Packing Heat in Spin (and Lunch for Tomorrow)

Words cannot describe how great it was to get back to my gym today. I finally felt completely like me and had a good day at work so all systems were a go for me to go to spin tonight. I felt so motivated to have a killer workout and I loved being able to give myself just that. Spin is always a challenge for me (such a killer on the ol’ knees!), but for some reason I really enjoy it. Tuesday classes at my gym are my favorite because I love the music that the instructor chooses.

He jokingly said at the beginning of class that there would be lots of Beyonce in honor of her Super Bowl win. In my opinion there wasn’t enough Beyonce in the spin playlist but then again, I can never get enough Beyonce. The temperature of the room and that my body rose to during class was equivalent to the hotness of Beyonce herself. I was a sweaty animal and looking nothing like Queen B though, that’s for sure. But her song Run the World (Girls) definitely pushed me through some tough sprints.

Loved her little secret shoutout to hubby Jay-Z when her, Michelle, and Kelly sang “Single Ladies” during the super bowl half time performance.

As we de-mounted our bikes to stretch, the instructor warned us about slipping on the floor. Yeah… I’d say we were all working hard.

My post-workout endorphins and happiness powered me home in lightening speed. Have a mentioned how lucky I feel to have my body back in good health? Okay good. After dinner as I was packing my lunch for tomorrow, I decided to dedicate a blog post to what my lunches have been looking like lately.

I used to walk home to my apartment during lunch, make food there, and then go back to work (the perks of living THAT close). But I’ve found that I really enjoy bringing a lunch to work, eating with coworkers for a 1/2 hour, and then spending my other 1/2 hour walking around the neighborhood. I like being social and exploring.

Some people don’t bring their own lunch to work or assume they have to eat on the go because they think the prep work is hard or time consuming. It’s really not at all! In fact I have to pack two snacks and a lunch to bring with me to work and I manage to do it in less than ten minutes every single day. Ahhh the magic of food prep Sundays and tupperware.

Okay so here’s a rundown of my lunch tomorrow and how I got it all ready.

As I prepare my lunch, I make sure it will contain four key components: healthy fats, carbohydrates (either in fruit form or whole grain form), proteins, and vegetables. That’s the base I start with. My healthy fat of choice is usually avocado and I consider 1/3 of an avocado to be a good sized serving (per my own trial and error and recommendations from my registered dietitian).

I checked the mail today when I got home from work before heading off to spin (which I usually forget to do) and in the midst of student loan reminders (blech), I had a letter from my Aunt Nikki! It was a welcome surprise.



She sent me a page from a magazine she was reading that featured the almighty avocado! The page gave a list of ways to enjoy these, what they call, “green superfruits.” I’ve tried a lot of the combinations they suggested (like eggs and avocado, cocoa powder and avocado, guac, hummus, etc.) but one thing I haven’t tried that they suggested was mashing together a banana and an avocado… WHAT. I have no idea what that would be like but I’m open to anything involving bananas. They call it a banana-cado mash in the article he he.

Thanks for the fun find, Aunt Nikki 🙂 I have the list tacked up on my bulletin board now to remind me of all the creative ways in which you can play with avocados.

ANYWAY. Back to lunch and how I incorporated avocado.

When I was meal planning for the week and creeping on recipes all over the internet, I found this simple lunch idea from Anne, author of the blog “Fannetastic Food” for a Smoked Salmon and Dill Wrap. I didn’t have dill in my spice rack so she inspired me to add that when I went grocery shopping on Friday. I absolutely love smoked salmon and didn’t know dill went so well with it- the more you know.


So I topped a defrosted slice of ezekiel bread with half of a third (so 1/6th?) of an avocado (I wanted to save the other half of the third for a side salad- I’m getting there). Then I sprinkled some dill all over this bad boy. As Anne stresses, dill is the key ingredient behind the masterpiece!


I sliced the bread in half and topped it with a serving of smoked salmon. Protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Check check check.


When I was making a side salad for dinner, I took advantage of all my veggies being out and made a big salad to go with my open faced salmon-avocado sandwich. First I mixed together chopped cucumbers, green peppers, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, onion, roasted eggplant, the second 1/6th of an avocado, and 2 tbl. of feta. Note: I had all these veggies prepared and chopped on Sunday so all I had to do was throw them into the tupperware. Sad note: I used up the last of my feta- womp womp guess I’ll just have to buy more…


I then filled the space left in the tupperware with spinach. Done. Put a lid on it. I should admit that I have this problem of adding the greens in last and barely having any room for them  so I always have to smush them in there. I can’t help  it- I always fill the rest of the container with a crazy amount of veggies!


Next up was preparing a snack. I chopped up an apple- tossed it in some lemon juice (to prevent browning) and cinnamon (to better ensure deliciousness). Then I topped that with 1/4 cup of the GrohNola i’ve been blogging about. I brought this same snack to work today, heated it up in the microwave for about 45 seconds… hello mini-apple crisp! Plus, because of all the fiber and healthy fats from the groh, it totally powered me through spin tonight.


Add in a veggie and hummus snack pack that I make on Sundays and my lunch was complete! Thanks to all my prep work on Sunday (which really only took two hours in total), lunch and other fuel for tomorrow came together in a snap. See- that wasn’t so hard now was it? 😉

I’m definitely stoked about my eats for tomorrow. But I’m even more stoked at the moment for sleeeeeeeeeep! This Washingtonian is tired and up way too late. I need to cut this post short and hit the hay. Some of you may laugh because it’s only nearing 10:30pm at the moment.

Tomorrow is Wednesday so let’s all take a deep breath, prepare to bear hump day, and power through the mid-work week slump together.


5 thoughts on “Packing Heat in Spin (and Lunch for Tomorrow)

  1. Update on slow cooked pork with apples and onions; Crowd pleaser and YUM! I used brown sugar instead of maple syrup(as in original recipe from Kath) and double the pork and sauce as we are 4 people eating. Absolutely delicious; meat falling apart,apples soft and cinnamony(is that a word?) with a slight back heat from the cayenne Thanks again! So happy you are feeling better! Love you!

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