Thursday Treasures

As I was writing up my list of this week’s Thursday Treasures, I realized they all had something in common… they literally all begin with the letter S! No cynical people of the world, I didn’t do it on purpose- I swear! it just happened that way.

When I realized this, my brain took a stroll down memory lane and I found myself thinking of Sesame Street because each episode was always “brought to you” by a letter and a number. This blog post is brought to you by the letter s and the number six (that’s how many treasures I am sharing with you today).

For some reason the beginning part of the letter segments always freaked me out- those transforming Aztec/Egyptian like dancers?! Talk about trippy. Also, not going to lie- Sammy the Snake is a little creepy looking now that I’m revisiting all this.

I think I just spent too much time looking at old Sesame Street videos… at least my vocabulary is improving with all the letter videos I just re-watched. But really guys, I was just mesmerized by Sesame Street for a solid half hour. What is happening. So nostalgic!

OKAY I need to break away from YouTube. Onto the treasures!

1. Snow


Check out what I woke up to today! I love snow! Winter and Fall have been my favorite seasons my whole life- mainly because of the holidays- but also because I think cold weather is fun (when you’re dressed appropriately and not freezing outside). Snow is one of my favorite things. Not really a fan of the wind or the unshoveled sidewalks I had to traipse through this morning- BUT it was fun to finally see some real snow in the District.P1000275

The weather people have been talking of “snow flurries” a lot lately but nothing has ever come out of it. I just assumed I’d wake up today to another false alarm- but hey I was wrong and the weather man was right for once!P1000277

The sphinx outside my building looked pretty cool pre-sunrise with a dusting of snow covering him. When I was walking into the building and chatting with a fellow coworker who used to work for ABC News he relayed a quote from a weather man he knew, “You know, 90% of the time it seems like we’re incorrect with the weather report. But people still watch us and pay attention every single day.” So true- damn weather people.
2. Strawberries

P1000272This week strawberries were on sale at the grocery store and it made me smile every morning being able to incorporate them into my breakfasts. Fresh fruit is the best and does a lot to brighten my day.

3. Sweet Potatoes


As part of my goal to “be my own hero,” I was proactive last night and whipped up a batch of sweet potato wedges to have in the fridge. My R.D. has pointed out to me that I need more food in my days and I especially need more healthy fats. So I coated the wedges in olive oil (plus some cinnamon and salt) and roasted them last night so I’d have something delicious and nutritious to nosh on and easily add to my meals. Eating healthy and eating more is a lot easier when you have the food already prepared- it helps eliminates any potential excuses for not eating right!

4. Sweaty Workouts

Even though this was a short work week for me, it was a long and hard one. For all of the emotional ups and downs and madness I went through, one thing in particular brought me pure sanity- exercise.

Reminding myself that I’m mentally strong is one thing- proving to myself that I’m physically strong is another. Working out for me is empowering and really helps me find peace. I’m able to zone out from the world’s troubles and focus on the task at hand- getting sweaty.

Despite the sadness I felt this week, my workouts were great and they left me feeling like I could do anything. Monday was my workout for Michelle, Tuesday was an awesome spin class (featuring musical classics such as, Ms. New Booty and Whitney Houston’s It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay), and last night was a solid Body Pump class.

5.Sweetgreen with Friends

Yesterday I got to have lunch with one of my best friends (Eliza) who was visiting for the inaugural weekend before she left to go back home. Both sharing an affinity for Sweetgreen- we met up there. It’s always awesome spending time with Eliza- especially now because I miss her so much. I just wish we could have had more time together. I of course took advantage of this lunch to eat one of their delicious seasonal salads that I’m addicted to.

Something I’m looking forward to is dinner with my sorority sister, friend, and “:little,” Abby tomorrow night. Again, sharing a love for Sweetgreen- that is where we’ll be going. To switch things up, I already told myself- no seasonal salad for you (Soup Nazi style) and have been dreaming of the wonderful combination I shall create. They have this awesome new agave dijon dressing that I think would taste BOMB on a salad that incorporates grapes, chicken, and almonds (among other things). Is it sad that I’m already planning this out? Maybe.

6. Sleep

The highlight of this weekend will be sleep. Am I an old woman for saying that? I don’t care, man- I need it. I slept like crap this week due to mental stress about everything in the world (dramatic- but that’s what it felt like) and some digestive problems that I’m still experiencing (I know that I’m pretty open and honest about most things… but I have a feeling delving too much into this particular topic would be a little much for a lot of you).

I wish I could get 8 hours of sleep a night but I know it’s just never going to happen during the work week. Rest is so important though and quality sleep is needed to operate properly so I’m looking forward to catching up on some sweet zzz’s this weekend.

At home (in MA) we have a VHS tape video that is called something like “Sesame Street Bedtime Stories and Songs” and I could probably still sing you all the words to the songs in it. To continue on with the Sesame Street theme, I will leave you with this video of Ernie dealing with his inability to fall asleep… by dancing.


BAH! I can’t believe it’s almost my weekend again already. I’m not complaining.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Treasures

  1. I love love love the agave dijon dressing. I had it on a salad with grapes, almonds, dried cranberries, and goat cheese. (I didn’t get any kind of meat in order to save a couple of dollars, but then my meal ended up being free because my friend works for the company. So, bummer on that.) Seriously good. What did you have it on before?

    Also, hey girl. I discovered your blog a little while ago and I’ve sneakily been reading it. Decided it was finally time to comment!

    • Yessss its so good! I had it on a salad with arugula, sweet potato, grapes, cucumbers, beets, almonds, and chicken! It was amazing! I can’t wait to have it in a little bit haha. And I’m glad you found it and commented because 1) I love readers and 2) now I’m following your great blog!

  2. OMG That is one of favorite tapes! We spent many a time with that Bedtime Stories and Songs!! Love love love Ernie!! That is definately one of my favorite songs on the tape,so cute and how he gets rid of grumpy Bert,awesome! Maybe we should take Ernie’s advice when we can’t sleep. Get up and do something that makes us happy and get rid of the grumpies. Enjoy your weekend and rest!!

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