Jazz, Gala, Braeburn, and Fuji

Like last friday, I realized I was title-less for this blog post! When I looked up from my computer and racked my brain for something, I saw my friends hanging around on the produce basket. They inspired me:


I went grocery shopping this afternoon and instead of getting all the same type of apples, I picked up a bunch of different kinds. What’s going on jazz, gala, braeburn, and fuji?

I don’t know what my favorite kind of apples are… I don’t think I’ve ever even tried jazz! I do know I love honeycrisps (but they cost the big bucks) and braeburns.

What are your favorites? I’m always up for trying new kinds.

As a lot of you know, grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Today, however, I was dreading actually getting there because of the weather. It’s chilly and rainy in the district and I wasn’t in the mood to have the sky spit on me.


After the perfect rainy day snack I managed to haul my butt over to the store. I was feeling a little hungry and knew it would have been world’s biggest mistake to go shopping in that state. I would have come home with a bunch of weird things that I don’t need.

I toasted up a slice of cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread and spread some sunflower seed butter over it. Sweet, warm, and filling.


My kitchen was happy I manned up and went shopping. It likes to be stocked and full of delicious, healthy food. Plus it was an item I could cross off my to do list. I even managed to do some laundry this afternoon! Success! Other than that though… I spent most of my time watching Say Yes to the Dress. Don’t judge me.


I didn’t get anything too wild and crazy this week- a lot of the typical standbys. Think sweet potatoes, lots of green stuff, chicken, sausage, greek yogurt, bananas, and countless veggies. The one new/fun thing I bought this week was some smoked salmon:


I’ve been craving it so hard ever since sweetgreen announced their January salad (and I devoured two of them in one weekend) and my friend Sara blogged about it this past week.

I’m planning on making a smoked salmon and veggie frittata– yum!

I’m actually really excited for this upcoming week because I have a bunch of fun recipes planned. I decided that I wanted to get back to cooking this week- and by cooking I mean cooking. Still don’t know what I mean? Lately I’ve been cooking up proteins and preparing veggies on Sunday and then just throwing random things together during the week for fuel. But I miss actually following recipes and putting my heart/soul into the food I make.


SO this week I did a little more actual meal planning than I’ve done the past couple weeks. Sunday will still be a big ol’ cook-up and cut-up day BUT I’m going to try and put a little more emphasis on quality this week.

Recipes I’ll be trying include:

Stay tuned for how they turn out! If you’re curious how I meal plan, check out this post. If you’re hungry for tips on how to eat right on a time and cash budget- check out this guy right here.

So back to the weather shenanigans… while today kind of bites, the rest of the weekend is looking promising!


I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy it! Will and I are big city walkers so I know we’ll have to explore somewhere good this weekend. Plus, running/exercising outside is going to be so pleasant. I’m pumped.

Today my bootcamp workout involved running outside and I was so chillllllly. But to be honest, it felt good after getting sweaty and overheated working on the other parts of the workout in the gym. We did a AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes) workout that consisted of:

  • Bear crawl (2 times down the length of the gym floor- like shuttle run length)
  • 20 kettle bell swings
  • 15 wall balls/throws
  • Full block run outside

AMRAP workouts are always interesting- they are what you make them. You could totally half-ass your way through, complete a couple rounds, and call it a day. OR you could push yourself and make every minute count. They always involve me muttering motivational mantras to myself to make sure I’m still giving the workout all I got… even if I despise wall balls/throws with a fiery hot passion. For some reason they’re so hard for me… but that’s how I used to feel about burpees and they’ve grown on me. SO who knows where this relationship will develop.

The day I’m most excited for this weekend is Sunday. This would be because of the Patriots vs. Texans game AND the Golden Globes AND HBO’s show Girls comes back for Season 2! Too bad all of that TV time involves being indoors and not outside enjoying the spring like conditions.

I’m going to have to do my best before Sunday at 4:30pm to get in all my sunshine and gorgeous weather and exercise. Because after that… my activity will consist of jumping off my couch and shouting at the TV (hopefully for the right reasons) and working my abs laughing in ridiculously quantities as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes.

Anyways, it’s about that time to start some dinner and leftovers are on the menu. I’m thinking a baked sweet potato with some homemade mexican cuisine inspired sauce (BBQ, cumin, oregano, and cayenne) and pinto beans- all topped with greek yogurt. And a side of sauteed kale. Not bad for leftovers, right?

I hope you all make some good food this weekend and if you’re lucky enough to have some nice weather- get out there and have some fun 🙂

Happy Friday xoxo


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