Dinner for Barack; Workout for Michelle

As you all know, today was Inauguration Day! I did naht trek downtown and watched the whole days worth of activities from my lovely apartment and treasured my memories of when I was there, live in person back in January 2009. Here are some photos from the FIRST inauguration of President Obama:

(also, I’ll have you note the description on my album of these photos reads: we survived)


If you were wondering what the Capitol looked like right before sunrise.


This was taken when we reached the National Mall around 4:30am.


We essentially sat in a giant huddle for hours waiting for the big show.


The moment we all were waiting for…




The worst part of the day: trying to get home

I heard this year was no where near as crazy as in 2009. There were less people and the crowds were better controlled. I hope for everyone’s sake that this is true. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again- attending inauguration was one of the best experiences of my life but I never want to do it ever again.

But anyway, I thought the second inaugural was great. There is something about events like this that just make me fall in love with America all over again. I genuinely do feel so lucky to live here. And of course I feel blessed to have heard the melodious voice of Beyonce sing our National Anthem (props to Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor as well… and Beyonce’s gorgeous emerald earrings- emerald is supposedly the color of 2013 so it’s no surprise that she was ON POINT with her look).

The rest of today, among other insignificant nonsense, was spent prepping a dinner in honor of Barack Obama. Okay well it wasn’t planned that way… I just made that up. Let me explain.

SO I had plans on following Kath’s recipe for Cranberry Crockpot Chicken but guys- NO ONE is selling fresh cranberries anymore. I tried so hard to find them- no luck. I guess you can only get them during their niche time of year. With BBQ sauce and chicken already in my fridge, I brainstormed another fruit that would make a good meal.

I decided on pineapple. And then today, because I associate pineapples with Hawaii- I decided the meal would be in honor of Barack Obama’s inauguration (as he was born in Hawaii).

For the most part I followed Kath’s plans for two chicken breasts and I combined the chicken breasts, 1 cup of BBQ sauce, 3 chopped cloves of garlic, 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth, and 2 cups of chopped pineapple. I went the difficult route and didn’t buy canned pineapple but actually cut and diced up a pineapple. Check out this post if you’re curious how to cut a pineapple!


This is the BBQ sauce I used.


I primarily chose it because of its solid ingredients list.


Simmering away in ye ol’ crockpot…

Happy Inauguration Day, President Obama! The sauce didn’t thicken up like I thought it would, but it was still good. Next time I wouldn’t add the chicken broth. Like Kath, I added some Kale 15 minutes before meal time to the crockpot. Unlike Kath, I served my Hawaiian/BBQ Chicken combo over riced cauliflower. If you’re wondering how one rices cauliflower- check out my post on the process.


The riced cauliflower ready to go!


So much kale! I promise the chicken was still in there somewhere….


I love how bright green kale gets when you cook it- chockfull of vitamins and minerals and all that good stuff!


The picture isn’t that pretty… but that would be a heaping pile of cauliflower rice, topped with a chicken breast and a pineapple bbq sauce.


It was impossible to get a good picture of this meal… I promise it TASTED good.

Because I can’t leave Michelle out of Barack’s big day (we know she’s THE lady behind the man), I dedicated part of my circuit workout to our First Lady. We’ve all seen her arms- they look GOOD. Plus, Michelle is such a good female role model for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle so she deserves a fitness nod in my routine.

Here was the workout:

  • Warmed up with a twenty minute jog on the treadmill
  • 25 squats / 15 pushups / 20 in and outs (x3)
  • 15 tricep extensions / 15 chest flys / 15 row to overhead presses (x3)
  • 20 bird dogs / 30 shoulder taps / 20 situps (x3)

The middle part of the circuit workout was for you, First Lady. Here’s to working toward my arms looking half as fabulous as yours someday.

After a greatly appreciated long weekend, it’s time to get back to work. It will be awesome to have a short week- we still don’t work on Fridays so hello three days of work before the weekend (again).

And no comment on my New England Patriots. I would appreciate everyone following the motto- if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all 😉 But seriously, my heart is feeling a little bruised so be kind, readers. Us Pats fans are HURTIN. At least my consolation prize is a Beyonce concert in two weeks (it’s no longer the super bowl btw- but a big ol’ concert for one of my leading ladies).

But because I’m curious… who will you be rooting for in this year’s superbowl? west coast or east coast? baltimore or san fran?


5 thoughts on “Dinner for Barack; Workout for Michelle

    • Thank you for the pineapple love 🙂 Also, it was awesome to go back through that inauguration album and re-live that experience. I had a good laugh at our pure misery haha. I couldn’t have gone through all that with a better group of people.

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