Thursday Treasures

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! From my heart to yours.


Yes I am wearing red today as I am a huge dork.

This holiday definitely snuck up on me- February is halfway over! Time is just flying by it seems. I really should harness these moments of “holy crap- life really is so short” and use them to propel me to live every day to the fullest and just be happy.

If only it were that simple, right?


Google really out did itself with it’s doodle today- if you haven’t seen it yet- go check it out. It will make you smile. They combined celebrating Valentines Day with the 154th birthday of George Ferris (creator of the Ferris Wheel).

I woke up without my Valentine as he is still working in NYC but lucky for me, he returns to DC on Thursday nights so I will be reunited with him later. He’s lucky I’m giving up the NBC Comedy Block for him 😉 I GUESS he’s a little bit more important.

Even though today is Valentine’s Day, I’m not really feeling the love- almost no one at work even mentioned the holiday this morning! Rude! And the two coworkers I share my office with aren’t here today so I’m all alone- wahhhh! Not to mention last night at Spin we worked out to an anti-Valentines Day playlist… why all the V Day haters?! Where is the love?!

I can still rap every single word of this Black Eyed Peas and Timberlake classic.

BUT have no fear, there are plenty of things out there for me to love, appreciate, and look forward to today and with that I bring you my Thursday Treasures:

1. Rachel’s Birthday

Screenshot 2013-02-10 at 5.40.09 PM

Not only is today Valentines Day, but it is my sister’s birthday! My youngest sister Rachel turns 14 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEL! Stop getting so old. But seriously stop. She’s in eighth grade (oh middle school) and is a total rock star. She is an incredibly talented actress- wicked smart- ridiculously beautiful- and she has a great sense of humor. I miss her everyday I’m here in D.C. and wish I could give the little valentines day baby world’s biggest squeeze today. I love you, Rachel kins!

2. Valentines Day and Grillfish

Obviously I’m excited that today is Valentines Day!!! This will be the FOURTH Valentines Day I’ve had with Will. Every year that we’ve been together has been so different and this is the first time that we’re celebrating while not being in school (the life of college sweethearts). In the past we’ve had papers to work on and tests to study for on Valentines Day- but it will be nice this year to just leave work and celebrate the evening with him without any school shenanigans going on.

Some people might think it’s lame to “just go out to dinner” on Valentines Day but Will and I LOVE going out to dinner. Plus, I cook the majority of my meals and we live together- we cook together all the time- it’s nice to go out and get treated. It’s also great to be able to just focus on each other and have someone else take care of the food. Tonight we’re going to Grillfish and as a HUGE seafood freak- I am pumped.

And guys, after checking out their menu- guess what they offer as a side? SPAGHETTI SQUASH. I’ve literally NEVER seen that on a menu before. I make it all the time but I’ve never ever seen it offered at a restaurant. I’m freakishly excited about this.

3. Nick Offerman

Tomorrow night I am going to see Nick Offerman (of Parks and Recreation fame) do stand-up  I have no idea what to expect but 1) he’s performing at the Warner Theater which is a beautiful venue (and where I saw Mike Birbiglia perform a couple years ago– click through for a good laugh from Birbigs) and 2) I can’t imagine Nick Offerman being not absolutely hilarious. Will he be like Ron Swanson? I feel like I’ll be so thrown off by his real life personality. But maybe he is like Mr. Swanson- we shall see! I could have creeped on his stand-up on youtube but I want to be surprised.

4. Second R.D. Appointment

Before Nick Offerman shenanigans, early in the day tomorrow I have my second appointment with my registered dietitian. We’ve only met once in person but we talk to each other every day via email. A lot has changed since we first met and I’ve made progress in my goals that I set with her. I still have a long way to go to get to the point her and I want me to be at- but it will be nice to catch up with her in person and talk more about moving forward and continuing my progress.

5. VIDA Zumba Dance Party


Yes. You read that correctly. Zumba Dance Party. And no. I can’t dance for the life of me. Hello lanky awkwardness (Check out my post from my first Zumba experience).

BUT someone from the event reached out to me and asked if I wanted to go and it sounded like it would be fun! Plus it’s super close to my apartment. EVEN BIGGER PLUS my friend Sara is coming too! Gotta love the DC healthy blogger community. It’s supposed to be cold here this weekend in DC so it will be sweet to be able to head over to the U Street Music Hall and get my sweat on. Oh- and there’s an after party so that’s always intriguing 😉 Hopefully the after party will include plenty of fluids in the form of WATER seeing as I’m going to be Zumba-ing for two hours. I’m sure there will be plenty of people there with moves that will put me to shame. I’m okay with that.

6. Long Weekend

President’s Day always seemed like such a random holiday to me- but hey- if it gets me a Monday off work in February- I’m all in. American history really isn’t my thing so I don’t expect me to ramble on and on with presidential history factoids even though I’m a history freak (sorry to disappoint you all).

I seriously need to stop spending money.

But any day that stands the slight chance of maybe having people appreciate the presidency and our history is a good day. History is always dubbed as “boring” and “lame.” Maybe this video of President’s morphing into one another will change that. Probably not. But at least it will make you laugh. My favorite is when they morph George W. Bush into Barack Obama. I’m sure they’d both enjoy that…

And as I leave you with that creepy video- I must sign off. I hope you all have a really great Valentines Day! Remember- you don’t need a “Valentine” to make today special. Spread the love to friends and family and hey- maybe a few random strangers- they’ll either think you’re crazy (which is always fun) or you might just make their day.

Keep it wicked healthy xoxo


7 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. Happy Friday! Sorry I didn’t read this yesterday. Happy Valentines Day, hope dinner was delicious!
    Also love that Presidential tribute video. Gotta go watch the Today show they’re in Faneuil Hall today, so excited. Good luck at your appointments. I love you Have a blast tonight !

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