Holiday Favorites Survey

Hello! Yes- I’m still alive. But I’m surprised I haven’t frozen to death. Massachusetts in the winter is colder than I remember it. DC is only like ten degrees warmer but when you get cold easily, every degree counts. I’ve been spoiled by “the south.”

Anyway- currently I am sleepless (womp) so I figured it was a good time to catch you up a little on my happenings and share some of my favorite things about Christmas.

I got home Friday (after being delayed at the airport argh!) and have really just been soaking in the family time since then (oh and cuddling with my dog time). It is so so so good to be home. There is just always something about it. It’s the best.

2012-12-22 08.35.35

It definitely already looks like Santa stopped by our house. My family waited till I came home Friday night to decorate the tree. We like to overload our tree with lots of unique ornaments. Most are handmade or have some story behind them.

2012-12-23 10.36.37

We all have a handful of ornaments with our names on them- here is one of my special ornaments. Allison- 1990.

2012-12-23 10.38.04

And the stockings were hung in the big bay window with care… This is where we hang our stockings every year (there’s one for each of us, plus our dog Betsy). On the window sill is our Christmas village (complete with a marine one helicopter flying over it…)

2012-12-23 10.36.46

We get PRETTY creative with out Christmas village and always incorporate ridiculous things.  Example: there was a murder in the village. It was so crazy that the secret service apparently had to be involved.

2012-12-23 10.37.08


2012-12-23 10.37.18

AND THE CRAZY FOX! We randomly move all the hilarious pieces that don’t belong in the village from time to time to create different funny scenarios.

2012-12-23 10.37.42

Yesterday we baked A LOT for the rest of our family as part of our Christmas gift to them. We made chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. Plus some peanut butter chocolate swirl brownies. And fudge. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing about this… hopefully none of them see this post before Christmas otherwise I’m totally spoiling our gift… WHOOPS!

2012-12-22 11.17.51

Our beater broke halfway through the process so we embraced the good old fashioned methods of the yesteryears. This is my sister Angie doin’ WORK.

2012-12-22 12.33.53

Today involved going to a town sing-a-long type event outside (this is the 57th year they’ve had this event!) There was a fire, caroling, free hot cocoa, live animals, snacks, and a lot of tomfoolery- welcome to small town livin’

2012-12-23 15.16.44

One big sheep2012-12-23 15.34.24

My lovely sisters2012-12-23 15.14.04

My stepdad burning marshmallows. 2012-12-23 15.15.26

Getting warm by the fire with my sister.
2012-12-23 15.14.43

Tonight involved eating a lot of cookies- no shame. This got me thinking about what my favorite holiday cookie was… I really don’t know! Cookies are so delicious! But for the sake of this survey I saw done by Julie and Tina, I decided to try and nail down a favorite.

Favorite Holiday Cookie

Well, my favorite holiday dessert used to be these brownies that my Grandfather’s best friend named Gene would make and bring over on Christmas (we referred to them as Gene brownies- go figure). They were just simple brownies but he would put little wrapped santa chocolates on some of the brownies. I don’t know why they were so good- but they were the best.

I know I know, not a cookie. I think just simple sugar cookies with holiday sprinkles are honestly my favorites. My family is big into desserts like pies and cheesecakes so we’re not really cookies on christmas kind of people BUT you can’t go wrong with a perfectly cooked sugar cookie.

Favorite Holiday Song

I have two (deal with it). One is Merry Christmas, Baby sung by Bruce Springsteen

and Judy Garland’s version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Favorite Holiday Movie

I’m reallllllly tempted to say Die Hard… but I digress. I have to go with Elf. It’s just too good.

But The Santa Clause is a close second.

Favorite Holiday Tradition

Going to my grandparent’s house down the street on Christmas. SO simple but if we didn’t go there on Christmas… I don’t even know what I would do with myself. My whole Mom’s side of the family is there, I take lots of pictures with my sister, eat so much good food, enjoy present opening with everyone, and just have the best time.

This is a picture of me with my Grandparents when I was little.


Favorite Holiday Breakfast

Whatever my parents decide to make that morning 🙂 Sometimes it’s pancakes (my stepdad’s forte), sometimes it’s scrambled eggs, sometimes some egg sandwiches (which my Mom rocks at making). But after presents and coffee, we all eat breakfast together.

Favorite Holiday Meal

Whatever is served at my grandparent’s house! I promise I’m not trying to get out of answering these questions but we don’t eat signature things every year. I just love eating together with everyone on Christmas at my grandparent’s house.

Favorite Person to Shop For

My Mom. I always can think of something really good to get her that she either really needs or deserves and I love being able to buy something nice for her.

Favorite Way to Open Presents

Stockings come first (while we’re still half asleep basically). We actually are big stocking people and make sure they’re always stuffed with goodies. My parents have coffee in hand during this process. Then we take a quick break and move on to the main presents. We slowly go through the stack and take turns opening gifts. There’s usually a gift for the whole family (ex. one year we got a Karaoke machine) and after all the presents are open, we bust out that one present and have some fun.

Here is a video from 2008 of my stepdad karaoke-ing to “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls.


Favorite Tree Topper

We used to have this same gold fringed star every single year- but it broke (I think?). That one was my favorite- it had multicolored lights throughout it. I’m definitely a star tree topper person (as opposed to angel tree topper people).

Okay. Well. I should try and go to sleep. It’s WAY past my bed time. But the good news is… IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS EVE WAHOO!

Tomorrow we go down the cape to celebrate Christmas Eve with my Stepdad’s family and then come home and visit with my grandparent’s for a little bit.

But first, Dunkin is open on December 24th so my sister and I will be hitting up Dunks pre-all Christmas Eve festivities.

Happy Christmas Eve, Everyone! xoxo


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