through. Then I thought about rehashing all that here on my blog and telling you everything I experienced emotionally on Thursday.


Despite everything that happened on Thursday, I will say- I am one lucky girl to have Will in my life. He is amazing for loving me and supporting me the way he does on a daily basis. This was his Valentines Day present from me all wrapped up. I’ll tell you more about it later…

But then yesterday changed everything. I ended up having one of the BEST days that I’ve had in a long time. Funny how things happen, right? I didn’t have time to write yesterday but if I did, you would have heard from world’s happiest girl. Maybe it was my light strength training workout in the morning where I felt strong (after a day where I felt so weak), maybe it was my counseling appointment, maybe it was the gorgeous weather, maybe it was because I discovered trader joes, and maybe (and most likely) it was because of my second R.D. appointment. 

I decided it would do me no good to write about the bad day and the things I experienced because I’m in a better place now and don’t really want to remember all that stuff. It’s better for me and the world I think for me to just move forward in the more positive place that I’m at now and write to you from here. It’s still real and it’s still me- I hope you don’t feel dishonesty coming from me- but I just want to shake off all the bad and embrace the good. And right now I’m pretty damn good. So let’s celebrate that shall we?

After a week of workouts, I took Thursday off and got back into the game yesterday morning. When I arrived at bootcamp, because the class size was so small (people sleepin’ in for the long weekend I see…) our instructor decided to run class a little differently. Instead of typical bootcamp stuff, we did work with our kettle bell form and practiced a lot so that our bootcamp workouts in the future would be improved. At first I was kind of bummed- I was looking forward to a good ass-kicking workout- but I found that it was exactly what I needed. My instructor pushed me to use a weight that was heavier than what I could have grabbed and it ended up being what I could handle. It was nice to take things a little slower and work on technique.

My appointment that followed felt like blessings from above. My counseling appointment was extremely productive and my second appointment with my R.D., Sandy, was so amazingly helpful. This appointment was a lot different than the first. Now that she knows more about how I eat everyday and more about how I live my life, she created a loose meal plan for me that she wants me to follow for now. It includes the things I like to eat and then some.

I should add that at this point in my life, I’m trying to gain weight and eat more (I never thought I’d be writing THAT). Gaining weight seems easy, does it not? Who doesn’t love to eat more? But after a year of losing weight it’s sort of a battle with my brain to get it to understand that this is what my body needs now- especially if I want to keep up the exercise lifestyle that I am trying to live out. I’m also just unhappy with how small I am (which to many people probably sounds crazy) and would like to gain weight. I just definitely want to do it under the supervision of someone who knows what they’re talking about. I know that my body would be happier physically and mentally with some more meat on my bones and fullness in my face (so to speak).

After an intense session, I left her office feeling freer and more at ease than I had in a long time. Even though the road ahead is long and it’s going to be such a challenge, I feel like I have all the tools on my side to get through everything and make my goals a reality. It didn’t help that the sun was shining so bright when I stepped outside. I know that I’m going to have more bad days and that I’m going to fall many more times, but the most important thing is- there are going to be more GOOD days and I have everything (and then some) I’m going to need to fight my battle. It’s great to be your own hero and hold your ground- but it’s also great to invest in a much needed, quality support system when you know you need one.

One of the greatest parts of yesterday was my discovery of Trader Joes! I had always known that there was one in the area near West End and Georgetown but I had NO idea it was on the same block as my R.D.’s office! I got to my appointment kind of early so I was just walking around enjoying the nice weather. That’s when I saw it. I think I literally gasped. THERE IT IS. I immediately ran inside to soak up its magic.

Even though it’s kind of far from my apartment and I knew I had to walk home, I decided to go in and pick up a few things. A few things turned into a lot of things but hey- what can I say- cheap produce plus other delicious eats? I just couldn’t resist. There were a lot of older people in the store (because of the neighborhood its in) so it made moving around a little frustrating but overall- everyone was so friendly and nice! The staff was helpful and cheery and I felt so welcome there. It was such a pleasant experience. It was like someone went into my brain, recorded all the things I want out of a grocery store, and made them a reality. Thank you Lord above for Trader Joes.

Lucky for me- they’re building a new Trader Joes like four blocks from my apartment I believe. They just need to build it faster!

My walk home was a challenge to say the least with all my good but I made it and all my food (and my shoulders- ow) survived. Again, the gorgeous weather made my walk home not only possible, but great despite the literal heaviness hanging off my shoulders. My shoulders were literally heavy- but figuratively they were as light as a feather.


I even invested in some new reusable bags. I have some in my closet that are really on their last legs (like some of the fibers are pulling apart).

Here are some of the things I bought that I’m most excited about:


I bought these oranges purely for aesthetic reasons. Don’t judge me.


And I’m not going to lie, that horse may or may not have played a factor in me buying this hummus. Branding and how companies advertise is no joke, people.


Berry apple sauce!


French green beans! They happened to be cheaper than the regular green beans. I think they’re even MORE delicious.


I sort of hate that they’re called “tidbits” but it was one of the cheaper frozen fruits they had available and maybe it was the nice weather, but I was feeling something tropical.


I ended up combining some of these bad boys with greek yogurt, banana, and those pineapple “tidbits” (I shuddered just typing that word)… um hello beach vacation in a bowl!

If you can’t tell from the picture above, I spent lots of quality time on my balcony yesterday. It’s been too cold to be out there for a while now, but I was reminded of how GLORIOUS it is come spring and summer to use the balcony for meal eating and doing work and hanging out. For now I’ll have to cherish the memory of me eating tropical greek yogurt on the balcony, responding to emails, and soaking up the sun.

Something that’s also making me look forward to the summer? Will got me Lumineers tickets for July at Merriweather Post Pavillion. EEEEEEEP! So excited. He’s the best. He also got me (us) this awesome book:


It’s filled with all these cool pages to record your walks around the city and all the neat things you discover. Which is PERFECT for me seeing as I walk everywhere. Plus Will and I have been known to go on some pretty epic urban hikes around DC.

I also was greeted with three pieces of mail yesterday that really brightened my already bright day. One was from my Mom and Dad- a Valentines Day card 🙂 The other was from my Aunt Nikki, Uncle Jason, and cousin Brian- another V-Day card! All the love. And then the final piece of mail came all the way from Israel from my best friend Rachel!


Happy hearts.


I loved that the stamp on the Israel mail was about mental health- I actually laughed out loud. It couldn’t have been more fitting in that moment.

Later that night, Will and I had breakfast for dinner (complete with eggs and bacon) in order to prepare for seeing Nick Offerman’s standup routine. Many of you know this man from Parks and Recreation- the infamous Ron Swanson: an upstanding American who loves meat, capitalism, and being a man. I’m happy to report that Nick Offerman is pretty much the same person as his character, Ron Swanson… I would dare to say even more amazing. Yup. Definitely more amazing. And manly. It’s possible- I promise. He walked out shirtless and proceeded to put on an American Flag inspired button down. He played the guitar, sang songs, talked about woodworking, swore a lot, and was very honest about the life he leads with his wife Megan Mullally (greatest couple ever?).

Screenshot 2013-02-16 at 8.22.48 AM

His routine ended up being his ten tips for living a successful life (with some bonus ones thrown in). My favorites included go outside, stay offline, get a hobby, and the best one of all- avoid mirrors.

He said that mirrors should only be used to make sure you have nothing gross on your face. Other than that- avoid them and don’t let them either make or break your day or allow you to compare yourself to others. I believe his direct quote was: “Are you a human being? Okay then you’re beautiful.” Simple as that I guess. He’s right. The human body is a terrible thing to waste and not appreciate. Even though he told his lessons with a hilarious demeanor, all of his lessons were great and they did strike a chord with me. It was an amazing show- I highly recommend you spending your dollars on a ticket to see Nick Offerman live on his American Ham tour.

Oh and for all you Parks and Rec fans, he was sure to diss Jerry Gergich a few times.

Okay. It’s breakfast time. This breakfast is going to be great because remember that box that was up above that contained Will’s Valentine’s Day present? It was an electric griddle! That might seem dumb to some of you but pancakes have been a significant part of my relationship with Will. The amount of times we’ve made pancakes together is silly and ever since we moved in together, we’ve constantly said someday we’ll have a griddle and make perfect pancakes. We’re both SUCH perfectionists that one of us always gets aggravated making pancakes on our crappy pans and it spoils the morning most of the time. NO MORE! It’s pancakes on the griddle time.

I’m going to use Tina’s recipe for OMG Pancakes for the first time- I’m excited to try them finally! I promised Will I’d make him pancakes this morning- as part of his gift 🙂

I better get to cooking. We’re both hungry. I hope you all have great Saturday’s doing what you do. One of Nick Offerman’s pieces of life advice last night was: paddle your own canoe. I hope you all paddle your own canoe today and do what makes YOU happy.

Keep it wicked healthy (and in honor of Nick Offerman: eat meat) xoxo


17 thoughts on “Are You a Human Being? Then You’re Beautiful.

  1. Aw I’m sorry Thursday wasn’t a good day for you. Sometimes those appointment can really throw you off. Not to mention that being told to gain weight is such a mental thing. I know you can do it if you put your mind to it. Besides, now that you have a TJ’s to feed your grumbling belly, it will be easier to eat foods since they’re “healthy,” right? Even cookie butter 😉

  2. I feel like I have to go see Ron Swanson now; I love it when a comedien offers advice that is actually legit advice delivered humorously. That’s good comedy to me. Sorry you had such a bad day,but so happy you’re on the brighter side of life right now.And I’m super stoked you discovered Trader Joes, they have some interesting stuff, it’s always just a fun experience to shop there. I can’t believe you got Will a griddle for pancake making because I bought and was going to send you this this pink pancake mix with chocolate chips in it for V-Day, wierd right? The ingredients didn’t make the “healthy” cut so I didn’t send it but now I know I should. Talk to you soon Love you

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  4. I am so glad you discovered TJs! Easily my favorite grocery store and although there are at least 4 closer grocery stores I make the trip over because it’s so good! I just tried the roasted coconut chips and fell in love! Definitely my new favorite thing. I hope you keep shopping there and post some TJ recipes!

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