Alternative Pizza Crusts

As regular readers know, I love pizza. I really really really love pizza.

Last night after a tough body pump class workout (my triceps are killin’ me today), I was craving some comfort food and wanted pizza in a bad way. Instead of forking over some dough (get it? he he) and buying one somewhere on my way back from the gym, I made my own from what I had in the kitchen.

This resulted in some more flatout wrap experimentation! 


Now, I’m totally down for going out for pizza every once and a while (in fact, I’m going to Matchbox on 14th street this weekend!) as evidenced by this post, and this one, AND this one. But because I love pizza so much and lets be real- it’s not the healthiest thing for you- I have resolved to find ways to health-ify pizza still enjoy it on the reg.

The toppings part is easy- just be conscious of what you’re adding and how much. I go for lean proteins like ground turkey, chicken sausage, or chicken. I also make sure there are plenty-o veggies to go around. I try and keep the sauce pretty basic and the cheese amount relatively light.

The tough part and what really makes or breaks a pizza is definitely the crust. I’ve replaced your typical crust with whole grain english muffins, whole grain pitas, gluten free crusts from the freezer aisle of the grocery store, pre-made whole grain crusts, organic corn meal pizza crusts, portobello mushroom caps, and have even tried the recently popular cauliflower crust.

There are a bajillion different options out there for a healthier homemade pizza. Tina recently blogged about a sweet potato pizza crust which I’m going to have to try. I heart pizza and I heart sweet potatoes.

Last night, however, it was my flatout wraps time to shine.

I put a wrap on a PAM sprayed baking sheet, drizzled a little olive oil on it, and baked it at 350 degrees for a little over five minutes to get it crispy before adding toppings.

While it cooked I steamed some broccoli and sauteed some spinach to put on the pizza. When I took the pizza out I added some garlic, crushed tomatoes for sauce, chicken, the broccoli and spinach, and goat cheese. I also shook some basil and crushed red pepper flakes over the top.



I then cooked this for about five minutes and broiled it for two. It could have gone longer but I was wicked hungry and slightly nervous I’d burn the pizza and have to toss it (which would have been horrible).


It was pretty yummy- I gotta say! The outside edges of the wrap stayed pretty firm and crispy. The middle got a little soft but I sort of expected that. The wraps are pretty thin and I loaded this bad boy. But I could pick up slices without it falling apart so I’d call that a success.


My great dinner was followed by a not so great night’s worth of sleep. I’m a tired girl today. A very very tired girl. I woke up around 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep till 5am eek. WHY BODY WHY. I’ve been trying to stay positive all throughout today and not focus on the sleepiness.

To shake out the tiredness, this morning I just threw on one of my favorite outfits, made sure Marylous coffee was brewing, and made a two-ingredient pancake which I hadn’t had in a while. Of course I had a flipping failure. The entire top part was disconnected from the rest of the pancake- don’t let the picture fool you.


This is why cinnamon swirl peanut butter exists- to cover broken pancakes and hide mistakes 😉


Lucky for my tired self, I had already planned for today to be an off day from exercise (I would have had to take an unplanned off day otherwise and you would have had to listen to me whine). Also lucky for me- it was gorgeous outside today. The sunrise this morning was beautiful and the weather thus far has been sunny and bright. It’s amazing how much happier I am when the sun is out and about.


I just had to make it through this last work day before my WEEKEND. Which is starting off by grabbing dinner with my friend Jess. Hooray for sweet plans!

I can’t believe it’s the weekend already. I’m not complaining. Some days feel so longgg but the weeks overall just fly by. Is it that way for anyone else?

Stay happy and healthy xoxo


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