With a Side of Sweet Potato

Before continuing on to regularly scheduled programming: Lately I’ve been evaluating my blog… a lot. Obsessing over its layout, how I run things, what I write about, etc. I have some ideas on how to spruce up the ol’ blog (and make it more profresh… I should probably stop using abbreviations like profesh to start) but haven’t had the free time to actually put them into action or play around with it all. BUT I wanted to put that out there just in case you see some changes and are like WHAAAA? The one change I do have time for is post alignment. I think I’m going to stop using a center alignment on all my posts and stick to your basic left alignment (which is actually how I used to format my posts). I think it’s easier to read and just looks neater. Don’t agree or have suggestions on what you’d like to see in my blog- content or otherwise? Let me know, readers!

And we’re baaccccck! (said in the voice of Joey Mack aka Jimmy Fallon from the recurring Z105 skit on SNL)

Over the weekend and last night I created three really good meals. I started the weekend off on Friday night with a recipe starring sweet potato:


Baked sweet potato for two (half for me, half for Will) topped with a bbq sauce, pinto bean, green pepper, onion, cumin, and oregano mixture. With a side of steamed kale for good measure. 


In a medium sized pan over medium heat, I sauteed some chopped green peppers and onion until softened. I then added a can of pinto beans to the veggies. I poured 1/4 cup of no sugar added BBQ sauce over the mixture and seasoned it with cumin, oregano, and a dash of cayenne. I turned the heat down to a simmer and put a baked potato in the microwave.

Baking a potato in the microwave is wicked easy and I really should utlize this method more often for time’s sake. Baking them just takes FOREVER. You just prick the potato with a fork a few times, wrap it in a paper towel, cook for four to five minutes, flip it over, cook for another four to five minutes. Done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I cut the sweet potato in half and poured half of the bean/veggie mixture over the potato and topped it with about a 1/2 a cup of greek yogurt.

The Kale on the side was also prepared while the sweet potato was cooking and bean/veggie mixture simmering. I simply poured a tsp. of e.v.o.o. in a pan on medium heat, let it warm up, and then added 1/2 cup of water and about two cups of Kale plus a shake of sea salt. I stirred it all up, covered the pan and let it cook for about five minutes, took the cover off and stirred/cooked till all the water in the pan had evaporated, and then served the Kale alongside my Mexican cuisine inspired sweet potato. Yum!

This sweet potato focused dinner must have flipped a switch in my brain because so many of my meals have been completed by a side of sweet potatoes lately. I’m not complaining whatsoever because 1) I love sweet potatoes and 2) they’re wicked good for you.

Saturday night I made parmesan brussel sprouts and broccoli which was inspired by a Tina recipe. Big surprise, right? I know I take a lot of inspiration from this lovely lady. I can’t help it. She’s great. Just like sweet potatoes.


Anyway. I steamed some brussel sprouts and broccoli over my stove and then added a little e.v.o.o to the mix and lemon juice along with some garlic, salt, and pepper. When it was all heated up, I took the veggies off the stove top, plated them, and topped them with parmesan cheese. Yes- it was that simple. P1000158

It’s crazy how the addition of one ingredient can change a veggie side completely. The combination of lemon, garlic, and parmesan was awesome.P1000160While the delicious veggies were cooking, I managed to cook up a chicken breast (seasoned with rosemary, thyme, sage, salt, and pepper) and a sweet potato (seasoned with cinnamon)P1000161Post delicious Saturday night meal, Will and I went to a place in Dupont that we’ve been meaning to go to. It’s called The Board Room and basically it’s a bar all decked out in board game theme where you go, drink, and… rent/play board games! It’s a really cool/unique concept. They don’t serve food at this joint, but allow people to bring in their own food which I also think is interesting. My friend Sara recently blogged about this place and her experience there as well.

2013-01-12 20.50.04

We sat at a bar decorated with Risk! paraphernalia  In high school I was in the history club (I’m the coolest- I know) and we would have Risk! tournaments from time to time. I was always awful at it but still loved playing. I more so enjoyed aggravating the really competitive players by making emotional decisions on what moves to make in regards to what countries/areas of the world I liked personally. Sorry I’m not sorry everyone!

Speaking of competitive people… Will is one of the most competitive people I know. I’m mildly competitive but I’m good at playing it cool and acting like I don’t care. Will- not so much. Thus I usually avoid playing board games with him. I lifted our board game ban and we played few rounds of the game Sorry. I won 2 out of 3 of these games thank you very much.
2013-01-12 21.00.03

But that’s neither here nor there 😉

Back to the recipes/food/sweet potatoes… last night I made a Smoked Salmon and Veggie Fritatta. With a little sweet potato to eat on the side (of course).


I love smoked salmon. Love it.Definitely the best thing I bought at the grocery store this week. I had some roast eggplant to use up and some zucchini so I used those two vegetables in my fritatta. But as the original recipe states- use whatever veggies you like or have in your kitchen.P1000190

I sauteed some zucchini in a little olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and ginger until soft over medium heat.P1000193

I then added about 3 oz. of smoked salmon and the chopped up eggplant.P1000194

After stirring everything around and cooking for about 1-2 minutes, I poured in four beaten eggs. I lost track of time but cooked this for about five minutes. I had trouble with the middle setting/cooking so I covered the pan with a baking sheet hoping that would help.P1000195

I left it covered for about five minutes and the very middle still was runny. I just did my best to flip the frittata mixture over so the middle could cook quickly and I could eat- which actually worked out well because the majority of the lil frittata was cooked all the way through.

The last time I cooked a fritatta, I transferred the egg mixture into a baking dish and cooked it all the way through in the oven. Because I was lazy last night and didn’t want to dirty dishes, I skipped this process and thought I could get away with my stove top method. I just squeaked by- I recommend following the original recipe instructions unless you’re looking for an adventure.

I cut the final result in half and ate it alongside a baked sweet potato with cinnamon. There may or may not have been an intense sriracha drizzle over this entire plate post photo.


It was very very delicious. Sometimes its so satisfying having breakfast for dinner. It’s even more satisfying having leftovers for the morning! Today was started with the other half of my frittata. Can I just say again how much I love smoked salmon? Okay. I love smoked salmon. Good thing there is still some in my fridge.P1000197Believe it or not, there are no sweet potatoes on the menu for today. My brain and stomach will definitely be slightly confused after all the orange carby lovin’ it’s been experiencing over the past couple of days.

In my ever continuing quest to become a wiser Wicked Healthy Washingtonian I ask you all: What is your favorite easy to make veggie side? If you’re a sweet potato gal like me, how do you cook and fashion yours?


6 thoughts on “With a Side of Sweet Potato

  1. Smoked salmon is the shizzzz; best grocery decision, ever. My favorite veggie is easily roasted potatoes. I love to chop them up, drizzle them with olive oil and garlic, and roast ’em at 425 for 45 minutes or so – YUM. Also, if you ever need some company at the Board Room, I know a certain blonde boy who would be totally game for a group round of Risk…

  2. Love sweet potatoes & the word profesh. 🙂 In the microwave is totally fine for me – don’t think the oven adds anything other than a long wait! Sometimes I add cinnamon & olive oil. Have also been mashing in chia seed lately.

    Also love Brussels sprouts and kale but they both have to be really crispy (absolutely can’t eat soft sprouts or kale!). I pan crisp kale on high heat with little oil & do the sprouts on medium-high then toss in maple syrup at the end for a crispy sweet caramelized finish. Got this trick from the most amazingly delish sprouts recipe I’ve ever had:

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