Outside the Wrap

Usually I try and plan my breakfasts according to the weather. I know if I wake up and I’m cold- I’m going to want oatmeal or a sweet scramble or a pancake or waffles or eggs- you get the idea. If I know it’s going to be warm outside, I really enjoy waking up to a bowl of overnight oats or greek yogurt topped with the works.

I clearly wasn’t paying attention to the weather this morning because it was ahfreeeezzing and I had a loaded greek yogurt on the menu. Regardless, it was delicious- even if it didn’t warm my bones before walking to work.

In the mix was a 6oz. plain chobani, a couple tablespoons of my grandmother’s granola, a sliced banana, a handful of sliced blackberries, and a big spoonful of cinnamon swirl peanut butter.

Plus, I shook some ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg into my breakfast as well.P1000112

It was a lot more picture friendly before I mixed it all together.

Maybe I was off my weather game this morning because I was distracted last night by two things 1) Anna Karenina and 2) Making some chips

Now when I say Anna Karenina a lot of you probably assumed I meant the movie. No no. I’m FINALLY getting around to reading Tolstoy’s masterpiece. Ever since graduating I’ve found that I really miss reading, studying history, and learning about Russia. All three were things I did on a daily basis when in school. I’m hoping this 700+ book will help curb my cravings.

I got a quarter of the way through the introduction last night… impressive- I know.

On to the chip making. Yesterday I used my flatout wraps the way they were intended to be used- as a wrap. Finding that I couldn’t fit enough in the wrap for my liking and satiety of my belly, I decided to do a little something different with one.

I had the thought to slice a flatout wrap into triangles, drizzle a little olive oil on them, sprinkle em’ with salt, and bake them! I baked them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (I checked on them a handful of times and flipped them halfway through).P1000108

It was pretty simple but I had never done something like this before so I was impressed. Yes- they came out like crunchy chips! Note: flatout wraps can be baked into chips!

I split my batch and planned to use half of them in a Mexican cuisine inspired salad today.

Today for lunch, I broke out the Wholly Guacamole packets and made a great salad.

I used the guacamole to top a bed of kale, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and ground turkey.

I also squeezed some lime juice over the whole salad.

Yes the guac was spicy and yummy! I’m more of a fan of making my own guac but the convienance and ease of these guys for a quick lunch cannot be undervalued.

On the side I also munched on grapes. I didn’t take a picture of my grapes yesterday but because they’re awesome, I decided to share them with you today 😉

My chips though were my favorite part of the lunch. It was cool knowing I made them even if they weren’t that challenging. 

While they look great- they weren’t the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten. They were perfectly crunchy and salty and the overall flavor was fine- but there was this faint aftertaste that I didn’t dig that much.
P1000116Luckily there was plenty of spicy guac to distract me from bizarre aftertastes. At first I was putting salad toppings on the chips and eating them that way but then I just broke em’ all up and tossed them in my salad so they would get layered in Wholly Guacamole.

Today has been a loooong day so far. Bleh. BUT the highlight of today is a real good one- booking my flights home for Easter weekend!!! JetBlue messed up both of my Christmas flights so they bestowed some travel credits upon me. I decided to use those bad boys to go home in March. It may seem like I was just home (because I was) but I’m already getting pumped to get back there closer to spring.

Speaking of spring, perhaps my Easter weekend purchase and cold breakfast were what persuaded the weather Gods to make today bright and sunny! It may have been cold this morning, but it’s feeling pretty good out there right now- plus its going to get warmer throughout the rest of the week and may hit SIXTY on Saturday (so the weather man told me this morning) DC is crazy, man. The cherry blossoms are definitely going to get confused again this year if DC keeps up these shenanigans.

Before I sign off, I want to share with you an article in U.S. News: Health by Laura McMullen that I saw this morning which discusses the best diets for 2013. Now you all know how I feel about diets, but I found it to be an interesting read and wanted to throw it out there for anyone else interested.

I have a feeling that will be the extent of my reading today. I really want to read Anna Karenina later but if how tired I am now is any indicator of my ability to keep my eyelids open tonight post dinner- I won’t be making too much progress in my new reading adventure.

And on that note- thank God for afternoon coffee. I gotta run- until next time, readers xoxo


6 thoughts on “Outside the Wrap

  1. Ahh, I’m reading Anna Karenina, too! I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie, so I downloaded (for free!) on my Kindle. It’s an interesting story, but all the characters names sound so similar, I worry that I’m confusing them!

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